What Are The Steps To Pay Attention To In The Steps Of Jason Wig’s Custom Wig? (picture)

What are the steps to pay attention to in the steps of Jason wig ‘s custom wig? (picture)

How to make a wig (Jason wig) The real hair block is actually a little expensive. It is priced in thousands, not a high price that the public cannot afford. Three factors lead to the small price: 1. The cost of human hair products; 2. The labor cost of pure hand crocheting; 3. The cost of styling and trimming services for senior hair weaving stylists. , I still have to choose wigs and hair replacement products. I was in the physical store of Baidu search. At that time, I made them according to my own head shape. After the trimming in the store, I still felt a little unaccustomed to it at the time. The hair stylist in the store said that I should look in the mirror more and get used to it, and think about it myself. After all, I’m used to seeing the previous image. After wearing it for a week, I like it more and more, and I dare to take it out. Maybe it’s a habit. Thinking about what they said was right, my colleagues around me didn’t find out, and I was still very confident after wearing a handmade wig. It’s not stuffy either, which may be related to the fact that the bottom of the net is a layer of net, and the scalp still feels when the wind blows.



The approximate steps required for Jason wigs to customize a wig: I go to the store, choose the craft of the wig, the clerk makes the head mold, measures the size, and sends it to the factory. The construction period is about 2 months, because the high-end wig is a pure handmade product. Choose human hair and hook it one by one on the designated hair net according to the direction of the hair. So it takes longer. A custom wig, made for yourself, will fit better, so don’t rush. ,It is better to choose a real hair wig brand to find a physical factory-directed store, with guaranteed after-sales service; choose one that can be customized according to the size of the head circumference, and must choose 100% real human hair, hand-crocheted, so long-term Wearing will not be stuffy, the effect is realistic and natural, and the breathability of pure hand-woven is better.


There are many custom-made channels for reissue, but because it is a personal item, the one that suits you is particularly good, so you need to go to the physical store to try it on yourself. When trying it on, the key is to see how it feels to wear it, whether it is applied, how realistic it is, and whether the scalp is breathable and comfortable. If there is no problem, then you can tailor the same product. , There are many real hair wig sales stores, most of which are sold by commodity type, and a few are professional stores mainly based on private customization! Privately-made professional shops will select particularly suitable products according to their actual situation, and achieve particularly good results . The difference between real hair wigs , when choosing a brand, try to choose a brand with older qualifications, relatively speaking, the experience will be more With enough, you can correctly deal with various types of hair loss problems!

Customized men’s wigs are generally opened in office buildings, because it can give customers a privacy space. So if you want to find this kind of store, just use the map to search it. It is recommended to find a few more stores and compare them one by one before making a decision! , To buy men’s wigs, you can go to such a physical store to measure and buy, because everyone’s requirements for covering gray hair are different, there are products of different sizes, and the face shape and head circumference will be different, especially if I go to the physical store. Let professional consultants and stylists design hairstyles according to your actual situation, so that the effect is particularly suitable for you. ,Jason wig boys generally have short hair, which looks masculine and capable, and at the same time takes into account the fashionable personality of young people, so the wig must be able to match the image, youth and occupation, and it can be worn for a long time, so It also takes into account comfort and breathability. ,It is better to compare the old women’s wig brands with physical stores. From the aspects of consultation, product quality, hair stylist technology, and after-sales service, if you choose a physical store with a factory in your own home, you can customize it according to the area of ​​hair loss. The difference between 100% real hair and real hair wigs is purely handmade, so that it will not be stuffy when worn for a long time. After all, it is something worn on the head. The effect and comfort are very important, so be sure to choose good air permeability. ,Because human hair requires more than 40 processing procedures, it is not as simple as simply cutting the human hair and directly crocheting it. The processing of human hair requires a special factory with special technology, plus it is purely manual, that is, crocheting the hair. On the woven mesh, the hair is very thin. Imagine that it is much harder than knitting sweaters. You have better eyesight, and the requirements for workers are relatively high. You have to be able to sit and sit. It can be done, it is a laborious manual work. The factory’s manual cost plus the cost of real hair must not be cheap. If the plan is cheap, the interns crochet is cheap but the craftsmanship is rough, and the hair stylist who comes out has no choice but to change, and the crochet direction must be correct. So cheap and delicate manual work is not available. , You can go to the Internet to first search for a few brands to see how their reputation is, and then make an appointment to go to that kind of specialty store to see the products, and see a few more to understand the craftsmanship, effect, after-sales service, etc. It is better to customize according to your own head circumference measurement , Choose the kind of pure handmade real hair products, one piece wig suitable for long-term wear.

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