This Article Would Like To Remind Women Who Are In The High Incidence Age Group Of Breast Cancer To Pay Attention To Breast Health

This article would like to remind women who are in the high incidence age group of breast cancer to pay attention to breast health

I would like to dedicate this article to patients who are bravely fighting breast cancer! With this article, I would like to remind women who are in the high-incidence age group of breast cancer to pay attention to breast health “early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment”

The wig hairstyles in the wig shop are relatively simple, with the pursuit of realism.

The Paper reporter Wu Yuetu

Reporter | Zhang Wei Editor | Peng Wei

The chair in the wig shop was rotated 90 degrees, and Abu couldn’t see himself in the mirror.

The shop owner Qin Kang did this on purpose. He had cut Abu’s long hair short, and was about to pick up the electric pusher to shave. Seeing that she couldn’t bear to be nervous, he turned her over.

Abu’s eyes are always on the ground. Qin Kang shaves gently in the direction of hair growth, so that the roots of the hair are less laborious and can prevent bulging and sarcoid shaving.

After shaving, Qin Kang turned Abu to the mirror. Abu, who didn’t cry after the mastectomy, looked at himself in the mirror with his bald head, tears welling up in his eyes, “It seems to be exposed. I found that I really have such a day.”

It was January 18, 2018, and Abu had finished his first chemotherapy.

When you think about it, it becomes real, bald

Shaving his head made Abu really realize that he was ill.

“If I didn’t lose my hair, I just had an operation, and I won’t say no one knows.” She stared at herself with healthy hair in the phone photo for a long time.

Abu, who is in his early 30s, has not yet been in a relationship. She majored in modeling in college, participated in the Miss Universe contest, worked as a car model, football baby, and won the best image award. He is currently the visual designer of an international sports brand company in Xiamen.

This busy “air trapeze” travels four or five times a month, and “can be promoted to the gold card in half a year.” She is a perfectionist, she must wear light makeup and blush at work.

In November 2017, Abu was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and required breast removal. She couldn’t help crying in front of the doctor, “I was scared and thought of death.”

But she forced herself to regain her composure, handed over the work in one day, and flew from Xiamen to Shanghai alone at 9 o’clock that night to be hospitalized. Resection and plastic surgery are performed at the same time. The doctor’s confidence gave her a great sense of security, and she slept well the night before the operation.

Soon after surgery, she started chemotherapy every three weeks. Two weeks after the first chemotherapy, she gently scratched her hair when she washed her hair.

Although she was mentally prepared for hair loss, she still felt uncomfortable when she actually saw her hair fall. During that time, she didn’t seem to recognize herself, didn’t dare to go out, and wore a hat every day.

When all the long hair fell out, Abu finally decided to go to Qin Kang’s wig shop.

Qin Kang’s wig shop is located opposite the Shanghai Cancer Hospital. It is more than ten square meters. It is hidden behind a store that sells fake breasts (prosthetic breasts) and a traditional Chinese medicine store. If you don’t look carefully, it’s easy to miss. Female cancer patient who lost her hair.

Compared with ordinary barbershops, patients are more willing to come to such a wig shop to shave their heads. “If you go to an ordinary barber shop and people ask you why you shaved your head, how would you answer?” Qin Kang said.

Qin Kang is helping a guest try on a wig. The Paper reporter Zhang Weitu

女 假发 发片

Fang Cuifen, a rural woman in her 60s, is a breast cancer patient like Abu. She also does not cry during surgery. She cried a lot when she shaved her head in Qin Kang’s shop.

She used to have long hair in braids, never short hair.

Currently, she has lost her right breast, and has undergone 8 chemotherapy sessions and 25 radiotherapy sessions. Her hair and eyebrows have also fallen out, and she is emaciated.

She always looked in the mirror and felt that she had become particularly ugly. Occasionally, when I go back to my hometown to pick up clothes, the villagers say they don’t recognize her anymore.

She is thin and soft-spoken, but she will resolutely say, “Some people take pictures of their bald heads, and I won’t take a picture of them when I am sick.” She never thought that she would become bald one day, and she was unwilling to accept it.

Before she got sick, Abu had thought about shaving her head. Every time she watched a fashion blockbuster, she was excited and thought the bald heads of foreign models were cool.

But she understands that the bald head now is another matter. “After all, that kind of temperament, face shape, high heels and clothes will be very fashionable, but you can see it when you are really sick. It’s different. You go to the hospital every day.”

“You can’t think about it, it becomes real when you think about it.” Abu joked.

That day, after trying on five or six hairstyles at the wig shop with her bare head, she finally chose a short brown hairstyle with thick bangs on her forehead, obediently crossing her eyebrows.

She used to have long, straight hair that was chest-length, parted in the middle, and neat. Abu wanted to choose a wig with the same hairstyle as her original hairstyle, but unfortunately the long hair in the wig shop has bangs, and she failed to do so.

Carry the clerk on the back to try on the wig, and wear it to sleep

On February 5, Abu came to the wig shop for the second time. Most of the store is middle-aged and elderly women, and the young Abu wears the most popular Japanese mask, which looks out of place in this store full of hair dryers and human voices.

At 1.78 meters tall, she sat on a stool in front of the wig shop, her loose blue jeans turned up to reveal her stockings.

She couldn’t tell that she was a cancer patient. The wig kept her a secret.

Patients who visit a wig store are keeping their secrets in different ways. Some are getting older and only buy black wigs and don’t dye them because she doesn’t usually dye their hair; some don’t want to wear wigs in front of the clerk’s interview in the store, but have to wear them in the bathroom and let the clerk adjust them; Some people are afraid of being seen by their family members with their bald heads, and wear wigs to sleep. Some people lied when they bought wigs that the amount of hair on the top of their heads was scarce, but they bought hair pieces on the top of their heads.

For the symptoms of white hair and sparse top of the head, Qin Kang generally only recommends hair pieces, but chemotherapy for hair loss requires a full head wig.

There are also people who can face up to the need for wigs, but their families can’t.

Sunflower, 36, came to the wig shop accompanied by her mother. She is from Huzhou, Zhejiang, and her hair has fallen out. Like her name, she kept a big smile on her face during the trial.

Her mother sat on the stool beside her, her face full of worry. Sunflower had a tumor in her nose, and her mother cried for days. In fact, Sunflower lost her hair a month ago, but she always disagreed with her daughter buying a wig, feeling that “the wig is very dirty”.

Even at first she was reluctant to cut her daughter’s hair. But Sunflower’s hair was falling out everywhere, and it was itchy in the neck, so I cut it. “Because the patients around her all wear wigs, she slowly accepted wigs.” Sunflower said.

Every time Sunflower tries on a wig, she will close her eyes tightly, open it after wearing it, then take a photo and send it to her best friend’s WeChat group, and then turn around to show her mother who is sitting beside her. “Mom, do you think it’s okay?”

Sunflower used to have short bob hairstyles with Qi Liuhai. She wanted to find the same hairstyle, but it didn’t fit. There is one that looks good and costs more than 3,000 yuan, but she thinks it is too expensive. She pouted and said, “I will throw it away after wearing it for one year. It hurts to put it at home!”

The price of wigs in the store ranges from 360 yuan to more than 3,000 yuan, and the difference lies in the hairstyle, color, real hair content, and scalp fit.

After trying many styles, Sunflower finally chose a special short haircut of 1300 yuan. The barber taught her to wear the selected wig, and slowly pulled her hair back, “It’s symmetrical on both sides, don’t crook it!” “It’s a little tight, there are marks here.” “Don’t comb this hair, it’s too rigid.”

Seeing that her daughter was studying hard, her mother shouted to tell her not to wear a wig, and Sunflower agreed. They packed wigs and took them away, intending to wear them only when visiting relatives during the Spring Festival.

Qin Kang knows that wigs are hard to tell. He used to work in a Japanese wig company. The company requires customers to make a phone call three days after buying a wig to inquire about the after-sales effect, and then call again every one or two months.

When he called, the other party usually made an excuse or made a perfunctory sentence and hung up. “If someone is having dinner with their boyfriend or in a meeting, you call and ask how the wig is on. It’s silly.”

Qin Kang now only tells customers that if there is a problem, they can call them. After all, it’s not something to brag about like buying a Ferrari.” She (the patient) can make people around say, oops, how did you cut your hair so ugly, where did you get it? Not your wig so beautiful ,where did you buy it?”

女 假发 发片

It is stressful to speak out about the illness and rarely cry in front of family members

More difficult to talk about than a wig is cancer itself.

“A healthy person goes to the mall to buy wigs, maybe buy some big brands or very good-looking wigs to ‘show off’. But patients hope that everyone will not know that they are wearing wigs and that they are sick.” Qin Kang said.

Before the operation, Abu decided to buy a wig for a female wig . She didn’t want to cause excessive concern because of her bald head.

Abu once told a friend the truth, but he regretted it. The other party immediately said that he wanted to see her and wanted to take a group photo. A few days later, a friend sent a message to ask her about her condition.

It’s all stressful for Abu. “They don’t understand the disease, they know it’s cancer and they think death is not far away, so they come to ask me. I also have to explain to them that they think I’m deceiving myself, and I don’t want to explain to them.”

Xu Meihua, who came to buy a wig alone, didn’t want her friends to know about her condition.

63-year-old Xu Meihua is a native of Shanghai, wearing a white down jacket and white metal-frame glasses. She has a small face and is fair and beautiful.

In December 2016, she had a physical examination of the hyperplasia of the two lungs, and she didn’t care too much. 10 months later, she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Before long, doctors told her it was neuroendocrine cancer, the same disease that Jobs had.

Xu Meihua wears a hat when she goes out, and not all friends in the community know about her illness. “They came to see me again when they found out, to send money and things, and then they were very sad.”

On February 4, she went to the barbershop to shave all her hair after chemotherapy. When shaving her head, she asked her son to record the process and show it to her family.

“It’s hard for them to see it. I think it’s nothing. It’s the process of being sick, and there’s no way. I think it’s okay to accept it.” She couldn’t help crying as she spoke.

Her later life was rich and busy: dancing, learning the piano, participating in community activities, and helping to take care of her two granddaughters.

Xu Meihua also wears a hat or a wig at home. “If I’m naked, the two granddaughters are afraid, and they ask, what’s wrong with you, grandma?” She felt that the atmosphere at home was not good when she was bald at home. In order not to worry her family, she does many things alone.

Fang Cuifen was not afraid to shake her bald head at home, but she also did not dare to go out. Her husband’s friend came to see her at home, and she had to put on a wig in advance. If they asked to see her hair, she lifted a corner and put it down quickly.

In Fang Cuifen’s village, having breast cancer is an unspeakable scandal.

After Fang Cuifen became ill, she had a deep understanding, “Our place is small, and everyone is afraid of being known by others when they are sick, and afraid of being laughed at, so they don’t tell the truth.” A friend of my niece has this disease, and her husband doesn’t even go to see it.” Qin Kang has met many families in the store where one party’s illness has broken down. In a female patient, her mother-in-law took her husband to a blind date while she was ill.

And Fang Cuifen was more fortunate, she was silently accompanied by her husband Liu Xiaojian along the way. Liu Xiaojian is a tall, silent but gentle and attentive man.

When he first learned about his wife’s illness, he couldn’t accept it. He lay in bed for two days without getting up or eating. Two days later, he came to Shanghai to accompany his wife to see a doctor. He covered all the laundry and cooking, and never complained.

After Fang Cuifen fell ill, Liu Xiaojian lost more than ten pounds. He used to like to go out for a drive. His hometown is full of mountains and beautiful scenery. But I haven’t been out since my wife got sick.

The husband accompanies his wife to buy the wig, the wife is very satisfied after wearing it, and they are paying. The Paper reporter Zhang Weitu

During chemotherapy, Fang Cuifen couldn’t eat, and lay in bed every day for time. The word “life is better than death”, Fang Cuifen said that she didn’t understand it when she was studying, but she fully understood it when she was sick.

“Chemotherapy is too uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. A doctor also got this disease. He said that he had been a doctor for more than 30 years and never knew that chemotherapy was so uncomfortable.”

“I used to cry every day. When the white blood cells were low, I needed an injection. After the injection, my whole body hurts. The pain is very severe. Now my nails are all new. I used to peel edamame in the countryside. , the inside is purulent, the inside of the skin is black, the bleeding is dry and scabbed. The clothes cannot be washed, and it hurts when touched.”

She and her husband went to work in many places when they were young and were also deceived. The couple honestly said, “The business is not doing well.” They finally returned to their hometown at a loss. Fang Cuifen is now doing targeted therapy, with a drug of 17,000 yuan.

“I really can’t afford to see a doctor. She has a total cost of about 500,000 yuan for her disease. During the fourth chemotherapy, she couldn’t walk, so she could only take a taxi.” Liu Xiaojian said.

The couple lived in a residential area opposite the cancer hospital with others for 150 yuan a night. During the chat, Liu Xiaojian went out for a walk by himself.

女 假发 发片

Fang Cuifen couldn’t help frankly, “I always think about my daughter and son, what to do with them, and my husband often comforts me. When I had surgery and chemotherapy, my friends from the countryside came to see me. I don’t want my husband and children to be too sad, I rarely shed tears in front of them.”

Chemotherapy is over, “Just an inch”

It has been 7 months since Fang Cuifen’s chemotherapy, and new hair is growing. In order to facilitate hair growth, she usually does not wear a hat or wig at home, but she still has to wear a wig when she goes out.

But her hair grows slowly. When she complained to her husband, Liu Xiaojian gently touched her head and said that she looks very good.

Taking advantage of the follow-up treatment at the hospital, Fang Cuifen, accompanied by her husband, came to the wig shop for the last time a year ago. She wanted to wash the wig on her head and go home clean for the New Year.

A wig shop worker washes and cares for a wig. The Paper reporter Zhang Weitu

Fang Cuifen walked away satisfied with the washed wig. She plans to send her granddaughter to school when she is cured.

Her hair fell out during chemotherapy, and her granddaughter said to her, “Grandma, don’t go to my school.” “Now I asked her if she could go, and she said yes.” Fang Cuifen smiled shyly.

While Xu Meihua was trying on her own wig, she looked at Qin Kang trying it on for a fat aunt sitting next to her. “My face shape is not suitable for too short, I want a little curly, and I don’t like too dark.”

Xu Meihua finally bought the 360 ​​yuan curly hair, because it was very similar to her original hairstyle, which seemed to keep life as it was.

“I still want to know it.” Xu Meihua said to Qin Kang with the wig in her hand, “Boss, teach me how to care for it.” She looked into the mirror, carefully put it on, straightened it, and smoothed her temples. She was so satisfied that she didn’t even feel that any repairs were needed.

She plans to bring a good friend to serve as a staff officer next time, and buy one or two more good ones, which are more expensive. “This hair is worn on my head, but it’s actually for others to see, not for me, as long as it looks good.”

The second time Abu came to the wig shop, she wanted to cut a dog gnawing bangs for her wig. She showed Qin Kang a picture of actor Guo Caijie’s dog gnawing bangs in her phone. She thought that she had short hair anyway, so she just cut it a little cooler.

Qin Kang first cut a little bit, but Abu was dissatisfied. “It’s a little more irregular.” Qin Kang cut a little bit more and said, “It’s cut, don’t regret it, 95% may not be suitable.” Abu said: “Oh, you made me tremble.” Qin Kang finished cutting and said, “The good girl has turned into a tomboy.” Abu opened his tightly closed eyes and smiled with satisfaction.

In fact, when the family first suggested that Abu shave his hair, Abu was reluctant, and she still had a bit of luck and unwillingness that her hair would not fall out. I feel that even if the wig is suitable, when it is worn on the head, I always feel that it is not my own.

Abu’s mother once looked at her art photos and wept secretly, but she still endured her grief and comforted Abu. The disease may not be cured. Abu’s uncle had stomach cancer and had surgery 18 years ago, and now he is alive and well. Thinking of his mother, Abu felt that he had to be strong.

She now practices calligraphy every day, watches TV shows, and occasionally visits her favorite brand stores. Abu sees this as a “disease of re-seeing life.”

“Treat slowly, you will live when you are cured, and you can’t change anything if you are sick. Just do whatever you want.” She plans to keep only bald female wigs after chemotherapy , without hats and wigs. “Let it grow. Just let it grow.”

(Except Qin Kang, other names in the text are pseudonyms)

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