What Is The Correct Maintenance Method For Wigs? Maintenance Steps

What is the correct maintenance method for wigs ? maintenance steps

Many people don’t know how to use and maintain a wig when they buy a wig for the first time.

As a result, their first wigs tend to break in a short period of time

So what is the correct maintenance method for wigs?

Wear your wig correctly

To get the most out of your wig, make sure your scalp and natural hair are completely dry and free of any oils before wearing

Make sure the wig is positioned correctly and securely fastened when wearing it


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Take good care of your wig

Good wigs are more expensive, if you plan to wear your wig all the time, then it is necessary to properly treat it to prolong its lifespan

After using the wig for a period of time , it is best to properly clean the wig to keep the wig fresh and natural.

Once you take off your wig, be sure to clean up any residue on it

The following are the correct wig care steps, let’s take a look at it~

● grooming


When cleaning the wig after taking off the wig , it is generally necessary to comb the wig before cleaning, otherwise the tangled wet hair will damage the hair fiber and the root of the hair, which will eventually lead to the hair loss of the wig.

● shampoo

Whether it is real hair or wigs, shampoo is used when cleaning, but not all shampoos are suitable for cleaning wigs

First, use the recommended shampoo according to your wig type, and wash the wig properly to remove external contamination or other residues on it

● rinse

After washing with shampoo, it is time to wash. Avoid using super hot water and make sure you have thoroughly cleaned off all foam


● Maintenance

After cleaning the wig, it is not enough. You also need to maintain it. Otherwise, the wig will not have hair follicles to provide continuous nutrition, and it will easily become dry and frizzy.

So after cleaning the wig, use some conditioner and other wig maintenance products to help the wig regain its luster and look more natural

● dry wig

After washing the wig, use a towel to absorb the moisture on it, do not rub it, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally

Try to avoid using heated tools like a hair dryer on your wig, as it won’t heal once damaged

Ensure the above steps of wig maintenance, your wig can be kept in perfect condition for a long time, have you learned it?

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