What Should I Do If The Wig On My Head Doesn’t Fall Off? The Correct Way

What should I do if the wig on my head doesn’t fall off? the correct way

If you want the wig on your head not to fall off, you must first have a wig that is very suitable for you. Some people have relatively small heads~ or very special head shapes~ So you must be careful when choosing wigs~ Try to choose those wig straps that you can grasp~ The other is to adjust the head ring of the wig. How to wear a wig so that it is not easy to fall off? Wig wearing steps!


How to wear a wig so that it is not easy to fall off?


The wig is not a complete hairstyle. It is suitable for people with hair. When fixing the wig, it is necessary to choose a fixed position. It is the most suitable for the hair to be pinned by the hairpin. There are too many hairs, and the clip of the wig is very easy. Bounce, too little hair, the wig pieces are difficult to hold and may even slip off. Secondly, the clip should be fixed at the root of the hair, which is the most secure and not easy to fall off.

Hair grooming is also important when wearing a wig. You can turn the hair into a bun, and then put on a hairpin and a wig, which can increase the friction between the wig and the hair , so that the wig is not easy to slip off the head. The way of wearing wigs is very important~ Some people wear wigs just on their heads, and it is strange that such wigs do not slip off. The correct way to wear a wig is to put it on slowly from front to back. Don’t be in a hurry. First, use your forehead against the wig, then slowly adjust the position to wear it, and finally adjust the corners and broken hair.


Wig wearing steps!

1: First put the hair net from the top of the head to the neck. 2: The side of the hairnet with a loop of elastic is facing down, and the other end is lifted up. 3: Press the side with the elastic band on your hairline, don’t let your real hair run out, lift the other side up, lay your hair flat in the hairnet, don’t pile it up, so as not to wear it. After the wig will be uneven. 4: After the hair is evenly spread in the hair net, the top opening is placed on the head, just like how to clean the wig , no special fixing is required. 5: Wear the wig from the front to the back, and then adjust it. There are two size adjustment buttons on the inside and rear of the wig. There is a cloth strip in the middle of the two buttons. There are several small grids on the cloth strip. Please adjust it according to the size of your head. Snap it in. 6: The bangs can be made naturally at will. 7: Find two small protrusions at the temples of the wig. This is to check whether the position of the wig is correct. Pinch it with your thumb and forefinger, pull down and adjust the position of the wig appropriately. 8: After wearing, you can grab the top of the wig a few times to make it fluffy.

The above is about “how to wear wigs and not easy to fall off? Wig wearing steps!” I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you need it, you can add micro【】to find out.

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