What Is The Best Position To Wear A Wig? How To Bring It Correctly?

What is the best position to wear a wig ? How to bring it correctly?

Wigs have become more and more popular in the market. Nowadays, the people who are satisfied with wigs are not only those with hair loss, but also many young and beautiful girls who like to use all kinds of wigs to change their hairstyles to express themselves. Beauty in every way. How to wear the wig correctly? The technician makes suggestions:

The best position of how to wear a wig

When we choose a wig, we must first choose a wig with the same size as the wearer’s head circumference. A wig that is too small will have a pressure on the scalp and will affect the blood circulation of the scalp; while a wig that is too large will give people With a very insecure feeling, always worried about when to fall.

Then, wear a wig on the basis of choosing a suitable type of wig , and then wear it in an appropriate position according to the width of the forehead. People with relatively wide foreheads should wear a wig for a longer time in court . When wearing it, the edge of the wig should be pulled down slightly, and then it is better to use a hair curtain with a certain amount of hair to set off; When the edge of the wig should be slightly raised, leaving a small amount of hair curtain as a foil.

The specific method of how to wear a wig

The first step is to clean up the wrapped hair first, and then fix it with clips.

The second step is to put on the wig from front to back. First, use your forehead to hold the front end of the wig, and then pull the wig back with both hands to finally cover all your hair.

The third step is to sort out the broken hair that is exposed on the outside, check it, and put the broken hair that is exposed on the inside.

Step 4: Adjust the wig’s answering position from front to back, left and right, pay special attention to whether the ear position is appropriate, and then use a comb to comb the wig.

Step 5: Scramble the hair randomly with your hands to disrupt the hairstyle, so that it can look more natural.

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