The Same Are Real Wigs, Why Is There Such A Big Difference In Price And Effect?

The same are real wigs , why is there such a big difference in price and effect?

The price of men’s real hair wigs revealed. When many hair friends come to Tang Fengcai to buy wigs, they will try it on first. Some hair friends will feel that although the effect is very good and very real, the price seems to be higher than the price of real hair wigs , so they change it. I went to a wig shop, and it turned out that the price was cheaper, but the effect was not ideal.

So the same are real wigs, why is there such a big difference in price and effect?

First of all, real wigs are just a very vague general term, which is another major category compared to artificial fiber wigs.


Real hair wigs can be subdivided into multiple grades according to the quality of the hair, such as foamed hair, cut hair, smooth hair, smooth braided hair, etc. Tang Fengcai uses girly braided hair that has not been permed and dyed, which belongs to the top grade of hair. quality.

The advantages are that the hair texture is delicate, the flexibility is good, the luster, color and temperature are uniform and the price of real hair wigs is strong, plasticity is strong, and durable; the disadvantage is that it is expensive.


In addition to hair quality, the weaving process is also the key to determining the price of men’s real hair wigs.

For a wig to have high fidelity, it is necessary to ensure that the edge is thin enough to perfectly connect with your hairline, and the sideburns are too natural; at the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the texture of the hair is natural and real after the hair is distributed.

To achieve this level, it often requires experienced hair weavers to use different techniques, and it takes more than half a month to complete. It can be said that each strand of hair is the condensation of time and sweat.

Therefore, although they are all real wigs, the price and effect of different wig brands are completely different.


In fact, even if it is the same brand, for example, in our Tang style, the price of each consumer buying a wig is completely different!

Some hair friends may only need about 2,000~3,000 yuan, while some hair friends may spend thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan. What’s going on here?

This is because high-end wigs are basically one-to-one and tailor-made in order to pursue the ultimate sense of authenticity, so they are not limited to traditional real hair wigs, and can also be made only a small part. The smaller the area of ​​the wig made, the cheaper the price will naturally be. However, the effect is the same.

Men’s real hair wig price secret, now you know?

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