Xiaoyuan’s Hairstyle Is So Handsome

Xiaoyuan’s hairstyle is so handsome

Introduction: Wang Yuan secretly retreated? “Tin foil perm” appeared just after cutting short hair, netizens: wigs are too real

As a member of Wang Yuan, he has always been a very, very familiar male star. Since his debut, he has been tested by the public’s attention. Over the years, he has become more and more gentle. With his cute looks, cute personality, and cute style, he has conquered countless girlfriend fans, sister fans, and mother fans. But today’s Xiaoyuan is getting more and more mature. Although he always calls himself “Brother Gang”, his temperament is getting more and more mature!

A few days ago, Wang Yuan had just cut short short hair, and cut off the pictures of short perm female wigs from his previous perm hair, and his temperament has become much tougher and more refreshing. After seeing this new look, the fans ” laughed at” Wang Yuan at the airport. As a result, Wang Yuan wrapped his head in clothes so that the fans could not see it. Hot search, the new hairstyle was laughed out of the circle by fans. But in fact, the short hair style this time is still very sunny and handsome, very refreshing, fans are also mostly praised, and laughter is just a fun thing with idols!

It’s just that Wang Yuan is secretly retreating? As early as a few days ago, it was revealed that he would participate in the variety show “I Am a Singer and Composer”. At that time, Wang Yuan cut his hair and went to participate in the recording. However, I didn’t expect that the first look of “I Am a Singer and Composer” was exposed by you, but Wang Yuan did not have short hair, but appeared with a “tin foil hot” look. A black suit with tin foil ironing has really attracted a lot of fans!

Not long after I cut my hair short, and now I appear in a “tinfoil perm” style, has my hair grown so fast? Some netizens said that this haircut is too real. But I have to say that Xiaoyuan’s hairstyle is so handsome that he was dubbed by the public to change from “Northeast cute tiger” to “adult tiger” in one second.

It’s just that the suit on his body is not reasonable, probably because Wang Yuan is too thin. Wearing this loose-fitting dress is like a child stealing his father’s suit. Although he looks very handsome, it is still a little awkward. fit. On the whole, Wang Yuan’s style is still very nice, and his appearance is very capable of controlling these styles. No matter how you look at it, he is a very handsome little brother!

And the program “I Am a Singer and Composer” will also be officially launched in the next few days. What kind of song style Wang Yuan will appear in is also quite exciting. Do you think Wang Yuan’s “tin foil perm” hairstyle looks good?

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