What Is The Real State Of Male Stars Under The Spotlight? Shocked

What is the real state of male stars under the spotlight? Shocked

There are many male stars with good looks in the entertainment industry. They are all handsome without dead ends in front of the camera. There are all kinds of tough guys and fresh meat. But in addition to the handsome facial features of the stars, the display of charm is also inseparable from makeup styling, the efforts of photographers and the level of millions of retouchers. Almost all the god images have been carefully processed to show the most perfect moment. So without these filters, what is the real state of male stars under the spotlight? Let’s look at the picture together!

In the same event, Lu Han, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo all showed off their good skin in front of the camera. As a representative “Cream Boy”, Lu Han has always followed a delicate style. Looking at his face carefully from this raw picture, although it is not completely flawless, it is generally very clean after makeup.

Wang Yibo’s makeup is also very natural, the modification on his face is not obtrusive, and only if the skin is good enough to make the makeup so docile, it can be given a high score.

Xiao Zhan’s close-up photo looks even more neat, and his skin is completely flawless, which is exactly what a cool and handsome star should look like. So it seems that even if Xiao Zhan doesn’t wear makeup, he should be able to show his appearance without makeup.

Cai Xukun is also completely unafraid of the challenge of creating pictures on his face. Even if the high-definition details can even see the state of the foundation, he still cannot find obvious skin defects. The bigger role of make-up is to cover up shortcomings, but on a face like Cai Xukun who has a good foundation of skin, it is the icing on the cake.


On the contrary, if your skin is in poor condition, no matter how magical makeup techniques are, you can’t stop the exposure of your shortcomings. Wang Yuan’s face has many bumps and pimples, and there are some acne that can’t be covered. If it is a long-term view, it is difficult to see clearly, but as soon as you get closer to the face, it will be exposed.

It seems that his usual handsome picture has a lot of credit for the team! However, as a star, it’s not good to reveal the stuff as soon as he encounters a raw picture. Wang Yuan still needs to spend more time taking good care of his skin.

Wang Junkai is regarded as the one with the best skin care among the three little ones, but in the ultra-detailed raw pictures, some pores and acne marks can still be seen, and generally speaking, it is still far beyond the passing level.


Yi Yangqianxi was wearing a wig on her head when she attended an event . Although the shape was very realistic, the truth was still exposed where it came into contact with her skin. It seems that Qianxi shaved her hair for filming, so she could only use a wig to recharge when she participated in activities.

A close-up look at the skin shows that Qianxi and Wang Yuan have the same problem, but to a lesser extent. Qianxi has obvious pimples on the corners of her mouth and chin, and some pimple marks on her face. The situation has improved significantly after wearing makeup.

Hua Chenyu also belongs to the type with bad skin, which can be seen from his usual activities and participation in shows. Every time he put on very heavy makeup, but the dullness of the chin, the fine lines around the eyes, and the feeling of some potholes on the face could not be covered.

Huang Zitao’s dark circles already belong to the level of “can’t hide it, just don’t cover it up”, but it’s a bit outrageous that the bags under the eyes look almost as big as the eyes.


In a recent live broadcast, he also revealed that Huang Zitao not only had dark circles and bags under his eyes, but his skin also looked very rough and dull. But seeing how he doesn’t care so much, he probably doesn’t mind that his flaws in appearance are seen by everyone.

Among the male actors, Yang Yang belongs to the heroic appearance, and he has always shown people with sharp and upright looks with sword eyebrows and star eyes. Judging from his skin condition, he is still basically qualified, with few blemishes such as acne, but the color difference between his face and neck is a bit big.

In addition, after enlarging the face, Yang Yang’s forehead lines and the fine lines under the lying silkworms at the corners of his eyes are very obvious . He looks tired. I don’t know if it is caused by busy work and irregular rest. The powder phenomenon is also very obvious, it seems that the skin needs to be carefully maintained.

The energetic younger brother Haoran doesn’t seem to have to worry too much about the problem of raw pictures, whether it is netizens or the unretouched photos taken by the media, they are completely capable of taking pictures. If you zoom in and see that the skin is not very smooth, it must be a pixel problem rather than a face problem.

After seeing so many pictures of male stars, who do you think is the most real and handsome ?

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