Where Can I Order A Wig Made Of Real Hair? Since The Age Of 18, Zou Xiaoling Has Lived A Simple Life Of Two Points And One Line

Where can I order a wig made of real hair ? Since the age of 18, Zou Xiaoling has lived a simple life of two points and one line

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Going out at 7:30 in the morning, riding a bike to school, going to work at 8:00, going home for lunch at 12:00, continuing to work at school in the afternoon, and leaving at 17:30… Since the age of 18, Zou Xiaoling has lived like this at two o’clock The simple life of the front line is in its 17th year.

The scope of work can hardly exceed a small square table and chairs, but the world of her career lies in the north and south of the river. With a pair of skillful hands, she “combs” the male and female stars on the big and small screens into the most beautiful appearance and appears in the public eye.

Zou Xiaoling, a native of Chengdu, is a theatrical wig weaving technician.

Picking, hooking, hanging, winding, pulling where to order real hair wigs Root hair is fastened to the lace mesh cap and done in 2 seconds. One, two, three… Repeated quickly, the hair on the net cap became denser and easier to tie into bundles.

In the Women’s Red Square Craft Museum of Sichuan International Vocational College, more than a dozen female workers, like Zou Xiaoling, the workshop supervisor, were fully engaged. The phone call interrupted Zou Xiaoling. She straightened her back and sat down for the first time for nearly two hours. She left the chair for the first time, and packed dozens of finished wig headgears and sent them downstairs. The courier company sent them to eastern China. Someone in the large film and television base is looking forward to it.

In the campus where people come and go, few students know that in the popular dramas on their mobile phones and computers at the moment, the big stars who easily change their hairstyles in eighteen ways, the drama wigs on their heads pass by in this way. The buildings are delivered all over the country.

In the 17 years of her career, Zou Xiaoling has made tens of thousands of wigs and headgear, especially theatrical wigs. “Lonely Fragrance Does Not Appreciate Oneself”, “Splendid Weiyang”, “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, “The Flowers Bloomed and the Moon Was Full That Year”, “The Story of Choosing the Day”, “The Thirteen Hairpins of Jinling”… She can be on the screen at any time find a sense of achievement.


150,000 knots of hair woven into a net hat

A craftsman cannot be starved to death, but the craftsmanship of the craftsman Zou Xiaoling is becoming more and more popular in the days when food and clothing are getting better and better.

In 2000, 18-year-old Zou Xiaoling was recruited into Sichuan International Biaobao Vocational College, where she learned the skills of handmade wig weaving. When making, the hair is woven into the lace mesh cap with a very fine crochet needle, and only one or a few hairs can be woven in one stitch. This wig is made with real human hair, especially the hairline, which is sewn one by one to become an intricate and delicate hairline that merges with the wearer’s skin.

A set of wigs woven by Zou Xiaoling, the lace mesh cap may contain as many as 150,000 knots, and the weaving process takes more than 40 hours. This attention to detail craftsmanship requires a level of patience between tailoring and counting the stars. There were more than 100 people who came in at the same time as Zou Xiaoling. In the past 17 years, people came and went, and now there are only a dozen people.

“The shortest person only stayed for a day,” Zou Xiaoling said, and some people came here to try for a day and were scared away. Starting from holding a crochet needle, a person with dexterity will have to practice for two years at the earliest to have the speed of Zou Xiaoling. She can tie more than 30 knots a minute, which involves crocheting one or more strands of hair through a lace mesh cap and tying the hair around the holes.

This is the most tedious step in making a wig headgear. In the jargon, it’s called “discharging hair”, tying hairs one by one into the holes in the lace mesh cap, while beating the craftsman’s skill and patience. The hair in Zou Xiaoling’s hand is as tough as a steel wire, and she can’t believe it’s ordinary human hair. “Look, it’s actually very fragile.” Zou Xiaoling broke her hair when she pulled her hair gently during a demonstration. “You have to use skill when hooking. Whether it’s a lace mesh cap or hair, it’s easy to break.”


Custom Wigs Master the Secrets of Celebrity Hairlines

There are 7 ways to tie the hair on the lace mesh cap. Where can you make a wig made of real hair? By combining in different ways, it can simulate the shape of people’s head spinning, making it look real. There are also seamless hairline, real hair quality, these details are the strength of handmade wig weaving.

The Women’s Red Square Craft Museum, whose main business has experienced the transformation from living wigs to drama wigs, 2008 was a critical year. In February of that year, craftsmen were tasked with making headgear for performers at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. I still remember the “Sounds of the Ancient Times”, the four great inventions, Chinese characters and opera, when China’s splendid culture was displayed one by one, and 897 actors in ancient costumes appeared, which was when Zou Xiaoling’s heart was the most tumultuous. “Just a moment ago, we were wearing wigs and headgear for them backstage,” Zou Xiaoling recalled. In less than half a year, Nuhongfang made more than 2,000 wigs and headgear, and each one passed her hands. There was a show that made a hood, and it was temporarily deleted in the last few days.”

In the industry, the outstanding completion of this task has created a story, and more and more large-scale film and television drama orders are coming to the door. Here, the preparation of handmade wigs is divided into steps such as measuring, designing, drawing, making head shells, and hooking hair. How high is Zhong Hanliang’s hairline? How wide is Luhan’s temples? How long is the back of Zhao Youting’s head? Zou Xiaoling knows all the secrets of the hair of popular male stars in the entertainment industry. “Theatrical wigs need to be customized, just like customized clothes, they need to be tailored first.”

When filming, female stars often use half headgear for their costume hairstyles, “using their own hair and wigs”. If male stars want to have an antique style, they all rely on wigs and hair suits to dress up. Designing the most suitable hairstyle for her face is what Zou Xiaoling is most willing to try. “Like Zhong Hanliang, he is 1.8 meters tall, so the design of the hairstyle should be based on the height, such as how long it should be left when it is left on. In addition, through two The style design of the temples can make the face smaller or make other minor adjustments to the face shape.”


On the one hand, Zou Xiaoling has learned design experience from senior stylists, and she has benefited from many hairstyle designs. On the other hand, she also argued with the “rookie” stylist.

The stills in the mobile phone are Zou Xiaoling’s weapon against “rookie” stylists. “Some designers don’t understand. Once the imagined size is made into a real object, it will be ugly.” , tell each other what the successful experience is like.

Zou Xiaoling’s mobile phone contains hundreds of stills of popular movies and TV shows. In the pictures, A-list stars wear headgear made by her and travel through time and space.

Chase costume dramas just to see the protagonist’s hairstyle

Finding a sense of achievement in TV

There are very few craftsmen in China who can make a handmade wig from start to finish. Zou Xiaoling, a native of Longquanyi District, has more pride.

But her pride had to be hidden. Making theatrical wigs is a behind-the-scenes job. Before the show is released, the modeling that Zou Xiaoling participated in must be kept secret, and she has been doing her due diligence.

The 15-year-old daughter is a loyal fan of costume movies and TV dramas, and she is always a nympho for the characters in the TV series. “His wig was made by me. It wasn’t that long at first. After the crew got the wig we made, they continued a section. They didn’t use real hair. There are several reasons…” When the protagonist made a public appearance, Zou Xiaoling said: The only chance to show my results to my family, but as soon as I opened my mouth, it became a “business” discussion.

“Really! Really! You did this? Is there anything else?” Hearing the relationship between Zou Xiaoling and the obvious wig headgear, her daughter almost jumped up. “This is the most fulfilling time,” Zou Xiaoling doesn’t like to watch ancient costume movies and TV dramas, but she always counts the hairstyles of the protagonists in each new drama. Mind,” Zou Xiaoling gained inner satisfaction after every wig and headgear appeared.

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