The Woman Wears This Airy Bangs That She Is Not Satisfied With, And It Turns Out…

The woman wears this airy bangs that she is not satisfied with, and it turns out…

On the day of the interview, Xiao Lu was wearing this wig that she was not satisfied with. There were a lot of wigs in the bangs part. Xiao Lu felt that it looked very old-fashioned.

Xiaolu: “Looks like a person in his forties or fifty years old. He didn’t achieve what I want. One piece or one bangs is fine.”

Xiao Lu said how to wear a wig with short hair . Recently, she had a treatment in the hospital, so she cut her hair short. In order not to affect the work of the unit, on September 1, she went to the “Ding Shang Wig” in Dongchao Street, Yuyao, Ningbo to buy a wig, which cost more than 2,600 yuan. The wig was woven by the manufacturer from treated real hair and trimmed in a wig shop. Xiaolu said that the owner of the wig shop at that time introduced that this wig can make the effect of air bangs. The so-called air bangs can refer to the wig worn by another girl in the photo. The hair in front of the forehead can be divided into several thin strands.


Xiaolu: “I mentioned my dissatisfaction when I cut it, but I didn’t mention it when I left, but I told him (Boss Wan) on WeChat that I was dissatisfied (where I was dissatisfied) with bangs.”

Wan, the owner of Dingshang wig shop in Yuyao, Ningbo: “(Xiao Lu) showed me the hairstyle with short hair, and I told you to cut a kind of air bangs for you. The thickness and length of the bangs are also based on her (Xiao Lu) The one that asked to be cut was longer and thicker at the beginning, and it may have been better if the (bangs) rolled out, but she said (the hair) was too thick and wanted to thin it a bit.”


Xiaolu: “I said that the top of the head should not be too big (did I say that the bangs should be thinned) No, I said that it should be thinned here.”

Regarding the communication process between the two parties at the time of the incident, the owner Wan of the wig shop and Xiao Lu said differently, but both sides confirmed that the reporter saw this wig photo with air bangs effect . How to wear a wig with short hair , Xiao Lu did not give it Boss Wan has seen it. In addition, Boss Wan said that the wig industry is dominated by middle-aged and elderly customers, and young customers like Xiao Lu may not know much about wigs.

Wan owner of Dingshang wig shop in Yuyao, Ningbo: “The effect she imagined must be like her own hair, the perfect effect, because without this hair root, it is difficult to be as empty as her own hair.”


Xiaolu did not agree with Boss Wan’s explanation. She showed a photo to the reporter. In the photo, she bought the wig for hundreds of dollars online afterward. Xiaolu wore it on her head, and the wig in front of her forehead could be divided into several locks. , the appearance is relatively closer to the air bangs she likes. In front of the reporter, Boss Wan sold himself to Xiao Lu to wash, dry and comb the wig. After Xiao Lu put on the wig, the bangs on his forehead looked a little softer, but it still could not meet her expectations. air bangs effect.

Wan owner of Dingshang wig shop in Yuyao, Ningbo: “She wants to return it to me, but this hair has been dyed, because we brought it over, and the manufacturer has done a uniform fading treatment, and the hair will be a little yellowish, and then I also did ion perm , has also been cut, then you can’t give it back 100% to me like this.”

The two sides negotiated again, and Xiao Lu later reported that Boss Wan had agreed to a full refund.

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