The Most Dangerous One For Wearing A Wig Is A Good 6 Major Disadvantages

The most dangerous one for wearing a wig is a good 6 major disadvantages

Many male friends like to lose their hair when they are middle-aged, and some even lose only a few sparse hairs. In order to maintain their appearance, many friends choose to wear wigs . Wearing wigs can beautify our image. For those with little or no hair Hair is a good thing for people with bad hair. Do you know that wearing a wig is harmful? You must have a deep understanding of this problem , which is very helpful for friends with wigs

6 Disadvantages of Wearing Wigs


1. Xiaobian bought a wig for beauty before, but after wearing it for a period of time, I found that my scalp was sore, because the wig bought by Xiaobian had a mesh hood inside, and I put a wig on top of the hood, the hood is really It is too tight, and the blood in the head cannot flow smoothly.

2. The wig you wear will not be washed every other day like our real hair. Generally, you will put it there after wearing it, and wear it again when you need it next time, so that the dust outside and the grease on your head will all stick to the wig mountain. , It is very unsanitary, and if it is not washed for a long time, it will cause itchy scalp.


3. Except for the expensive wigs, which are made of real hair, they are basically made of chemical raw materials, especially the dyed wigs, which contain a high level of methanol, which is very harmful to the human body, and the wigs are all It is a flammable item with a low safety factor.

4. If the wig is too tight, it is easy to cause scalp discomfort and cause scalp swelling caused by external force.


5. The wig is not clean and hygienic enough, otherwise the material will easily cause allergic reactions on the scalp. Unclean wigs are easy to cause skin allergies. If the wigs have been carried for a few days, they need to be cleaned and dusted.

6. The dyed wigs are harmful to the human body. The formaldehyde content of the national standard wigs should be lower than 75 grams per kilogram. Under reducing conditions, the decomposition of aromatic amines is not allowed in the raw materials, and aromatic amines may cause cancer. This is the most dangerous part of wearing a wig.

We all know that wearing a wig can change our hairstyle at will. There are more choices in appearance. In theory, it is also a fashion match. Some wigs have the effect that real hair can’t achieve, or the cost of real hair to get that effect. Wear a wig that is too tall . As for whether you like it or not, it depends on your preferences. As for the dangers of wearing a wig, you should not underestimate the dangers of wearing a wig. Wigs should not be worn frequently , because they are all covered with hair nets. If you sweat, your scalp will be uncomfortable. . Another point to note, some people may be allergic to chemical fibers, such people try to avoid wearing wigs

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