Young People “get Rid Of Poverty” And “hair Loss” Comes Earlier

Young people “get rid of poverty” and “hair loss” comes earlier

When November 11 was just identified as a holiday, it was still a holiday for the single crowd. Soon, in the face of a strong desire to consume, young people began to feel that “getting rid of poverty” was more urgent than “getting rid of singles”.

Now, young people find that “hair loss” comes earlier than “poverty alleviation”.

01From Beishangguang not believing in tears to Beishangguang not believing in baldness.

In the past Double Eleven, Tmall released data showing that the top 10 cities in terms of the number of wig transactions are: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing, Suzhou, and “Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen” took over wigs. Shanghai has become the most “bald” city in the country . The post-90s generation has become the most “bald” group in this year’s Double 11, accounting for 40% of the transactions.


Last year’s Tmall Double 11, the 12-hour data released showed that the proportion of post-90s purchasers of anti-hair loss products has reached 30%, which is not inferior to middle-aged people. This year’s wigs are also contracted by post-90s. It is a trend that hair loss is younger, and the trouble of hair loss also follows, which has the most intuitive impact on the image of the whole person, which leads to being laughed at by others in life and lacking self-confidence.

More and more friends choose to wear wigs in order not to destroy their work and social image. But it is very uncomfortable and troublesome to hold the wig cover. If you encounter a stormy weather, it is really embarrassing to lift the hood with a strong wind.

02The security of a thick hair is more secure than the security of the other half.

The “Single Crowd Survey Report” released a survey showing that more than 50% of single men and women believe that a monthly income of about 10,000 yuan can only give people a sense of security, and another 20% believe that a monthly income of 15,000 yuan can only give people a sense of security, and only money can give people a sense of security. Bring a sense of security.

For young people with hair loss, thick hair can give them a sense of security. Therefore, hair transplantation must be in the top 3 of the things they want to do the most. However, many young people with hair loss stop in front of the high cost of hair transplantation, so wigs are just needed.


A young professional, whether making friends, meeting clients, or going home to meet family members, is reluctant to appear in front of them with thinning hair. If the post-90s generation does not match their actual age, they will never want to hear it again. They have encountered too many troubles of hair loss, such as hair loss and aging, hair loss all over the floor, limited hairstyles, stockpiling of toiletries, ridicule from colleagues, dislike of girlfriends, damage to image, when wearing a wig For a moment, the hair loss youths regained their dignity once again.

03 The scumbag is hot with tin foil, and the scumbag has big waves, but I am different, I don’t have hot hair.

“Baldness” is like rising, and the full-scale outbreak of “bald” stars has become the most unbearable and inevitable trend for Chinese young people. For many young people these days, ridicule about hair loss has become a part of life.

There is a friend who works in the design industry and works overtime for “Colorful Black” every day. Once after working overtime, I said in my classmates that I had gray hair in my twenties, and I got unanimous feedback from my friends: It doesn’t matter, it’s better to be white than bald. He himself made fun of himself: when he saw white hair before, he wanted to pull it out immediately; now when he sees white hair, he thinks it is still hair anyway.

When asked why he didn’t snap up the wig, he said it wasn’t his own hair after all. With the outbreak of problems such as troublesome wearing, easy embarrassment, and scalp health, details defeat the sense of security.

04 Hair loss in young people is either anxiety or staying up late, or staying up late because of anxiety.


According to the “2019-2021 China Hair Loss Health Care Industry Trend and Consumer Behavior Data Research Report” released by iiMedia Research, among the hair loss population, there are about 163 million men and 88 million women. And the trend of rejuvenation is obvious, 60% of people have hair loss at the age of 25.

How can I relieve the symptoms of hair loss? Most people also know well: regular work and rest, ensure sleep, eat less sweet and greasy, moderate exercise, soothe the mood. But even though I knew it in my heart, I really couldn’t do it.

How many people who buy anti-shedding products and wigs on Double Eleven are staying up late to place orders?

05 Once the hair loss is gone, you can’t go back to the past, only aftertaste?

Although hair loss once started, it is difficult to grow back; but friends who are unwilling to wear a wig and compromise with a wig can go to the Black Mystery Hair Loss and White Hair Center store to solve the problem of hair loss and gray hair. Black Mystery, with 600+ stores across the country, has been focusing on hair growth and black hair technology for 15 years, and has solved hair problems for more than 600,000 users.

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