What Face And Facial Features Are Most Suitable For Short Hair? What Kind Of Short Hair Looks Best?

What face and facial features are most suitable for short hair? What kind of short hair looks best?

Strangely, the weather is getting colder and colder, but more and more female stars are cutting short hair.

Today, I saw Liu Shishi on the cover of a magazine with short hair. Almost didn’t recognize it at first glance. ▼

After she cut her short hair, the evaluation was mixed, some people said she was “full of aggressiveness”, and some people complained that this hairstyle did not suit her at all. I’m the latter, how about you? ▼

Bold attempts are indeed worth encouraging, and I don’t think she should have long hair because of her gentle and demure temperament. The key is that this hairstyle is really unfavorable, looking old-fashioned and unrecognizable. ▼

Jing Tian’s short hair has also caused heated discussions recently. She cut her hair short in the middle of the night to film a new movie, and she almost didn’t recognize it. After the same short hair, she lost her recognition. ▼

Of course, there are also very successful cuts.

Yuan Quan originally had short hair, but it has been cut even shorter recently. This length is quite suitable for her, with more three-dimensional features and clearer facial lines. ▼

Seeing this, many people will definitely say that some people look good with short hair and some don’t, mainly because of their face shape. This statement is also true, not entirely true.

Female stars with various face shapes have successful examples of short haircuts, and even if the face shape is very suitable for short hair stars, there are also short hair styles that fail. So who looks good with short hair, and what kind of short hair looks best?

Today, let’s analyze the technical flow:

What face and facial features are most suitable for short hair?

Whether it is long or short hair, it has a decorative effect on the face shape. Only the modified parts are not the same.

People with short hair are the friendliest.

Because short hair is mainly concentrated on the upper part of the face, it will widen the distance of this part of the face. Under the background of the upper part of the face, the chin will appear narrower, which is very suitable for wide-faced stars. ▼

Although Sun Li has a small face, her face shape is traditional. After cutting her hair short, she doesn’t look so square. Compare. ▼

Many square-faced stars with wide jaws have had success with their short haircuts. Haiqing and Ma Yili are also typical. ▼

Not only the face is wide, but the lower part of the face is full of fleshy cheeks, and short hair can also be modified. Yui Aragaki is a good example. ▼

When the hair is long, the two pieces of flesh on the face are very obvious, but after the hair is short, the face becomes smaller. ▼

Friends with fleshy faces, maybe you are more amazing with short hair.


As for the oval-faced friends with smooth jaw lines, short hair is more suitable for you. Representatives Zhou Dongyu and Gao Junxi, after cutting short hair, their whole people are different, and their fashion and recognition are greatly improved. ▼

People with a pointed chin are also suitable for short haircuts. ▼

So, no matter what face shape you have, you can try short haircuts. However, although short hair does not pick face shape, it still has requirements for facial features.

Short hair will highlight your facial features more. If your facial features are three-dimensional and delicate, short hair will enhance this even more. ▼

Although Zhou Dongyu has small eyes, her nose is quite straight, which is obvious from the side view. ▼

Yuan Quan and Ma Yili took this set of covers together before. Yuan Quan’s praise was higher, which has nothing to do with her three-dimensional facial features, and the contrast is more obvious from the side. ▼

Big S and Song Hye Kyo have relatively flat facial features. Even if they cut their hair short, they usually don’t cut it too short. Too short is really not good-looking, they should really want to destroy this photo~▼

In addition to looking at the picture of how to wear a half wig with short nose hair, you also need to look at the ears. Short haircuts with ears that are too large and too high will also be abrupt.

Nuozha’s ears look a bit like catching ears. She has tried all kinds of short haircuts, but the most suitable one is the wob head that can cover her ears. Too short elf head exposes her ears, which is really not suitable for her. ▼

In addition, after cutting the hair short, the neck and shoulders are all exposed. Students with short necks and imperfect shoulder lines are at a disadvantage. ▼

Gao Junxi’s short hair is classic and good-looking, not only because of her facial features, but also because of her slender neck and beautiful shoulder line. After cutting her short hair, this advantage is even more prominent. ▼

Short hair, fluffy top is the key

If you want to look good with short hair, it is not only related to your facial features, but also to the hair itself. One of the key points is that the vitality area on the top of the head should be fluffy enough!

So, where is the vitality zone? Looking at the picture below, fluffy hair in this area is the key to the success or failure of short hair. Also focus on this part when blowing your hair. ▼

Fluffy hair looks younger and more vibrant.

Let’s take a look at Zhou Gongzi’s comparison picture. The hair on the top of the head on the left is too slumped, and it seems that the amount of hair is small, which is easy to give people an old-fashioned feeling. Although the skin condition on the right is not very good, it is better than the fluffy hair, but it looks more energetic. ▼

The effect of fluffy short hair will be better to modify the face shape.

Look at Sun Li, make the short hair more fluffy, increase the horizontal distance of the upper part, and the effect of modifying the face shape will be better. Does the left side appear wider than the right side? ▼

Fluffy hair can also modify the head shape.


Miss Watson’s hair on the left side is too sticky, and her head looks a little flat, while the hair on the right side is much fluffy and more layered, and the curvature of the head shape is more beautiful. ▼

If both sides of the head shape are relatively flat, you can also fluff the hair on both sides to look more symmetrical. It looks better like Gao Junxi’s right side~▼

But fluffy doesn’t mean heavy.

Nuozha is a counter-example. Her face is originally long, but when the top of her head is raised, her face looks long and heavy, and her face is set off sharply, making her look very incongruous. No matter how delicate the facial features are, they will be “eaten” by the hair. ▼

The hair wants to be fluffy, and the hair quality itself is also related. This will be difficult to change for a while. But we can also create fluff by styling. Many celebrities have good-looking fluffy short hair that is carefully taken care of.

When blow-drying, you can also spray fluffy water to help hold it in place.

Choose the right bangs, short hair is more beautiful

Girls’ short hair is usually matched with bangs, and the big back is not suitable for daily life. And how to cut bangs, there is a lot of knowledge here.

The bangs should not be too broken, it looks messy and very bad. Even with Yuan Quan’s facial features, I don’t think he is beautiful. ▼

Ziyi didn’t have many short hair styles. At that time, the short hair was a wig, and it looked uninspired because the bangs were too broken. ▼

Jing Tian’s short hair on the left is also very broken, and the hair on the right looks relatively comfortable~▼

Choosing the right bangs can also make your face look more perfect.

Short hair with slanted bangs is the choice of many people. It is easy to take care of every day, and it can also create some small edges and corners for the face shape to improve people’s temperament.

People with narrow foreheads and rounded jaws go well with oblique bangs. Slanted bangs can elongate the face, making it look less round and more capable. ▼

Those with wide foreheads and pointed chins can also try oblique bangs, which can soften the tough lines of the face, but they are still more capable and handsome. ▼

The slanted bangs should not be too long, it will look a little dragged. And the short Qi Liu Hai is also a little expert at covering the hairline. ▼

Hepburn’s short hair style is very classic. Her forehead is narrow and her bangs are short and flat, which can highlight her delicate facial features, very beautiful~▼

Guo Caijie’s forehead is not high, and she looks good with this Hepburn-style bangs, smart and cute. Compare ▼

But this kind of short Qi bangs is a test of facial contours.

Although Yang Mi’s photo of imitating Hepburn has long hair, it can also be predicted that the same short hair is not suitable for her. The bangs exposed a little bulge at her temples. ▼


Jiao Junyan ‘s facial lines are also not perfect . Although the big back is also beautiful, it exposes the problem of sunken temples and high cheekbones. ▼

With a face shape like hers, it is more suitable to keep the bangs longer. As long as the temples are covered, her short hair is perfect. The clear and beautiful jawline is definitely a plus. Smooth hair is sweet, curly hair is handsome~▼

After the Qi bangs are long, if you don’t want to cut them, you can put them on the sides and turn them into eight-character bangs, which can also modify the face shape well. ▼

In addition to taking care of the bangs in the front, the hair in the back should also be cut in place.

Let’s take a look at the correct demonstration of a big cousin. Cut short enough and with a natural fluffy look, it looks neat. ▼

Zhao Liying’s short hair style is not very good-looking. It looks a bit heavy from the side, but in fact, it is not cut in place, the hair on the back of the head is too long and too cute, but not enough aura~▼

In the same way, Jing Tian’s short hair is difficult to become a classic. The bangs and the hair on the back of the head were not cut very much. It was thick and felt that the whole person was pressed by the hair, which was neither smart nor generous. ▼

Liu Shishi’s short hair is also too broken, especially the broken hair on the back and sides. The following picture is better organized, but the two strands of hair around the ears really want to help her cut it. ▼

Why is Zhou Dongyu’s short hair so beautiful and so classic? Because the cut is in place, of course, her short hair has to be repaired and repaired until she finally finds the one that suits her. So it doesn’t matter if the first cut is unsuccessful, you can adjust it again. ▼

Finally, of course, it also depends on the temperament

Even if all the above conditions are fulfilled, some people will still find it strange with short hair, the problem lies in the temperament. Short hair has a sense of handsomeness and neatness. If the temperament is too gentle or feminine, it is not suitable for people.

For example, Liu Shishi, she is not unsuitable for short hair, but is not suitable for the short hair that seems to be taking the “aggressive route” now. Because her temperament is a very typical oriental gentle type. ▼

Liu Yifei also had Hepburn’s short elf hairstyle before, but fortunately it was a wig, otherwise the original fairy feeling would have been covered. ▼

Tang Yixin’s appearance and temperament are very sweet, so sweet smile and straight men’s big back do not feel a bit inconsistent, even if you want to try short hair, you must choose a more feminine wob head. ▼

There is also Gao Yuanyuan, although short hair is also good-looking, but not so feminine. ▼

In conclusion, there are many factors that go into a successful short haircut. It’s not just looking at the face, but the temperament is also very important. And it has something to do with bulkiness, bangs, etc. The difference is a little bit, and the whole hairstyle will feel quite big. I wish you all to find the short hair that suits you as soon as possible~

Friends who want to cut short hair should also pay attention to one thing. Once you enter short hair, it will be as deep as the sea, and it will really get shorter and shorter.

I’m on my way to a short haircut myself. Going to cut it shorter recently. There are often friends in the background who say that long hair looks better. Some people also say that they like your current short hair. Cut short or keep long? This is probably an iterative process.

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