Time To Buy A Wig Is Time, We People Are No Match For The Invasion Of Time

Buy wigs Time is time, we are no match for the invasion of time

65-year-old Ms. Li is a big fan of wigs. She has been using wigs for several years. Recently, she is going to travel with her friends, so she wants to use a lighter wig. After all, the weather is also hot, so when she goes out to play It is best to be fresh and cool. At the same time, Ms. Li’s hairline is very high, so this time she wants to order a wig with bangs in Beijing Shu Ting.

Although Ms. Li is at this age, she does not have the problem of hair loss and baldness to buy wigs . However, time is time, and we are no match for the invasion of time. In recent years, she has a lot of white hair, and she was also at that time. If you don’t know anything about wigs, you can only dye your hair regularly.

But every time it costs hundreds of dollars, and the gray hair will be seen soon, and frequent hair dyeing will also cause certain damage to the hair and body.

Later, at the suggestion of a friend, Ms. Li started wearing a wig. She originally wanted to try it, but after wearing the wig, she felt that her condition had improved. Especially after gaining a certain understanding of wigs, Ms. Li does not wear it when she bathes or sleeps every day except in summer, and wears it at other times.

Therefore, Ms. Li still has feelings for wigs and is more popular. This time she wanted to go on a trip with her friends, so she thought of ordering a thinner wig. The requirement at that time was to have a lighter and thinner wig suitable for summer wear, without too much adjustment, suitable for middle-aged and elderly hairstyles, costing about 3,000 yuan.

However, after Ms. Li got the wig, she found that none of her needs were met.

In terms of appearance, the thickness of this wig tends to be thin. Although it is thin, it is too thin. I have seen Ms. Li’s native white hair through the wig. This is a symptom of cutting corners, erasing a lot of custom materials that should have been made, so that the thickness is not up to standard.

Judging from the state, Ms. Li said that the state of the wig was very bad. After wearing it, it looked even more old, not to mention the ugly shape, and the thickness was not up to standard. The 3,000 yuan was wasted. You must know that Ms. Li has been using wigs for several years. It is still clear which products are good and which are bad.

In fact, in the wig industry, the best raw materials are real human hair that is not dyed, and maintains the most original hair quality. This kind of hair, the company will definitely send people to buy it, and the process is complicated, so the price of privately-made wigs is relatively high to buy wigs , but this wig from Beijing Shuting is obviously cutting corners and the quality is substandard!

Finally, I hope that when you buy wig products, you should keep your eyes open to see if the company meets the national GMP certification, so as to ensure your rights!

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