Who Doesn’t Love The Beauties In Orange Wigs And Costumes? I Have Been Looking Forward To The Other Side Of The Active Female Idols For A Long Time

Orange wig Who doesn’t love beauties in costume? I have been looking forward to the other side of the active female idols for a long time

Now costume dramas are really getting better and better. Actors don’t even need to re-make up, they just need to put on a costume and they can go directly to the mirror.

This year, the four beauties who return to China are about to have their first TV series, which also happen to be costume dramas. Although they have not been broadcast yet (the makeup photos have not been released yet), they have already given enough fans’ expectations.

Who doesn’t love beauties in ancient costumes? I have also been looking forward to the other side of the active female idols for a long time. Recently, the stills of Cheng Xiao’s “The Road to Awakening” and Zhou Jieqiong’s “Forensic Doctor of the Tang Dynasty” have been released one after another. The details of the clothing and hair accessories in the picture are all in place. There are also no gaudy concerns about the poster color scheme.

However, when I zoomed in on the stills, I got dry. Compared with the sophisticated clothing, their makeup is really too rough.

Of course, the rough makeup here does not mean that their makeup is not fully painted or not well done. On the contrary, the problem is that they are painted too well.

The Korean-style watery skin and the seamless big flat eyebrows are all emphasizing that they are modern and exquisite girls, but this is not the makeup that a costume drama should have.

Just take a screenshot of the makeup in their life photos, is there any difference from these pictures?

Modern costume drama problem one

Take off the wig and take off the gauze, I can still dance

In fact, it is understandable to slightly improve the real makeup in ancient times, because some historical materials are not completely recorded, and there are great differences in aesthetics due to the distance between the ages. Based on these considerations, the makeup is optimized according to modern aesthetics. Not a big mistake.

However, it is really a big problem to “optimize” to be exactly the same as ancient and modern.

Most of the big IP costume dramas that have been affiliated with the past two years, whether it is an “ancient puppet” with reference to historical records, or a fantasy Xianxia orange wig , most of them have the problem that the makeup does not fit the reality. No matter what the historical background and character characteristics of the characters, they are all modern eye makeup and thick eyebrows, just wearing a set of ancient clothes and a headgear, taking off a wig and changing clothes, you can also perform fashion dramas.

Although such makeup is in line with modern aesthetics, what’s the point? I beg the director and the teachers of Fuhua Dao to have a little more heart.

The reason why some dramas can become classics, in addition to the superb acting skills of the actors and the conscientious production team, is absolutely indispensable for the expressive power and guiding power of Fu Hua Dao. Because reasonable makeup can give the audience a strong sense of substitution, it should be in line with the background and the characteristics of the characters in each period, rather than imposing routines.

And for Xianxia dramas that have no historical data to refer to, they should focus more on ancient makeup, rather than just casually using modern makeup.


Modern costume drama problem 2

Makeup Sharing

There is another common problem in today’s costume dramas, that is, everyone wears almost the same makeup, so when seeing an actor appearing in two costume dramas at the same time, it is impossible to tell “Which one is this? Who is it?”

(But I think Yang Zi’s makeup in “The Legend of the White Snake” is quite good)

This kind of thing is unavoidable in fashion dramas under the modern background, but there are often huge differences in era and identity between the characters in costume dramas, and it should have been possible to distinguish the roles from the makeup.

Wang Zuxian’s Xiaoqian and Bai She are both charming characters, but the focus of makeup and hair of the two characters is completely different.

Although Xiaoqian is a ghost, she is still a delicate girl by nature, so her eyebrows will drop slightly, emphasizing the innocence and pity of her expression.

The white snake is born as a demon, her nature is free and fearless, and the straight eyebrows are raised to show her femininity and strong face.

The same is true of Gigi Lai’s two editions of Yitian and Dragon Slayer. Zhou Zhiruo hides ruthlessness in her tenderness, so her eye makeup will pay more attention to the smudge of the lower eyelid, using drooping eyelids to express her pitiful demeanor, while the flat and barbed eyebrows at the end symbolize her beauty. twists and turns.

Zhao Min has a fiery personality with a clear love-hate relationship. Meifeng’s raised eyebrows and raised corners of her eyes indicate her arrogance and domineering.

The beauties in ancient costumes in the past were vivid and interesting, even the originator of ancient puppets “Marrying the Right Man on the Wrong Sedan chair”.

Now, looking at it again, the female characters in many heroine costume dramas are almost all drawn in the same mold with big eyes and big flat eyebrows, making the faces that should be beautiful in different ways so similar.

Could it be that the crew did not have enough funds to give you the budget to change your makeup?

The attention to ancient costume drama is essential. Jumping from the modern scene to the ancient times, the way the characters speak and act and the background of the story have changed a lot. At this time, the role of clothing and makeup is to help the viewer to enter a specific environment and role faster. , do not play.

A good drama is not only superficial, but also pays attention to details.

“Daming Palace Ci”

I won’t waste words to praise how classic it is. In short, from actors, costumes, lines, and music, it is full of a highly harmonious classical aesthetic style, and no one can reproduce it so far (Lin Hai’s classic should be heard here). original soundtrack).

Not only is it a monument in itself, but Zhou Xun and Chen Hong’s most representative images (one of them) also stay here.

If you have seen Zhou Xun in “Da Ming Palace Ci”, you can understand what a girl’s demeanor should look like. Zhou Xun was already 26 years old when he played the role of Little Taiping, but his face was still innocent and agile, and his temperament was elegant and pure. No wonder she was Wu Zetian’s favorite daughter.

The makeup of the Taiping Girls period is elegant and comfortable. The brows and eyes are light, and there is a natural arc at the end of the eyebrows. The pink blush and lip color are also very clear and orange. The wig shows the innocence of a girl.


Her clothes are dominated by light, low-saturation tones such as white, light green, orange, and beige.

Taiping designed this feather coat called “Hundred Birds Suit”, which made her small face even more aura. In the play, she presided over the army’s triumphal ceremony in this bird suit, and for the first time experienced the charming pleasure of having power.

Chen Hong plays the grown-up Princess Taiping. In the play, her graceful and luxurious image of a Tang princess satisfies all our imaginations of oriental beauties. So I think the reason why she can afford praises like “the first beauty in the mainland” and “national beauty” must have something to do with this role, in addition to her beauty level.

In the play, her graceful and luxurious image of the Datang princess satisfies all our imaginations of oriental beauties. The face shape is a round and square face, and there is a sense of dignity that can be suppressed. At the same time, the lines and shapes of the facial features are also very delicate, adding a gorgeous beauty to the upright appearance that is prone to dullness.

When she first married Xue Shao, her makeup was very special. The ends of her eyebrows had an overall downward trend, but the radian at the end of her eyebrows was subtly raised, which not only showed the dignity and pride of the arrogant woman, but also implied that she was not The kind of cowardly traditional woman.

The makeup also draws on the popular “flower yellow” makeup in the Tang Dynasty, with yellow on the forehead, the corners of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, etc., and then matched with cherry lips, which is smart and elegant.

If you look closely, you will find that in the days when she and Xue Shao were together, these faint golden touches were always on her face.

This makeup is really amazing. It would be great if the current drama could have this half of care.

After his love with Xue Shao was shattered, he witnessed the disputes of the royal family, and after a series of changes, Taiping’s styling style gradually turned to quietness and depression. The trend of the eyebrows is more uniform, and the transition is light and slender straight and curved eyebrows. The overall makeup brightness has become lower, although it is melancholy but also chic.

The height of the bun has gradually increased, and the hair accessories have become more complex; the colors of the clothes are mainly burgundy and ochre, all of which symbolize her rising status and repressed heart.

“This girl, please stop your beautiful steps, do you know what kind of mistakes you have made?”.

“Wu Zetian”

Liu Xiaoqing’s version of “Wu Zetian” is also a positive example. Teacher Mao Geping’s excessive make-up magic has made her transition from a girl to a queen very well in the decades.

Wu Zetian, who had just entered the palace, was still a girl who was not familiar with the world. The short eyebrows that were almost level with the end of the eyes were the characteristics of girls at this stage. In order to create the innocence of a girl’s almond eyes, the area of ​​eye makeup was also deliberately reduced.

The makeup color of the upper eye only stays in the double eyelid area without being too smudged, and the eyeliner is brought to 2/1 of the lower eyelid and slightly smudged. The entire makeup looks clean and restrained.

The girl hasn’t fully grown yet, so the makeup highlights a “circle” character. Not only the eyes are round, but the lips are also drawn very round. The lip peaks are painted 1mm more outwards, without emphasizing the sharpness of the ends, and there is a naive atmosphere.

After going through a series of changes, she finally returned to the palace from the temple with the son of Li Zhi in her belly, and her makeup also changed. The elongated eyebrows and high eye makeup are all signs of her maturity and ambition.

When she ascended the throne and became the first empress of the ages, her aura was completely different from when she first entered the palace.

The red lipstick shows domineering, the pointed slanting eyeliner on both ends and the sharp corners of the mouth all show her high status. At this moment, she no longer needs to show weakness to anyone.

Now the technique of applying dark eyeshadow as soon as the Gong Dou drama becomes black is all learned from this drama. But it’s scary if you don’t learn.

For example, Tang Yan’s appearance in “Splendid Weiyang” was originally delicate, and her eyebrows and mouth have sharp edges since she was a girl. After blackening, it is still according to the original model, except for deepening the original color concentration of the makeup, there is no other difference, the lack of natural transition makes this blackening scene seem a bit tricky.


“Dream of Red Mansions” 87 edition & small drama bone edition

Everyone knows how sophisticated the 87th edition of “A Dream of Red Mansions” is. It took eight years to complete the 37-episode work. I don’t understand why the 60-episode drama that has been filmed for half a year dares to talk about his conscience.

For eight years, the makeup and hair team played a key role in this. Because the exterior scenes and interior scenes of a scene may be separated by several months or even a year, makeup artists at that time not only had to put on makeup, but also took careful notes to connect the makeup.

The entire crew has prepared 2,700 sets of costumes, and for the makeup artist, as many sets of costumes he has to have as many different hairstyles and makeup looks to keep up, and the makeup looks are divided into prosperous, normal, sick, disabled and many more categories.

They corresponded to the appearance and personality of each character and wrote their own understanding of each stage of the character, and then designed the most suitable shapes one by one, so that the audience could intuitively distinguish her current state and stage.

The makeup and hair teachers are pursuing the ancient charm in the background of the original work, so they should use the most primitive things to paint. If there are obvious traces of modern makeup techniques, it will be a play.

I heard that at that time, in order to make Deng Jie show Wang Xifeng’s cunning aura, she specially braided the hair on both sides of her temples and hung it on the top of her head, and then hidden it, so that the trend of the corners of her eyes and brows could be lifted more naturally and effectively.

In addition to Wang Xifeng’s eyebrows, Lin Daiyu’s eyebrows are also difficult. “The two curved eyebrows are like frowning and not frowning, and a pair of eyes that are like joy but not joy” is the description of Daiyu in the original work. The mang in Mang Yanmei means “small and small”, and Yanmei probably refers to the hazy feeling of green smoke in Chinese ink painting, so Daiyu’s eyebrows must be thin and shallow.

But at the beginning, no one could grasp this concept, so they could only keep trying out the “brows that look like frowns but not frowns”, so Yang Shuyun had to repair Chen Xiaoxu’s original eyebrow shape again and again, and finally showed the eyebrows. Get this classic brow look.

It is precisely because of the help of makeup and hair styling that the 87 version of “Dream of Red Mansions” can be sent to the height of “debut is the peak”.

In contrast, the new version of “Dream of Red Mansions” seems to be too careless, and it is not as good as the small version of “Dream of Red Mansions” with no big cast, no major production, and the average age of the actors is ten years old.

It can be seen that the restoration degree of this version is still very high. It is almost completely reproduced according to the original makeup and hair. Although it is not as meticulous as the old version, it is very rare.

Xiaodaiyu’s eye makeup follows the characteristics of the 87th edition, using purple-grey to overdo and smudge in a large area at the eye socket.

The 12-year-old sister Bao also looks like the 87 version.

Pinpin Xiao Wang Xifeng’s makeup, and the thin and flying eye tails made her phoenix eyes more obvious. The corners of the eyes and the brows are raised high, although small, it has a shrewd and shrewd aura.

Once again, I hope that the future costume dramas will be able to grow dim sum. If you invest so much money, where will you spend all your money? ?

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