Wigs Also Need To Be Cleaned Regularly, But How Often Is The Best?

Wigs also need to be cleaned regularly, but how often is the best?

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Wigs also need to be cleaned regularly, but how often is the best?

Some say two or three days, some say two or three weeks, and some say once a month, who is right? ? ?

In fact, the wig block should be cleaned once every 10-15 days, but this is not a fixed rule

You also need to adjust the frequency of cleaning your wig according to your own feel to your hair and changes in outside temperature and seasons.

In addition, weather conditions and air humidity also affect the frequency of wig cleaning

For example, when the weather is hot, the temperature is high, the wind and sand are heavy, etc., the wig is more likely to absorb the sweat and grease secreted by the scalp, as well as the dust and dirt from the outside, so the cleaning frequency should be more frequent than usual.


On the contrary, when the weather is cold, the temperature is low, and the wind is sunny, the wig will also be in good condition, and the cleaning interval can be longer

Therefore, it is very important to judge whether the wig should be cleaned

This standard is difficult to express in words. For example, when you feel less comfortable when wearing it, or when you feel that the tape becomes easy to fall off, the wig is signaling to you that it is clean.

In other words, when you feel like your wig can come off effortlessly and easily, then you know it’s time to take it off for a full cleaning and reapply a new film

Of course, if you really don’t clean your wig for a month, it won’t make much of a difference to your body’s health and hair clumps

It’s just that your wig may smell a little, but your scalp won’t be dirty

Some people are afraid that sweating on the top of the head will cause the pores to be blocked. In fact, if the sweat cannot be discharged from the top of the head, it will perspire through other parts of your body. There is no need to worry about this.


But the growth rate of the hair under the wig still has to be considered, after all, the hair grows too fast will make you feel uncomfortable

Like the beard, the hair on the top of the head also needs to be shaved regularly.

However, the cleaning interval of the wig is too long, so that the dirt on the wig will accumulate too much, which will also affect the service life of the wig.

If cleaning is too frequent, the use of tape will also be greatly increased, thus affecting the service life of the wig

So how do you clean hair blocks?

1. Pour 800ml of warm water (about 35°) into a clean basin , add an appropriate amount of shampoo, and stir evenly

2. Comb the hair piece with a special hairbrush, turn the inner net outward, put it in the prepared warm water, hold the wig in one hand, and comb it smoothly with the row comb in the other hand. Rinse with clean water after


3. Pour 800ml of warm water again, add an appropriate amount of conditioner, and stir evenly

4. Hold the wig in one hand and use the other hand to comb it smoothly, wash it while combing, and clean it with water after combing

5. Dry the hair piece after washing in a ventilated place

6. When the hairpiece is not worn, put it on the wig stand and place it in a cool place to avoid sunlight exposure

In addition , how to clean the wig , it is recommended to take the hair block to the wig shop within 20-30 days, and a professional to carry out a deep maintenance, which can restore the vitality of the hair.

The following are the specific steps for in-depth maintenance:

Online reservation → door-to-door recycling → combing and smoothing → glue removal and oil removal at the bottom of the net → illegal wiping with professional glue-removing cotton, cleaning with wet wipes → cold water washing → using cold water dissolved in professional wig shampoo, repeated cleaning → biological hair care To restore the vitality of hair → cleaning and care → sterilization and mite removal → in-depth inspection → professional aromatherapy → professional storage box, combing and preservation → door-to-door return

Is it very convenient?

A wig that has undergone in-depth maintenance is cleaner than your own, and can restore the original state of the wig to the greatest extent, making your wearing more comfortable

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