Zhang Tianai’s Black Long “Prince Princess” – Zhang Tianai’s “petal Head”

Zhang Tianai’s black long “Prince Princess” – Zhang Tianai’s “petal head”

In the showbiz entertainment industry, the hairstyles of actresses are also a major attraction, and they have even become the object of imitation by many people. After all, in addition to appearance, hairstyle can also change a person’s aura. Like the eccentric elf Zhou Dongyu, who relies on short hair to perfectly counterattack, but what I want to talk about today is the “Prince Concubine” – Zhang Tianai.

Whether attending events or daily street shooting, celebrities will pay attention to their hairstyles, clothing, makeup and other combinations, striving for exposure, long straight hair wigs , and attracting attention. And Zhang Tianai’s long hair that does not change all year round is really a very special existence in the pictures of short and medium-short hair all over the street.

Then let’s go from Zhang Tianai’s black length to brown curls, from the handsome big back to the little girl’s “petal head”. Let’s see that it is not only short hair that is fresh, long hair can also be beautiful and moving with a little change.

01 Long straight hair

A neat long straight black hair is one of Zhang Tianai’s signature hairstyles. It not only gives a good impression of simplicity and atmosphere, but also has a healthy and shiny black hair that makes Zhang Tianai’s complexion fairer and more attractive. ▼

The hair is divided into three and seven parts, and the hair on the left side is tied behind the ear. It only takes a few seconds to complete the open-ear hairstyle. I wonder if you can resist such a domineering side leak. ▼

Black long straight is not only simple and trouble-free, but also can give makeup color a great space to play.


Whether it is the hot grapefruit color or the rose red long straight hair wig , the earth color, eye makeup color and lip color can maximize their own characteristics, and there is no need to worry about the color of hair and makeup. ▼


If you want to make black long straight to add extra points to your overall look, you have to put some effort into hair care.

Zhang Tianai’s hair full of elasticity and luster can never be achieved overnight. Be sure to use conditioners to nourish the hair during the shampooing process.

The big-back hairstyle, which was originally exclusive to men, is also very popular among female stars. I wonder if this one interpreted by Zhang Tianai has stabbed your little heart? A bit less greasy, refreshing yet handsome, and it’s a perfect match with the heroic eyebrows. ▼

02 Natural Volume

Zhang Tianai’s long hair and big waves actually made the whole person a little sweeter and more delicate. This plasticity really has to be accepted. One second is a domineering queen, and the next second is a soft girl posture! ▼

Ordinary and everyday curling is of course with straight hair! You only need to bring out the curly look of the hair from the middle to the end of the hair, and the whole hairstyle will be fluffy and stylish. ▼


There is also this kind of straight curling with a twist inside the hair tail. I have to say that this shape makes Zhang Tianai look fresh and natural, and has a slightly pure temperament. ▼

03 Ball head

Which actress hasn’t made a ball head this year? The benefits of the ball head can’t be talked about overnight, face-lift, age reduction, easy to use… Zhang Tianai’s head single ball is so beautiful that people can’t move their faces, right? ▼

Come to a ball head with a very casual and messy feeling, and this attack immediately hits the face. After the hair is slightly curled, the hair at the hairline is pulled out to create a natural feeling of laziness. With the wine red eye makeup, it is really a royal style. ▼

There is more than one kind of ball head, in addition to the full style and the half style, although Zhang Tianai is difficult to change a new hairstyle once a year, but the ball head is not happy to be tied at will. ▼

04 ponytail

Many people always think that the ponytail has nothing to do with the sense of shape, but Zhang Tianai’s low ponytail is also very beautiful! It can be said that the black long straight blocks the outline of the facial features, but the low ponytail shape can successfully shift the focus to Zhang Tianai’s natural little V face. ▼


The braids in street photography are also full of style! To say that the twist braid is really a snobby style that depends on the temperament, it is easy to step on the thunder and make a rural girl feel. Fortunately, Zhang Tianai’s own temperament is invincible, and the twist braid can also play with a modern sense. ▼

04 with hat

Zhang Tianai’s airport street shots, no matter if she had straight hair or curly hair or whatever, many of them were wearing hats. So, if you don’t have time to take care of your hairstyle when you go out, you can wear a hat as standard. ▼


Blue sauce warm reminder: long hair can also be styled in a variety of ways, but a smooth hair is essential.

Men and women have different hair growth qualities, so it is recommended to use special ladies’ toiletries;

#爱西# Fragrance wash set, specially designed for women, to fully express your coquettishness.

Here comes the question: what hairstyle do you have now?

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