The Wig With Real Hair Has Been Worn For A Long Time, Yes, What Should I Do? Can It Be Washed?

The wig with real hair has been worn for a long time, yes, what should I do? Can it be washed?

Nowadays, no matter men or women, many people like to wear wigs, especially wigs with real hair. Real and natural real wigs can be washed almost as if they are fake, so they are especially popular.

However, the price of wigs with real hair is not cheap, generally more than 1,000 yuan. Many people are afraid of accidental damage, but if the wig is worn for a long time, it will be very dirty. What should I do? Can a real hair wig be washed after wearing it for a long time?


First of all, I have to tell you about hairstyles. These worries are actually superfluous. Real wigs are very malleable, basically the same as our own hair.

It will not be frizzy and out of shape like ordinary silk wigs, so you can’t wear them.

Proper cleaning will not only not damage the wig , but also avoid the erosion of sweat .

Wig cleaning steps:


1. Before cleaning the wig, use a wood with wider teeth to comb and smooth the hair to avoid knotting during cleaning.

2. Add a certain amount of shampoo in warm water, soak the wig into the hair for about 5 minutes

3. When cleaning, mainly press and gently grab and wash, do not rub with your hands

4. After fully rinsing, the cleaning process is basically completed, and it is cleaned once or twice.


5. Use a dry towel to press out the water and put it in a ventilated place to dry it.

In fact, after technological innovation, wigs have reached a very high level of fidelity. In addition to making it difficult to distinguish between true and false, they are also closer to our real hair in terms of comfort, firmness and durability.

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