Why Are Wigs So Expensive? Expensive And Cheap Are Related To Processing Technology

Why are wigs so expensive? Expensive and cheap are related to processing technology

Nowadays, more and more people are losing their hair, so some hair friends often ask such questions, “Why are wigs so expensive?” Today, I will answer them for you.


Wigs are divided into two types

Wigs can be divided into general and high-end categories. The general one is chemical fiber wigs of up to 100 yuan; the high-end ones are the real hair products that are woven out one by one in this article, also called wigs made of real hair.

Why are wigs so expensive in physical stores?


The price of pure hand-made wigs in physical stores is more expensive than that of real wigs . Because it is a high-end real hair wig, it can achieve the actual effect of being difficult to distinguish between true and false. It is not easy to be as fake as a general wig, and it is more comfortable to wear for a long time. Breathability, from the professional and technical personnel, you can immediately see the actual effect of the head shape . The price of the wig made of real hair , it is more suitable to purchase the size of the baby’s head in the physical store, and the after-sales maintenance service is guaranteed.

Does wearing a wig feel like there are more objects on the skull? If you feel it through the physical line, you can’t feel it after wearing it on your head for about a quarter of an hour. You can only feel the wig on the top of your head when you shake your head.

Only real hair wigs can be counted as top wigs


There are two types of wigs, such as general follow-up and so on. The article is talking about human hair products made by hand and knitting, which are high-quality products.

Why are wigs so expensive?

The expensive and cheap wigs are related to the processing technology. General knitted yarn wigs are not cheap. The price of pure hand-knitted human hair wigs will be higher. However, at the same time as the price is high, the actual effect is also very good. Pure hand-knitting is more time-consuming. , The processing technology is more delicate, so the price is high.

Well, the above is all the answers to “Why are wigs so expensive?”, I hope it can be helpful to hair friends. If you have other questions, you can continue to read other articles on the website.

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