Wig Is Really A Convenient And Practical Hairdressing Tool-Haxiu Xiaobian For

Wig is really a convenient and practical hairdressing tool-Haxiu Xiaobian for

Wigs are really convenient and practical hairdressing tools. Not only are there various styles and colors, but most importantly, in addition to helping you create an ever-changing image, they can also modify hair defects, such as those that bother many girls. Problems such as short hair and thinning hair can be easily solved. Faced with such a versatile artifact, do you know how to wear a wig correctly? Now let Haxiu Xiaobian introduce it to you.

First of all, let’s take a look at the wigs we need to use today. This time, we use hair bundles made of real hair, because they have the texture of real hair, so they are better integrated with their own hair, and they can also be washed like oneself. Clean it like your hair, and then lay it flat to dry. In addition, there are usually two or three small clips on the hair bundles of the wigs for fixing, so we should check them before clipping them to the hair roots to make sure whether their small teeth are in good condition, and Is it open.

1. After briefly combing the hair, we put most of the hair on the top of the head and fix it. The reason for this is that our wigs are attached at the root of the hair, so it is convenient to operate if the root is exposed.

2. Use a pointed-tail comb to comb up the part of the hair that needs to be attached to the wig later, and fix it.

3. Take out the wig with the clips open, and carefully clip it to the root of the hair that has been combed just now. Remember to make it as close to the scalp as possible.

4. When we have finished the first hair comb, we need to put down a small part of the previously combed hair and arrange space for the next hair bundle.

5. After putting the hair down, in order to improve the styling effect of the overall hairstyle, we also need to spray some hairspray on the root of the hair.

6. After that, we repeat the above steps to prepare for the second wig bundle. Need to be reminded that when combing your hair, don’t get the root of the hair bundle you just clipped.

7. How to tie the wig tail with real hair, clip the wig, put down the real hair, spray the setting spray, our second bundle of hair is also fixed at the root position.

8. When dealing with the wig pieces on the side of the hair, we need to pay attention to leaving enough distance between it and the ears how to wear the wig tail , so as to ensure that our hair can cover the hair clips.

9. When all the hair is fixed, you can put down the hair that was coiled up on the top of the head.

10. After laying down the hair, start from the root position and comb the hair briefly and carefully, making it a little fluffy to increase the overall texture of the hairstyle.

11. Finally, let’s put the hair down, let it spread in all directions, blend with the wig, and then spray an appropriate amount of styling spray. Look, as long as you know how to use wigs, the problem of what to do with less hair can be solved immediately.

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