There Are So Many Things Waiting For You To Deal With The Error Correction Of The New Paper

There are so many things waiting for you to deal with the error correction of the new paper

There is a saying that no matter what you do, you must combine work and rest.

Yu Zhou, who returned from fishing on the island, was inevitably bombarded by Gou Huo and Liu Hai.

Why haven’t you updated the video yet?

Yu Zhou replied immediately: Immediately, it will be done soon.

As soon as Xiaopo Station is opened, whether it is a private message or a comment area, it is all peas and pigeons.

Don’t be in such a hurry.

Yu Zhou scratched his head.

There is no Internet on the island, so there is no way to surf the Internet these days.

When he got home, he realized that there were so many things waiting to be dealt with by himself.

Error correction processing for new papers.

A clip of the new video is posted.

There is also a message from Zhong Qingshu, who will return to the magic capital half a month after school starts.

The announcement of the postponement of the Manaphy Cup competition is a good thing.


Glancing at these things, Yu Zhou could only sigh.

“Do it one by one.”

The new paper and video must be released simultaneously, which is a bundled sale, so Yu Zhou is not in a hurry. After all, if he misses some details because of his emotions, the paper may not pass.

At the same time, there is the subject of the video.

Glancing at the topics of the videos posted before, Yu Zhou felt that none of them were appropriate.

After all, Minas is not a legendary Pokémon, and giving too heavy an identity may backfire.

Suddenly, Yu Zhou saw a familiar term in the movie he downloaded, blinked, and clicked play.


“Almost forgot, if you say Ugly Ugly Fish, it must be more appropriate without this work?”

After more than half a day of checking, editing, and copywriting, Yu Zhou finally collapsed on the sofa tiredly, moved his hands, and sent the original video to Liu Hai.

Yu Zhou: The new video has been made, you can see if there is anything that needs to be modified.

On the other end of the phone, Liu Hai was eating at an izakaya.

Seeing the video sent by Yu Zhou, Liu Hai couldn’t help muttering: “The ugly duckling in the real world? The title of this video is not very strict.”

However, after opening the video, what caught my eye was a silly ugly fish.

bangs: ?

Let you do the video of that beautiful snake-shaped Pokémon, how do you think the protagonist is the ugly fish?

However, the living environment of this ugly fish has an unknown magic that attracts Liu Hai to continue watching.

“Ugly ugly fish living in coral reefs, this place is quite beautiful.”

Liu Hai took a mouthful of rice, and accidentally glanced at the fake bangs. Can you tell? In line of sight, a beautiful snake-shaped Pokémon passed through the mouth of the coral reef, casting a gentle gaze.


The bangs are sprayed.

Suddenly, several waiters hurried over and asked embarrassedly, “Sorry, did we add too much mustard?”

“No, it’s my fault, sorry!”

Liu Haitong blushed and took out a few tissues to wipe the stains on his face and the table.

He’s a regular customer here, but it’s the first time he’s been so embarrassed.

The waiter is also very familiar with bangs. Although it’s not a matter of taste, he still took the bowl in front of bangs with a smile and said, “I’ll go get you a new one.”

“sorry to bother you.”

Liu Hai wiped his mouth and blushed.

However, at this time, he didn’t care about his old face anymore. He turned on the phone and the video was still playing. Minas in the flower field stretched out his curves, looked back gracefully, and could see the fake bangs in his eyes, he seemed to be staring at you with affection, and he seemed to be just smiling at the cute horsefly in the flower field, carefree .

Liu Hai was stunned for a while, how could there be such a beautiful Pokémon in the world.


And, the key point is, why was Yu Zhou able to find the legendary Pokémon that day?

Could it be that he is not only lucky, ambitious, knowledgeable, handsome, and even likes divine beasts?

Even Manaphy appeared!

Countless questions took root in my heart. After watching this CG like a work of art, Liu Hai couldn’t wait to send a message.

Liu Hai: How do you do it?

Yu Zhou: On the island, the group of ugly and ugly fish and the gathering place of cute horseflies that I accidentally discovered were photographed as the material.

bangs: ?

Liu Hai: No, that legendary Pokémon, where did you find it?

Yu Zhou: ?

Yu Zhou: Don’t you know about Manaphy?

Liu Hai raised his fist, wishing he could punch the table, but considering that it was a public occasion, he lowered his fist.

This little brat, are you making fun of me?

You know what I’m referring to, but you have to go around in circles with me, right?

On the other hand, Yu Zhou also realized the problem of Liu Hai, and said helplessly: “Just watch the video again…”

The bangs who received the feedback did not hesitate to click to replay.

It’s still the picture of the ugly fish. In the clip of Minas playing in the group of ugly fish, Yu Zhou’s voice sounded faintly: “If you want to talk about the ugliest Pokémon in the world, I believe everyone will subconsciously think of it. Ugly Ugly Fish, this ugly pure Pokémon lives in quagmire and aquatic plants, and even researchers rarely study it.”

“However, when I witnessed that light of miracles flickering, I realized that there are indeed fairy tales in this world.”

The length of the commentary is very small. The entire video is eight minutes long, with only two minutes of commentary. The rest of the time is the video of Minas playing with other Pokémon and sleeping, but it is full of dry goods.

Although the key to the evolution of Ugly Uglyfish into Minas is not stated, it is proposed that intimacy is a key factor in evolution.

At the same time, the various beauties of Minas were also displayed, and the final freeze-frame image was of Minas singing loudly while standing in the sunset of the sun.

“It’s beautiful.”

Liu Hai couldn’t help touching his palms in admiration.


It’s definitely a nice, even perfect cg short.


Liu Hai was also full of doubts, waiting for Yu Zhou’s answer.

For example, is Minas really the evolutionary form of the ugly fish?

What is the origin of the super huge Pokémon that appeared in the heavy rain in the magic capital?

Helpless, Yu Zhou had to explain to Liu Hai one question at a time.

Yu Zhou: It’s true, I witnessed the evolution of Minas with my own eyes.

Yu Zhou: It’s probably a super-giant Minas. Didn’t the Elf Alliance also discover super-giant fast dragons before? Possibly from the same source.

Yu Zhou: Without the evolution of Ugly Ugly Fish, I wouldn’t even be sure of her identity.

Justified and convincing.

Liu Hai was taken aback by him, and suddenly asked, “Have you written your paper?”

“It’s ready to be released.”

Yu Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.

If bangs grabbed the gigantic Minas that night to make a fuss, he would probably have a hard time doing it.

After all, the evolutionary brilliance of the ugly fish at that time was witnessed by several strong men.

Afterwards, the gigantic Minas appeared in the Magic City Building.

If the bangs insist on pursuing it, the evolutionary light can be used to prevaricate the flash, but it will inevitably leave suspicion.

“I think this video is very good. You should want to attract traffic to the paper and increase the exposure, right? I can help you arrange publicity resources.” Liu Hai couldn’t help but said while watching the high-quality video.

The discussion about Minas on the Internet is really hot now.

Some people even dressed Monarch Snake and played cosplay, and the short ten-second video became an instant hit.

It is obviously the most appropriate time to publish the papers and videos on the evolution of Ugly Ugly Fish.

Yu Zhou naturally had no problem with this.

“Tomorrow at noon, I will contribute!”

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