Who Are The Stars Who Wear Wigs All The Year Round? Fan Bingbing Is Famous For Wearing Wigs

Who are the stars who wear wigs all the year round ? Fan Bingbing is famous for wearing wigs

Wearing wigs for hair loss has become very common, and many old hair loss sufferers have begun to accept wearing wigs. After all, it is common for celebrities to wear wigs. So who are the celebrities who wear wigs all year round?

Male stars who wear wigs all the year round

1. Zheng Shaoqiu

He has been wearing wigs all the time. Judging from the degree of hair loss, I suspect that he basically lost his hair before the age of 30 and then relied on wigs to maintain his shape. I feel that the influence of hair on him is really too great. Wearing a wig is 40 years old, and taking off the wig is 70 years old. Let’s see if this is the case! In order to maintain the image of a male god for many years, Zheng Shaoqiu has worn a wig for 39 years, only taking it off once at the memorial service for his beloved wife.

2. Zhao Zhongxiang

Zhao Zhongxiang is also a star who wears wigs all the year round. Zhao Zhongxiang is a veteran host of CCTV. At that time, many people liked to watch the programs he hosted. Zhao Zhongxiang’s iconic hairstyle has not changed in the program. After he retired, his hairstyle was the same. Later, some netizens found that Zhao Zhongxiang, who was in his 70s, looked old, but his hair was still black and shiny, so everyone knew that Zhao Zhongxiang was wearing a wig all the time. However, Zhao Zhongxiang denied the fact that he brought a wig, but netizens They don’t quite believe it!


3. Sha Yi

Sha Yi, in “The Story of the Cooking Class”, Sha Yi’s short hair looks very capable. At that time, he was not facing a baldness crisis. Later, during the filming of “Wulin Gaiden”, because Sha Yi was in ancient costume, many people didn’t know what Sha Yi’s hair was like. In the variety show “Where’s Dad?”, the cameraman accidentally captured the real situation of Sha Yi. We can see that Sha Yi is bald. After that, Sha Yi regained his black hair during the filming of other shows, so many people thought that Sha Yi wore a wig, so everyone sighed at Sha Yi’s premature baldness, and guessed that it was because he was stressed s reason!

Female stars who wear wigs all the year round

Unlike male stars, female stars wear wigs all year round, not to solve the problem of hair loss, but to style them.

1. Fan Bingbing


Fan Bingbing is famous for wearing wigs, and there are countless wigs in the family. Fan Bingbing wearing a wig can be gentle and glamorous, and Bingbing with long hair is even more critical in her appearance.

But there are also people who wear wigs because of their lack of hair, such as female stars below.

2. Ju Jingyi

Ju Jingyi wears a wig, which makes her hair more fluffy. Since her debut, Ju Jingyi has good acting skills, but she has always been questioned. Wearing a wig can increase the volume of hair, which makes the hair look thicker. In Ju Jingyi’s photos, the hair volume fluctuates from time to time, sometimes it is fluffy and thick, sometimes the hair volume is average, and the hair is still long and short, which may be the reason for wearing hair pieces.

3. Meng Meiqi

Meng Meiqi ‘s female wig set has obvious traces of wearing a wig on the top of her head. The wig was used to increase the amount of hair on the top of her head, making her face look so small and delicate.



The baby gives the impression that the hair is quite thick, but it may be that he is not satisfied, so the baby still sneaked a wig when tying the ponytail, and the traces of the clip are still obvious. Female wigs , but this really looks thick hair a lot.

5. Yang Chaoyue

When Yang Chaoyue was also found to be wearing a ponytail, he secretly wore a hair piece. In my impression, Yang Chaoyue has a lot of hair. Maybe it is to pursue better results, but I have to say that after getting the wig, it looks like a haircut. Especially perfect.

6. Yang Mi

Yang Mi, who has a high hairline, also revealed that she had spent a very low price on the Internet to buy wigs to make bangs. Many netizens thought she really had bangs. Yang Mi also said that girls should love themselves more and try all kinds of possibilities.

All the above about “What are the stars who wear wigs all the year round?”, I hope to help you.

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