Why Is The Wig Wearing A Loose Piece And The Wrong Model Is Worn On The Head?

Why is the wig wearing a loose piece and the wrong model is worn on the head?

Dissatisfied with your existing hairstyle, what should I do if I want to change my hairstyle but can’t bear to toss with it? Choosing to wear a wig is actually a good way. You can change your hairstyle at any time without spending too much time, but many novices still have poor skills. Today we will answer you how to wear a wig and why to wear a wig. It feels very loose.

Why are wigs so loose?


Wrong choice of wig model, it may be loose on the head and cannot be fixed on the head all the time; it may be that the quality of the hair clip of the wig is not good, it is recommended to replace it with a hair clip that can be fixed; it may also be the method of wearing If there is a problem, there are many things that you should pay attention to when wearing a wig. It is recommended to read it carefully and practice it several times to master it.

How to wear wigs that are not easy to fall off

The wig is not a complete hairstyle. It is suitable for people with hair. When fixing the wig, it is necessary to choose a fixed position. It is the most suitable for the hair to be pinned by the hairpin. There are too many hairs, and the clip of the wig is very easy. Bounce, too little hair, the wig pieces are difficult to hold and may even slip off. Secondly, the clip should be fixed at the root of the hair, which is the most secure and not easy to fall off.


How to wear a bangs wig

1. Divide the hair above the top of the head into 2 bundles, two layers in the front and back, and fix the rear bundle with clips. Fasten the hair clip behind the bangs at the root of the first layer of hair.

2. First divide the side part in the middle, smooth the long hair with your hands and fix it with a black thin hair clip, and the other side is also fixed with a hair clip.


3. Arrange the hair piece, buckle it on the forehead and fix it, comb the bangs with a comb, then cover the back layer of hair to cover the hairpin and the nodes of the bangs wig piece, and then use scissors to cut off the excess hair.

4. Use a hair dryer to blow the bangs out of the inner button, which will look more natural. Use scissors to simply trim the wig where the wig does not fit , so that it blends with your hair more naturally.

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