What Are The Popular Wig Hairstyles This Year? How Can I Tell If I Need A Hair Transplant?

What are the popular wig hairstyles this year? How can I tell if I need a hair transplant?

Wigs are not only convenient to change hairstyles at any time, but also good news for people with less hair and hair loss. What are the popular wig hairstyles this year?

Choose wig color according to skin color

The color of the wig should be the color that suits your skin tone, or the same color as your original hair color, so as to be natural and realistic.

White skin tone: If you choose the wrong hair color, it is easy to look pale and unhealthy. Choose wigs with reddish and soft colors such as light brown red and light brown to make your face look more rosy and shiny.

Yellowish skin tone: You can choose darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which can make the yellowish skin whiter.

Natural complexion: This complexion looks healthy and shiny, and there is a lot of room for hair color choices, such as yellow, reddish brown, wine red, dark purple, dark coffee and other colors of wigs are suitable.


Dark skin tone: Severe skin pigmentation will make the complexion look dull and dull. Use some natural black, brownish yellow wigs to set off the hair color, which will brighten the complexion. >>Which is better, hair transplant or wig? How can I tell if I need a hair transplant?

What are the popular wig hairstyles

short curly hair

Some short curly hair with natural curvature are quite popular hairstyles this year. Without special care, they can show an inadvertent fashion sense. The short curly hair color that sets off the complexion makes the whole person more gentle and moving.

Suitable for face shape: Short curly hair is quite effective in modifying the face shape. Whether it is a round face or a Chinese character face, short curly hair can enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, and the facial features are more three-dimensional.

Buying skills: The short curly wig with air bangs is a more manageable style and is worth choosing; while the short curly wig with small waves and corn perm is full of Korean style, giving people a small and exquisite feeling.

short straight hair


In recent years, short hair has become more popular, and this year’s popular short straight hair is improved by BOBO, the length is mostly at the chin and above, it is refreshing and neat, and it is quite easy to control.

Suitable face shape: oval face, inverted triangle face and girls with smaller face are suitable for short straight hair.

Buying skills: Cool girls can choose light-colored short straight wigs such as light gray and light brown, which are full of fashion; while sweet girls can choose dark short straight wigs, which are more friendly to the neighbors. .

Long straight hair

Black long straight hair has always been the standard for temperament girls. This year’s popular long straight hair is no longer hard, but more natural. Compared with traditional black, chocolate, brown and other colors are more popular and lighter. Lively.

Suitable for face shape: Girls with Chinese character face and round face are more suitable for wigs with long straight hair color . When draped, they can cover the cheeks well and show a small face.

Buying skills: A wig with long straight hair in the middle can better modify the color of the face , and it is suitable for girls with larger faces; while the wig with long straight hair that grows to the shoulders is better to control and not pick people.


Long curly hair

Long curly hair can be elegant and sexy, and it has always been favored by girls. This year’s popular long curly hair pursues a casual, lazy, wavy arc of curly hair. The overall hairstyle is more gentle and elegant, and it is easier to take care of.

Suitable for face shape: Fluffy long curly hair can modify the face shape very well, especially suitable for diamond-shaped face and oval face.

Buying skills: Brown long curly hair wigs that like Korean style are more girly; while wine red long curly hair wigs are more suitable for mature girls.

BOBO head

The length of BOBO head wigs is mostly concentrated from the chin to the shoulders. It has a circular arc from the side, and generally has oblique bangs or air bangs. This year’s popular BOBO head has been improved, the whole is lighter and more fashionable.

Suitable for face shape: The BOBO head with a slightly inward buckle at the end of the hair has the effect of showing a small face visually, especially suitable for square and long faces.

Buying skills: BOBO head wigs with bangs have their own cute temperament, which is especially suitable for students to choose; while BOBO head wigs with a middle part have an extra aura, even professionals can choose.

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