The Small Details Of The Two Wigs, If You Master These Two, You Can Look At Them!

The small details of the two wigs , if you master these two, you can look at them!

Wearing wigs has always been a question asked by many friends. The little blogger also taught everyone how to wear wigs before. Today, the little blogger will talk about two small details in the process of wearing wigs. Master these two small details. You can wear a wig to look better!

When wearing a wig, you generally need to wrap your hair with a hair net first. The more symmetrical your hair is, the more natural the wig will be. The first little detail is that when wearing the hair net, you must pay attention to how the front end of the hair net should be aligned with your forehead hairline , and don’t wear it too forward. In this way, when we wear the wig behind, the position of the wig can be adjusted more, and it will be more natural to wear.


The overall effect after wearing the hairnet should ensure that the first half of the hairnet and the hair are not piled up, the front end of the hairnet and the hairline overlap, and there is no bulge as a whole, so as to ensure that it is not easy to look big when wearing a wig at the back . Belt , also more natural!

The second little detail is after putting on the wig. After putting on the wig, we must first adjust the position of the wig, and wear it a little back, so that the seam of the wig is facing the sky, and the top of the head is parallel to the ground when viewed from the side.


If the wig is worn too forward, it will cause the top of the skull to be high. At this time, the back is high and the front is low, and the hair seam is slanted to the front, which is very ugly.

After the position is adjusted, go to comb the styling, blow on the bangs and the top of the head, and blow the parting of the hair a little fluffy. Usually, the hair on the side can be stuck behind the ears to expose some layers, which will also make the wig look more natural and good-looking.


Don’t look at these two small details, they are very simple, but very useful. They are a little experience we have concluded after wearing wigs many times. But after all, everyone’s head shape is not exactly the same, so these two small details may not be suitable for everyone. Friends can also explore according to our experience and find a method that suits them!

The top video has a more detailed wig wearing tutorial display. The model lady demonstrates in person. Interested friends can take a look~

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