What Should I Do If I Don’t Dye My Wig? Lazy People Tell You!

What should I do if I don’t dye my wig ? Lazy people tell you!

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Do not dye the wig, if you need to re-styling, you can ask a professional stylist to trim it; wigs generally need to be washed once every 1-2 months; wash with cold or warm water, just like our normal shampoo; Try not to use a hair dryer to dry the cleaned wig. You should use a dry towel to gently absorb the moisture on the wig and then put it in a ventilated place to dry . Then use the wig-specific comb to comb the wig.

Lazy people


Many people are reluctant to wash frequently because they think the whole wig is troublesome to wash, so you can sew a hair net inside the hair cover before using the wig, which will not only help fix it, but also facilitate cleaning. This method is very suitable for lazy people, it is very convenient to clean, it is not necessary to wash the whole wig, and it is more comfortable to wear.

Deep Cleansing


Before cleaning the wig, use a special comb to comb it from the bottom to the top. It must be light and patient; use the special cleaning and care solution for wigs, mix it with cold water in a ratio of 1:10 to shampoo, and then soak the hair in the prepared water. 15 minutes. You can also wash the hair first, and then spray the conditioner, it will also have the same bright effect; hold the wig on a stand, gently press the wig with a dry towel, do not rub the wig; then put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally ,Avoid direct sunlight.


The popularity of wigs has also led to the use of wig care solutions. Wig care solution is used when combing wigs. It is a special care solution specially used for wigs. Spray the care solution evenly on the wig, and then use a special comb to comb it smoothly. Wig care solution is generally best to spray the wig cleaning method every 2 days . Before washing, use a special comb to gently comb from top to bottom to clean the dust. Then soak the wig in warm water with detergent for 10 minutes and then gently rinse the wig by hand. Then rinse the wig with clean water, and finally soak it in the wig care essence for ten minutes, then rinse with water. Then gently wipe with a towel to absorb the moisture, hang it in a ventilated place and let it dry naturally, and then use a curling iron to fix or blow the style.

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