The Popularity Of “Sito” Continues To Rise, And Its Existence Is More Common Than You Think

The popularity of “Sito” continues to rise, and its existence is more common than you think

Recently, the popularity of “Sito” has continued to rise, and Sito’s same makeup and style have also become popular.

Among them, the difference between the real hair wigs we most want to have is Sto’s hair volume:

The feeling that the rain can’t get through is really enviable.

However, the sincere Jing Tian said that this is not because of her natural hair volume, but the power of wigs.

And when it comes to this wig, its existence is more common than you might think. You must know that in this day when everyone loses their hair, it is no longer exclusive to middle-aged men… Even bright and bright stars have to rely on wigs to save them.

Jiang Mengjie once asked a doctor about hair loss in a variety show, and took off her wig:

Her good sister Meng Jia is also on the hot search because she has too little hair:

It is already a very common phenomenon for women group members to wear wigs to create a more perfect look:

Not to mention male stars who need to improve their hairline:

Juan’s scene, watch and laugh once:

Of course, watching the fun is just watching the fun. Besides haha, we also have to learn some experience from the stars. Like – why are their wigs so fake?

Look, it’s hard to tell whether it’s true or false with your own hair!

However, we can also find a little difference from the photos of female stars. The picture below shows Jing Tian’s home state in his daily life:

It can be seen that Jing Tian’s hair is in very good condition.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of Jing Tian participating in the event:

At least 2 times more hair. When you see the difference between real hair and wigs , you have to think about the possibility of wigs.

Let’s take a look at Shito’s shape:

Her hair was long and thick, and if it were all real, it would have made the top of her head fit so well because of gravity. Therefore, it can also be basically determined that a wig is being worn.

So how did their stylists make the wigs look real? I have summarized the following key points, which you can refer to when choosing wigs.


There are many kinds of wig materials, including human hair, protein silk, heat-resistant rayon and so on. The rarer the material, the more expensive it is. For example, a wig like a wig in a costume drama that can reach the length of Ye Hua and Bai Qian, at least cost about 10,000 pieces.

From the point of view of use, it must be that expensive real hair will be more realistic and easier to style. Because the wigs made of real hair can follow your hair for secondary styling and completely integrate into your hair.

Most of the rayon materials can’t even be heated, not to mention the shape.

Therefore, the star’s wig is realistic, the primary reason is that the material is expensive. Even if the girl group members perform on stage, they will use real hair.

connection mode

When it comes to the connection mode of the wig, you will definitely think: what is there to say, it is enough to send a card to the hair.

However, this is only one of the modes, and most of the hair pieces that fall off the stage are also connected in this way.

The more robust ways are:


Many male stars (modern clothes) have the hairline and top of their hair by gluing. This way is very firm and won’t fall off even if you sweat.

Yarn edges stick.

All the costume headgears you see are in this way: the wig is directly crocheted on the cloth and yarn, and then an extra yarn edge is cut at the hairline, glued with alcohol glue, and then removed with alcohol when the work is over. , very exciting.

For female stars, the way to camouflage is relatively high – shoelace wigs.

Weave the long black hair on the black flat shoelaces, put them together, and that kind of long ponytail will come out. It can be tied directly to the hair without being worn.

The above methods can all be connected in a fake and real connection mode.

Secondary processing

I think this is the essence of the wig mess.

After we buy wigs online, we always use them straight away. And stars need a second look.

After they customize wigs or wig pieces, they will go to the exclusive stylist to re-dye them in order to achieve the same color as the original hair. For example, the wigs of some girl group members need to be sent to be dyed black.

After dyeing, it is not finished.

These processed wigs need to be marked where they are installed. For example, the top of the skull is low, and the hair volume needs to be strengthened here; for example, the back of the head may be slightly asymmetrical, and the thickness of the wig needs to be adjusted, etc.

After testing the number of wigs needed and wearing them all. The stylist will trim directly on the head in this state, and then do the styling that needs to be done (the same is true for male stars).

After the modeling is done, it is also necessary to adjust according to the state of the artist in the mirror until the most realistic effect is achieved.

Therefore, your wig is far from real, and at least these three steps are missing. Just ask if you can do it?

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