Xiaobian’s Wig “fake Bangs” Whose Small Details Were Exposed By The Wind!

Xiaobian’s wig “fake bangs” whose small details were exposed by the wind !

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Hello everyone, welcome to read the entertainment information brought by the editor of “Xingwen Knows Early”. I don’t know if the previous entertainment gossip has made you happy, but today I have brought a different entertainment information. Next, let us enter today’s topic: After the Qianxi wig piece, Wang Yuan’s “fake bangs” was on the hot search, netizens: Are you so concerned about hair volume? .


Speaking of – Wang Yuan’s name, I’m sure my friends are familiar with fake bangs , as a TF’s strong singer, the younger brother has a very high popularity value~ There are many fans who like and support him! Everyone likes to call him “cute”. In order to prevent everyone from using this word to describe his fake bangs , the little brother has tried every means, and the stalk of “fighting wits and courage” with fans is often used to ridicule , is also a very interesting thing!



Recently, my little brother participated in the recording of the program “I Am a Singer and Composer”, everyone knows it! Today’s group of photos is his look in the show. Do you feel very amazing? It seems that he has completely changed into another person, he is so handsome! However, some careful netizens discovered a small detail, that is, the little brother’s hairstyle. In order to make a new breakthrough, he actually put on “fake bangs”!

In the past, there was Yi Yang Qianxi’s wig exposed by the wind, and Wang Yuan’s “fake bangs”. The children born in the 00s are already so concerned about the amount of hair, and the post-90s “mother fans” like Xiaobian What can I do?

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