[Training] English Introduction And Extension Method Of Hand-woven Seamless And Seamless Hair Extensions

[Training] English introduction and extension method of hand-woven seamless and seamless hair extensions

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Often, the hair extension material is pasted by someone else’s hair. Therefore, we do not know if the source of the material is clean. If someone else’s hair has some kind of disease, it’s not worth it if it’s passed on to yourself after you receive it.

When you send and receive, because it’s not your own real hair, you’re sure to find it less natural. For the first few days after receiving hair extensions , sleeping and brushing your hair can feel unnatural.


And after the extended length of hair, it will become weaker and the wig will be easily torn off. In this way, the real hair will fall out along with the wig. Also, after the hair is done, the real hair growth time will become slower and slower.

The position of the hair extension is not picked from the root of the hair, but from the tip of the hair. The act of picking up your hair is very harmful to your hair. Because the hair is combined with substances that are not your own, it is easy to cause itchy scalp and dry hair.

Extended information:



1. Hand-woven seamless hair extensions

English is skin weft, this kind of hair extension piece is hooked on the pu tape by hand by the workers, one side is hair, the other side is hair, the specification is a long piece, each package is 50 grams of hair, need Hair stylists cut and use them as needed.

Due to the growth of imitation hair, only the hair can be seen on the surface after receiving, so the seamless effect is the best. It is the most advanced seamless hair extension internationally recognized, and of course the price is also the highest.


Second, brush glue type seamless hair extensions

English is tape hair. This kind of seamless hair extension is also made by artificially arranging the hair and then applying glue. Her thickness is very thin, about 0.5 mm, and it looks like 1.2 mm after it is connected. The surface looks like There is a layer of glue.

However, it will be comfortable to touch. Each piece is 4cm wide and the hair weight varies from 1 to 2 grams. There are also manufacturers who use less hair, only 0.5 grams, and the hair is very rare. If the merchant only picks up the film for you, sisters should pay attention. Since this kind of hair piece is also operated manually, the market price is also very high.

Third, the mechanism type seamless hair extension

National patent product, this kind of seamless hair extension is a three-machine finishing hair, and then made into a colored hair extension piece through a special glue making process . This hair piece is also made of glue on one side and the hair on the other side. line, the surface is also not visible after connection.

The specification is one long piece, each package is 50 grams of hair, and the stylist also needs to cut it as needed. Since this type of hair piece is produced using modern machines, the market price belongs to the lowest of these three categories.

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