The Real Hair Wig Girl Is In The Countryside, A Group Of People Are Eating Melon Seeds, Not To Mention How Leisurely Life Is

The real hair wig girl is in the countryside, a group of people are eating melon seeds, not to mention how leisurely life is

In the past rural areas, a group of people sat around the alley in front of their house, chatting about their parents’ shortcoming, nibbling on melon seeds, not to mention how leisurely life was. In the past, when I was in the countryside, there would be shouts from the streets and alleys. Some people collected old electrical appliances, some used mobile phones, and some people repaired umbrellas. It seems that it is no longer needed.


At that time, the most special thing should be the hair collection. They would ride a motorcycle, hold a sack, prepare some scissors, bring a horn, and sell “hair collection” with a rural accent in all the alleys of the village. , Grow your hair!” This sentence should be a childhood memory for many people. Many girls will sell their hair full of hair, waist-to-the-floor hair, and it may not even reach the neck in a snap. For girls, it means that the hair that has been raised for many years is gone all of a sudden, which is really reluctant. But these hairs can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Why is this? Do you know what these hairs are used for when they are taken away?

The first point should be known to everyone, use it as a wig. In today’s society, whether it is because of thinning hair that is forced to buy a wig to cover it, or to pursue another style of dressing, people will buy a wig to make themselves look better. At present , for women with real hair wigs , most of the wigs on the market are actually derived from real hair. Although artificial fibers can also be used to create hair made of artificial fibers, after all, the sense of use is not as realistic as real hair.


Nowadays, a lot of hair is always used in costume dramas. Maybe the hair you sold appeared on the TV screen, but you didn’t notice it! Moreover, the wigs needed on the Barbie dolls that little girls play with may be installed after dyeing their real hair, and the wigs can also be DIY designs for hair salons.

The second point is that hair can make animal nutrient solution. Hair is a kind of colloidal protein material. A lot of broken hair that cannot be made into a wig can produce a large amount of amino acids after chemical treatment and hydrolysis, which also produces a large amount of animal nutrient solution.


The third point is that wigs can be used to make cosmetics. The amino acids contained in hair, after chemical treatment, are actually the basic raw materials of many cosmetics and skin care products!

Last but not least, wigs can be used to make soy sauce. In the past, small workshops would collect wigs to extract amino acids from real hair wigs , and finally make soy sauce or monosodium glutamate. But now with the development of industrial technology, this has not been done!

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