Wig Sets Have Become The First Choice For Celebrities, How Many Do You Know?

Wig sets have become the first choice for celebrities, how many do you know?

It is said that the development of the fashion circle is changing rapidly. In addition to the star’s clothing products that are keeping pace with the trend, the choice of hairstyle is also a proper focus. In order to further enrich the style, wig sets have become the first choice for celebrities. The first is Fan Bingbing. It is said that Bingbing is notorious for wearing wigs, and she also posted a photo of her short curly hair on Weibo last time. No one is confident in this angle of fascination!

In fact, as early as the opening ceremony of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Fan Bingbing, who was wearing a long green tulle dress, was already wearing a short wig. The side-parted black short hair shows his capable and domineering side, and it really is the style of Fan Ye!

Fan Bingbing wearing a wig can be gentle and glamorous, and Bingbing with long hair is even more critical in appearance. No matter what kind of “big head” or a side-parted low ponytail, or simple and pure Ponytail wig picture female , Fan Bingbing with long hair is definitely full of femininity.

“Fashion Queen” Yang Mi has also worn a wig before. She has silver-gray short hair with bangs, and she has the rush of a two-dimensional girl. Visual inspection seems to be cute and rhythmic.

Since the drama version of “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” broadcasted the picture of a woman with a wig , the hairline of Da Mi Mi has become the focus of heated discussion among netizens. In his new drama “Swinging”, Yang Mi, who has changed his side hairstyle, is extremely beautiful. He obviously has ancient hairstyles, so why is the gap so big…

And Yang Mi also brought the side hairstyle to reality. A moment ago, Da Mi Mi with long wavy curly hair on the side was gentle and charming; the next moment, she cut air bangs for decoration, which is even more cute and playful, and you can feel the girly feeling of Da Mi Mi in minutes!

Zhao Liying, the representative actress with a small round face in the fashion circle, once wore a wig because of the drama. But I heard that everyone generally thinks that Zhao Liying with a round face is not suitable for this kind of short hair with bangs, but in my opinion, it is actually soft and cute~

I heard that “short fever” has become popular in the past two years, so Zhao Liying changed into short hair very fashionably. Compared to the “rounder face” that you complained about, why do I feel that Zhao Liying, who has side-parted and shoulder-length hair, looks more chic and straightforward when matched with a one-piece trousers!

In the drama version of “Why Sheng Xiao Mo”, Tang Yan’s “Zhao Mosheng” has neat short hair that is refreshing and comfortable, and the length of the bangs above the eyebrows perfectly shows Tang Yan’s big watery eyes and looks very smart. .

Tang Yan with a wig looks playful and youthful, and she can be regarded as a proper goddess with long hair! Wearing a crown and rolling up her long hair, she is as elegant as a princess; as in the picture on the right, her long curly hair hangs down her shoulders, which is even more charming and atmospheric.

But not everyone’s wig styles can be so glamorous and successful, and “Sister Fairy” Liu Yifei is one of the exceptions. As we all know, Liu Yifei’s appearance is notoriously high, pure and refined~ However, after wearing this messy short wig, the fairy spirit of “Sister Fairy” will be covered up…

So I can also unceremoniously say that Princess Wuli is suitable for long hair~ Liu Yifei with long hair not only has her beauty and “immortal spirit” back to the top, but also her clothes are much better than the above~

But I want to emphasize one point here, don’t really think that the wig is only short just because the above is all short hair… For example, Zheng Shuang, who was recording a show, wore a long wig, it was so beautiful Back to the little fairy!

Of course, wigs are not only exclusive to female stars, male stars in the fashion circle wear female wigs, which is more feminine than the other~ Du Jiang, Luo Zhixiang, Huang Zitao and Yi Yang Qianxi, who is the best The most amazing?

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