Why Do Some Ordinary People Look Good With Short Hair? Ordinary People Tell You

Why do some ordinary people look good with short hair? ordinary people tell you

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I wrote in a row ▷ Why do some people look good with short hair? Some people look good with long hair? And ▷ Why do some people dye their hair beautifully and some people dye their hair ugly? Many readers called me in the background to solve the last question of hairstyle direction: why do some people look good with straight hair and others with curly hair?

Of course, there are many kinds of straight hair, and there are many kinds of curly hair. Today, Jenny will analyze how ordinary people judge whether they are suitable for curly hair or straight hair from the general direction and some precautions:

Straight or curly hair? The first step: look at the temperament!

If one coordinate axis is established with “purity-maturity” and the other coordinate axis is established with “neutrality-femininity”, then what are the requirements and effects of straight hair and curly hair on temperament?

Generally speaking, straight hair is purer and curly hair is more mature; straight hair is more neutral and curly hair is more feminine.

Why is this so? Jenny has some guesses:

First of all, for Asians, straight hair is psychologically “unpolished”, so it has the attributes of “natural”, “next door”, “easy to approach” and “pure”.

The curly hair is “sculpted by the day after tomorrow”, so it will appear more mature (so many people find that they are getting older after getting curly hair), but it will also appear more “exquisite” (of course, your hair can’t be curled Withered grass, otherwise any hairstyle will not be exquisite), so it also has a “sense of distance”.

For example, let me tell you a story. When Xiao Li was in school, she was a class flower, but after working for a little money, she became able to dress up and fashion. If you want to create an image in your mind, is it a class flower? During the period, Xiaoli was mostly black and long and straight, but after work, Xiaoli was mostly permed and dyed her hair?

Back to the influence of straight hair and curly hair on the temperament itself, let us review some of the styles of female stars to see if it is the same as what I said above:

[In order to improve the degree of explanation as much as possible, try to select pictures from the same period and clothes of similar style]

The pure goddess, Quan Zhixian, is more pure and natural when she has straight hair. Of course, she is also very pure when she has curly hair, but she is more mature and feminine than straight hair.

Liu Yifei, when he first debuted, Hei Changzhi looked very pure, and with the collagen on his face, it seemed to have a feeling of “natural de-carving”.

And even the early Liu Yifei, the curly hair style is more mature, feminine, and more delicate than the straight hair.

Let’s not talk about innocence, let’s talk about a domineering and feminine one: Fan Ye.

Fan Ye has black and shiny hair, which is very enviable. Long straight black can highlight the hair quality, which is a plus. But because Fan Ye has never had a very pure temperament, even if it is black and straight, it looks a little out of harmony, which is weird.

A person with a strong sense of femininity and charm like Fan Ye, although the curly hair looks more mature, it complements her own temperament better.

Even with a similarly styled wig straight for curly hair , the curly hair looks better on her than straight and is more in tune with her overall hardware.

The influence of straight hair and curly hair on temperament is not only a qualitative change, but also a quantitative change: the more curly hair, the more mature it will appear.

Let’s continue with the example:

With curly hair, Shu Qi looks more charming, feminine, and more mature.

From pure black long and straight, to fluffy and slightly curved hairstyles, to more obvious large curls, is it becoming more and more mature, delicate and feminine?

However, curls are good, but not excessive. As mentioned above, the more curly hair, the more mature it is. Therefore, if you roll too much, it is easy to change from the goddess of style to… um, the goddess with a sense of dust:

Design dialogue on the left: Stylist, come out and I will talk to you about life!

And one of the reasons why Shu Qi’s two curly hair looks particularly unsightly and too mature is that the hair is too curly. Not only that, but there is another reason. Let’s start with an example:


Take the girl with pure milk tea as an example. The wig has straight hair and curly hair . The left side is very pure, and the right side is very mature and noble, right? Jenny thinks that the left side is more suitable for her, and the right side seems too old, which obliterates her innocent qualities.

However, why does the curly hair on the wedding photo of Sister Milk Tea still look beautiful, and it doesn’t look pure enough? Or too old-fashioned?

What’s the difference between this curly hair and the curly hair above? It doesn’t seem too curly, does it?

This involves the second level of the age of curly hair – where to start the curl:

The hairstyle of Sister Milk Tea when she got married is basically straight up to the position of the chin (the hair next to the face), but it is slightly curved, not straight, and the curl is mainly the part below the chin.

And as long as your volume starts to be lower, the increase in age will not be so serious, and it will not offset the sense of innocence too much.

The reason should be that the hair above the chin is next to the face, so it affects the temperament more, while the hair tail has a relatively smaller impact.

If you are a little careful, basically if the female stars with pure or girly hair perm, the starting position of the curl will be lower, and the curl is generally not large, which can not detract from their pure characteristics.

And if they accidentally violated this law… I’m sorry, the moment has come when the sister next door becomes an aunt:

The curly and curled hairstyle on the upper side is really easy to look like an aunt…

Straight or curly hair? The first step: look feminine!

After talking about the sense of age, let’s talk about another temperament of curly hair: femininity.

At the beginning, the example of Xiaoli may be misunderstood, that is, when you are young, it is suitable for black and long straight hair, and when you are a little older, it is suitable for curly hair.

But in fact, there are some female stars who are more suitable for curly hair from their debut, even if they are not old at the time:

A very typical example: Wen Bixia, Fire Rose is simply beautiful!

As for why curly hair is more feminine, Jane’s guess is that in a natural state (regardless of natural curly hair), average boys’ hair is straight, and curly hair is more feminine because it is more different from boys .

And curly hair will increase femininity, not only can it emphasize temperament for girls who are sexy (Wen Bixia, Shu Qi), but for girls who are more manly and neutral, curly hair can make them more from ” Tough” is pulled towards “feminine”, so it is also more suitable.

(Especially for people with narrow and long faces, are they destined to appear manly and old in ▷? Save the thin and long face, rely on this! This article has already described the modeling method for the narrow and long face in detail)

Q with straight hair looks tough and colorful, but does curly hair look more feminine and sexy?

Even the reclamation queen who has fascinated thousands of girls is domineering and awe-inspiring when her hair is straight, but when she has curly hair, she has a soft taste of Yamato Nadeko!

If you think the above two are good types of curly hair and straight hair, then there is a lady who really only has curly hair:

Left: Although you look sharp, you are still a beauty; Right: Huang Lixing, why do you wear a wig!

If you think it’s a problem with the selected picture or makeup, let’s change to a similar makeup scene:

Left: Miss, although you are a bit tough, you still look good. Right: Miss, you are mistaken! I really don’t owe you money!

The reason for this is that on the one hand, as mentioned earlier, curly hair itself has a “feminine” bonus, and another reason is that curly hair has a better modification effect on tough faces.

[Interjection, if you want to know what kind of features are more feminine and how to become more feminine, you can poke ▷ to say that you look like a man, or you may be saying that you are beautiful (multiple pictures)! )

Straight or curly hair? Step 3: Look at the face shape!

So, the question is, what is a “hard” face?

From the above, we know that a narrow and long face with obvious bone feeling (with little collagen and little meat), prominent cheekbones and cheekbones will look very tough.


And these facial features are not only innate, but also acquired, and together they constitute an important indicator: facial fluency. And this indicator is very important for beauty!

What is “Face Fluency”?

Taking Liu Yifei who just debuted as an example, it can be seen that her lines are very smooth curves, no obvious protrusions or depressions, whether she is front or side, and she looks very full and youthful.

And as we said in ▷ Are you a baby face or a mature face? You can tell at a glance! As mentioned in this article, as people age, people’s cheekbones will develop, become taller and wider, and at the same time, the collagen will be lost when wearing white, which has led to the recent Liu Yifei’s face shape has become:

From the front, there are obvious corners, and it is no longer a smooth arc. From the side, it can be clearly seen that the zygomatic arch is widened and prominent, and the cheeks are sunken.

If the above two are not obvious enough, the problem of the face shape in this live picture should be more obvious.

And the fluency of the face actually affects the degree of beauty, not only Liu Yifei, but she can also explain this:

For example, Maki Horikita (who was pulled out to lie down with a gun) has similar hairstyles on the left and right, but the face on the left is a very smooth arc, while the right side has obviously become a few folded corners with protrusions and depressions, look on the right It is obviously sharper and tougher.

And when your facial lines become tough and the facial fluency decreases, if you still want to keep straight hair, you can only rely on covering:

Looking at Liu Yifei’s straight hair, compared to the one above, it really feels a lot bulkier, and it looks very unrefreshing when it is completely covered, and when it is not covered, the face looks bad.

Not to mention the pure and innocent Liu Yifei, for mature and glamorous people, the fluency of the face is also very important:

When Li Jiaxin was young, her cheeks were not too big, her face was rich in collagen, and there were no obvious depressions or bulges. During this period, her straight hair and curly hair were pretty good-looking.

However, with the loss of time and collagen, the cheekbones are high, the cheekbones are prominent, and the straight hair can’t reduce the toughness of the face, nor does it alleviate the problem of insufficient facial fluency.

Therefore, Li Jiaxin in the later stage basically chooses curly hair, one is to increase the femininity, and the other is to modify the face line.

Why is curly hair better than straight hair to modify the tough face lines and hide the unevenness of the face? Here’s a (ugly) analysis of the technology flow:

For people whose facial contours are not smooth, if they leave a small amount of straight hair to cover, they may not be able to cover the square cheeks if they cover the cheekbones.

But if you change a lot of straight hair, similar to the one above Liu Yifei, although it can be completely covered, but the face is almost covered, if both sides are like this, it will become Sadako. On the other hand, if it is curly hair with a slight curvature (right), one is more feminine, and the other is not covering too much of the face, but it can cover the outline well, so the effect is better.

In addition to making radians, for lazy cancer patients, if your facial contours are not smooth, but you don’t want to get curly/curved hair, what should you do better?

Compare the following two pictures:

When the outline of itself exists alone, the depressions and protrusions will not be too conspicuous. And if black hair is added, the entire line will be outlined more clearly, so the problem of uneven facial expression will be more prominent.

Therefore, if your face itself is not smooth but slightly, and you don’t want to cover it with curly hair, it is better to tie up your hair or have a ball head than simply drape it behind your head!

Straight or curly hair? Step 4: Look at the hair volume!

The technical convenience of curly hair is roughly the above, and the following are some of the more common misunderstandings.

First of all, of course, curly hair increases the volume of hair more than straight hair, so many people with less hair will grow curly hair, and hold: I will look a lot more hair volume when I lie down with curly hair!


In terms of experience, many people who seem to have less hair are mainly because the top of the head is low, or the hair above the ears is relatively small, or the hair is soft to the scalp, and if these people do not deal with the hair on the top of the head well, but blindly If the hair below becomes more curly, in contrast, there will be less hair on the top of the head:


Keira Knightley, who has a low head, looks like she has a lot of hair on the top of her head when she has curly hair. Does it look like she has more hair after switching to short fluffy hair?

Another example of a model with a similar problem:

On the left is the original picture, the fluffy hairstyle below will make the hair on the top of the head sticker and less, without moving the hair on the top of the head, the hair on the bottom will appear less (the picture on the right), does it look like there is no hair on the top of the head So less? more coordinated?

And, if you have fine and soft hair, your hair is easily damaged, and perming your hair may make your hair worse, and it will not necessarily increase the volume, so if you perm your hair just to increase the hair Quantity, then Jenny advises you to save it…

[And, what should the person with thin hair and less hair do? Quickly poke ▷ Is it soft? On the scalp? The ultimate recipe for shaggy roots! 】

If people with fine and damaged hair must have curly hair, please go to the next paragraph:

Straight or curly hair? Step 3: Look at the sophistication!

Last but not least, sophistication.

Just like Xiao Li’s example at the beginning, curly hair needs to be taken care of, so the whole person will appear more refined and upscale (of course, good-looking curly hair!)

The one on the left is more like the girl next door, and the one on the right is like Miss Blair, right?

The left side is also beautiful, but not refined enough, the right side looks more refined, doesn’t it?

So, if your hair quality and money and energy allow you to do a good job of daily care, and you want to take your sophistication to the next level, you might as well use curly hair. If you are afraid of being too tragic, you can start with short-acting curly hair.

how to curl your hair

Many people see the curly hair of celebrities/net celebrities is very good-looking, so I went to the barber shop and told the barber that I would make it like this:

you thought you would be like this

However, after you permed your curly hair, you have become like this (you should really have this hairstyle if you don’t know what it is to be afraid of)

Or so, it’s sad too…

Why is this so?

A sad fact: A lot of the curly hair that you see is a one-off, a stylist blows it out with high heat, or it’s a wig or extension at all. In addition, many people have insufficient innate conditions for hair volume and hair quality, so often you think you will be beautiful, but you are actually ugly die…

So, how to solve it?

In addition to buying wigs and simply extending hair, or directly asking a hair stylist to blow it for you, the one-time curly hair methods you can try at home include:

①After washing your hair, spray a layer of anti-scald spray, and then start to use a curling iron to give yourself a one-time curl, and then use a styling;

Of course, for many people, the curling iron that will become very hot is actually very scary, and it is easy to burn the face and hands. Here is one of Amway’s people that can be used as a relative substitute:

Today, I want Amway to be the loose air comb on the far right. I don’t recommend the brand, but many brands have it.

It is similar to a curling iron, you can wrap your hair around it in circles, and then there will be hot air blowing out of the small holes inside, so that you can make curls on the basis of not being permed (but this durability is not curly hair That’s great).

And if you don’t want to be very curly, but just want to have a little radian at the end, not a rigid straight hair (after reading the above, you should find that a little radian is enough, you don’t need to be too curly), you can use this:

The roller-shaped bristle comb is also used as a curling iron, wrapping the tail of the hair, and then combing it to the end, it will have a more natural curl.

And if you don’t want to blow-dry, don’t want to use a curling iron, and want to curl your hair, an alternative is to braid your hair in a ponytail after washing your hair at night, when it’s not completely dry (but not too wet!) Braid, the end of the hair will be curly when you wake up the next morning! However, this one is suitable for people whose hair is not particularly thick!

Finally, because the little assistants are busy with exams recently (many readers are also taking final exams! Come on!), all the work has to be done by Jenny herself, so the update will be slower, but the quality is guaranteed!

I wish the readers who are going to take the exam to get high marks smoothly~ Momozha~

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