What You Need To Know About Hair Loss For Wig Boys! (one)

What you need to know about hair loss for wig boys! (one)

Here, let me tell you a story

Prophet Elisha, on his way to the Holy Land of Bethel, was ridiculed by a group of people for his bald head. Due to her low self-esteem, Elisha was too taboo to be laughed at by others, so she asked God for help, and God immediately summoned two bears to kill those people.

Some people think that God’s punishment is really rough and cruel. But some people think that laughing at other people’s shortcomings, damn it.

I think this story has a common original intention with people who wear wigs to perfunctory appearances.

“Wearing a wig does not solve the problem of hair loss, but solves the problem of people who care about your hair loss.”

Because God can only let bears clean them up, but God can’t cure your hair loss.

1. Back to the topic, I asked some nurses around boys with wigs about this question, and asked them if they cared about boys’ hair loss with wigs to cover up.

They have two views:

① “Did this boy make a mistake?”

② “Is it completely bald? Do you have to wear a wig?”


Let me explain the first point first: wigs are not cheap wigs for boys . Better wigs (good breathability, real hair, natural weaving) cost 5000+, you can’t wear a wig a year, right? So the average person will have at least 2~3 wigs.

The service life of a wig is generally about one year, so the annual investment needs about 10,000 yuan.

If it is two or three years, the money that needs to be invested needs to be at least 20,000 yuan. That’s enough money for a hair transplant.

The hair follicles after the hair transplant will grow and metabolize naturally, no special maintenance is required, and the key will not fall off. Your own hair is planted, which is a one-time investment.

Compared with buying and replacing wigs all the year round, hair transplantation is cheaper. After all, the hair after hair transplantation will accompany you for decades.

Even if you are not suitable for hair transplantation, or you do not want to have hair transplantation considering the economy. Then in the case of hair loss is not particularly serious, you can also choose drug cycle treatment. Most cases are recoverable.

The monthly cost of the drug for hair loss is about 300~500 yuan, and the obvious effect can be seen after 8~10 months of medication.

For people with hair loss, the first thought should be how to prevent and solve the problem from the root, instead of learning the performance art of Louis XIII’s “not enough hair, wigs to make up”.

2. Do you think that wearing a wig can hide the truth. But wearing a wig for a long time has no other benefits besides saving you from embarrassment in your daily life.


First of all, wearing wigs for a long time will cause the problem of hair loss to become more and more serious.

Because there are many wigs on the market, their air permeability is not very good. Wearing wigs for a long time will cause the hair to heat up, causing the scalp to sweat and secrete more oil, so the scalp environment deteriorates, and the originally healthy hair follicles accelerate the shrinking process. Accelerates necrosis of hair follicles that are not completely atrophied and necrotic.

Secondly, wigs are wigs after all. In life and in washing and care, they are often not as caring as real hair. Many people put them there after wearing them once, and pick them up when they need to wear them next time.

If the wig is not worn for a long time, it will be contaminated with a lot of dust. In addition, all the grease on the head will stick to the wig, which is very easy to breed bacteria, such as staphylococcus, masala, and gram-positive cocci. If you do not wash it for a long time, it will cause the scalp to itch. , and even lead to follicular inflammation or seborrheic dermatitis.

Finally, wearing a wig can lead to poor blood circulation in the skin.

When the blood circulation in the scalp is not smooth for a long time, the hair follicles cannot obtain sufficient nutrition, and the hair cannot grow healthily, which may lead to accelerated hair loss.

Even if you still have hair and don’t have total baldness, wearing a wig incorrectly will only make your hair loss worse.

3. As a doctor, I am not very optimistic about wigs, which are honey of the first and arsenic of the second.


There are many treatment options that have substantial effect on hair loss:

For example, the topical application of potassium channel openers can enhance the ability of hair follicles to actively absorb nutrients, thereby reversing and thickening the shrinking and thinning hair to prevent hair loss.

Or oral blockers of dihydrotestosterone, the hair follicles restore the state of absorbing nutrients, thereby achieving the effect of preventing hair loss.

Or hair transplantation: Hair transplantation is currently the most reliable non-drug hair loss solution, especially for people with high hairline and large areas of hair loss, the effect of hair transplantation is definitely better than drug treatment.

In the past two years, the domestic hair transplant industry has developed very rapidly. According to the statistics of the International Hair Restoration Society, in 2018, we have done more than 450,000 hair transplants in China, and it is expected to exceed 500,000 this year.

Therefore, hair loss does not need to be covered with wigs, and modern medicine can effectively solve the problem of hair loss.

In addition, if your girlfriend finds that you are losing hair, don’t be too nervous, communicate in time, and face it calmly. If it is not completely bald severe hair loss, it is completely curable.

Taking a step back, even if you are already bald, you can create a tough guy like Jason Statham, wouldn’t it be more manly?

Instead of considering whether hair loss will affect women’s impression of themselves, it is better to actively find ways to treat it. The sooner hair loss is prevented, the better the effect of improving hair loss.

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