The Voices Of The Wig Sisters Say Those Things About Wanting To See Wigs~

The voices of the wig sisters say those things about wanting to see wigs~

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Ya Ya is here~

Yaya has been receiving calls from sisters in the background that she wants to see wigs, and I’m here to help you today!

On weekdays, I see female stars as if all of them are the kings of hair volume, but in fact they are all inseparable from wigs!

Come to think of it, ordinary girls lose a lot of hair when they wash their hair, and female stars often work irregularly, staying up late to announce the price of fashionable wigs , how can they keep their hair volume strong?

Like Meng Jia in Sister Lang, a typical representative of thin and soft, it can be said to be very real.

There is also Zhou Jieqiong in the burst stage. The beauty business of female idols also needs to be completed by wigs.

Including the previous red carpet, Xing Fei’s wig piece fell off and was also on the hot search.

For sisters who have less hair and stick to the scalp, wigs are yyds, and the invisible effect is also very good. It is definitely not a dream to use wigs to achieve the effect of covering the face!

Today, Ya Ya will come to give you a good look at those things about wigs~

There are many different styles of wigs on a treasure and a number of wigs. The main types are one-piece and whole-piece. Depending on the length, they can be used to raise the top of the skull or enrich the hair volume.

There are also some special uses, such as this ponytail, ball-shaped wig.


If you wear it every day, Yaya still does not recommend wearing a full headgear wig, because it is too troublesome, and if it is not good, it will look fake.

Compared with the full headgear wig, this half headgear type is more natural. There is no need to bring a headgear to wrap the whole hair. It only needs to be fastened along the seam, and then covered with a part of the hair.

The volume of hair will look thicker. If you like thicker effects, you can consider using this. It is also suitable for short hair and long hair.

cr: Little Red Book @Teng Ai

However, it may not be as good as the one-piece hair pad for the modification of the top of the skull. Sisters who are afraid that their hair will collapse can also use a hat to modify it a little, so they are not afraid of being seen~

cr: Xiaohongshu@tomato

Now the most commonly used one is this one-piece wig.

Most of the tops are this kind of BB clips, which are quite firm, unless you want to exercise vigorously, jump up and down, and they are generally not easy to fall off.

The advantage of this one-piece wig is that it is lighter, not as heavy as the whole piece, and will put less burden on the scalp. And because it is fragmented, you can adjust yourself at will, and connect where you feel is not enough.

It is also divided into single card and multi-card, which refers to the number of issued cards on the wig. There is only one BB clip on the single card, and the multi-card will have more hair pieces, and the relative hair pieces will be larger.

If you just want to raise the top of your head, choose this small and short style. Sisters with thin and soft hair should be careful not to buy too thick and heavy ones, or they may pull off their hair❗

Sisters who want to fill their hair can choose according to their hair length~


Focus on ❗❗ When choosing a wig, you must buy a wig that is similar to your own hair color, otherwise it will look awkward if the hair cannot be covered

cr: 小红书@美團u

Of course, in addition to the natural hair color hair piece, there is this color piece style.

Friends who want to dye hanging ear dye before, spend a lot of money and wash it a few times and then it will fall off, you can buy this color film to try!

Manually cut it to a suitable length, directly saving hundreds of oceans, and you don’t have to worry about bleaching your hair and hurting your hair. Buy a few more colors and you can switch at will, don’t be too fragrant~

Sisters who want to tie a ponytail but think their hair volume is not enough or their hair is not long enough can try this fake ponytail~

There is another type of strap, but I don’t feel that it is as convenient as this kind of clip, and I am always worried that it will fall off.

This is more suitable for handicapped parties, and the operation is super simple.

You only need to tie your hair into a ponytail fashion wig according to your own preferences , just clip it directly on the outside of the ponytail with a clip, the effect is gratifying

cr: Xiaohongshu @Ash

After using the fake ponytail, the volume of hair has surged, and it looks very fluffy, which is very suitable for sisters who follow the European and American style~ There are also various lengths and curls to choose from.

This kind of ball head wig is also a savior for girls with bald heads and little hair!

It looks like such a circle on the outside, just like a hair ring, the balls usually tied up are too small and not full enough, just use this to set it on top, and it will be more natural and beautiful if you make it a little fluffy~


The effect is also very natural, super vitality! Short-haired girls can also get easily, and the i-balloon sisters can rush.

cr: Xiaohongshu@

If it is for daily use, Ya Ya’s most recommended wig is of course the one-piece wig, because it is convenient and easy to operate, and you can do it with your hands!

The specific operation steps are as follows:

1. Remove the top layer of hair, confirm the dividing line, and expose the hair seam (do not pad too much, too little hair will not cover it)

2. Fasten the wig piece along the bottom of the hair seam, and then pull the hair down to cover it and organize it.

The operation of raising the top of the skull is similar to the above. Pull the hair on the back of the top of the head to the front, then clamp it with a wig and cover it.

cr: Xiaohongshu@is Mengmeng

If you have short hair and want to get long hair in seconds, you can buy wigs with long hair. If you buy curly hair, curl the curly hair before sticking the wig, and the connection will be more natural~

cr: Little Red Book @First Love Red Bean Cake

Alright~ That’s it for today’s article

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