Why Do The Real Hair Wigs I Bought Sometimes Get Frizzy And Yellow After Spending Two Or Three Thousand Wearings A Few Times?

Why do the real hair wigs I bought sometimes get frizzy and yellow after spending two or three thousand wearings a few times?

Why do the real hair wigs I bought sometimes get frizzy and yellow after spending two or three thousand wearings a few times?

It was a wig made of colored hair that I bought myself. Colored hair is also a kind of real hair. How to wash it, but the source of this kind of hair is the hair on the head of an old lady or cut from the head of a barber shop customer. The hair has been dyed countless times before, and the hair itself has no nutrition. And it is mixed with hair of various colors. After unified peracid treatment, a layer will be thinned, and then concentrated industrial dyeing will be carried out. When this kind of hair is cut, the hair quality is very rubbish, and after a series of chemical treatments and dyeing, it is a rubbish wig among rubbish.

When the customer first bought it, it looked very smooth. In fact, it was acid chemically treated before leaving the factory, which thinned a layer of hair, making the hair look smoother, but the hair itself has no nutrition, and the hair is very thin. , it will turn yellow after a few washes, and it is very ugly to wear on the head like a piece of dry turf. Customers can only admit that they are unlucky, and this kind of pit is counted as one.


A wig made of colored hair, the hair is frizzy, knotted and yellow.

So when buying wigs: First of all, it depends on whether the craftsmanship is hand-woven or machine-made. If all of them are machine-made, then you should be careful. Generally, garbage hair is matched with garbage craftsmanship.

Second, touch the hand weave with your hand to feel whether the thickness and elasticity of the hair are consistent with your own hair. Good hair will feel better than your own hair. Garbage wigs feel astringent, and because they have been acid-treated before, the hair is thinner and thinner.


Third, look at the hair of the straight braided hair because the raw material is better, the hair is black and shiny, and has not been dyed, and the wig with colored hair is because the raw material used is not nutritious, and it is dyed black, it will turn yellow under the light. dry.

Straight braided wigs last longer and are the closest to your own hair.

So how do we choose wigs in our daily life?


One: If the customer is just in need and needs to wear a wig often, it is best to choose a wig with the quality of the hair. This kind of hair is the best hair quality, especially soft, and it can support dyeing or perming hair. It will not cause frizz or dry hair after wearing it for a long time, and the inner mesh process with good hair quality must be the best. Natural and breathable, since customers need to wear it all the time, they need to choose good hair quality and natural breathable technology. The price of this kind of wig will vary according to the length. Generally, the price of the wig to the collarbone is about 2,000 yuan.

Two: Customers only need to transition, and they can choose to cut their hair if they don’t wear them often. This kind of wig is one grade lower than the straight braided hair, but the price will be much lower, generally not more than 2,000 yuan. How to wash the wig with proper daily maintenance , With a little care, this hair quality can also achieve the desired effect.

This is a straight-braided wig, which is still soft after dyeing, while the colored wig will be very frizzy after dyeing.

If you don’t understand anything, you can consult a treasure at any time: Fangsi wig shop owners can customize different hair types and techniques according to the needs of users, so that the options are more diverse. Let everyone enjoy the price of the factory and the treatment of VIP~

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