The Little Blogger Found That Duck, There Are Still Many Friends And Gods – Reissue Block

The little blogger found that duck, there are still many friends and gods – reissue block

The little blogger recently discovered the duck boy wig , and there are still many friends who don’t know that there is such a great god in the wig industry – the replacement block. The replacement block belongs to the type of hair piece wig, which is equivalent to removing all the surrounding inner net from the whole wig, leaving only the part on the top of the head that simulates the human scalp.

This kind of hair replacement block is worn directly on the top of the head. There are 3 small clips on it. Divide the seam well. After aligning your own seam, you can use the clip to be stuck in your hair. It is very firm and will not fall off. It is also much more convenient to use the whole headgear wig. Without the inner mesh surrounded on all sides, the ventilation is naturally much cooler than the whole wig. Although the replacement block is much lighter, the naturalness and authenticity have not been compromised. The fidelity of the human scalp simulated by the needle delivery process is still No.1 in the wig industry.

The size of the replacement block is based on the area of ​​the top of the head. Draw a cross on the cross section of the top of the head, and measure the length and width of the cross. It is often seen that the size is 13*15(cm) and 12*14(cm). In addition to different sizes, there are also different classifications of hair volume, generally divided into thin and light models and ordinary models. For example, the thin and light model has 100% hair volume, which is suitable for small partners with a lot of hair but only flaws at the top of the head. The ordinary style is 120% of the hair volume, which is suitable for small partners with relatively less hair.


However, the function of the replacement block is not as comprehensive as that of the whole wig. The main function of the replacement block is to cover up the flaws on the top of the head . For example, there are more white hair on the top of the head, the seam is wider, and the hair on the top of the head is sparse. The solution can be covered with a reissue block. Another function of the reissue block is to increase the volume of hair, and small partners with less overall hair volume can also choose a reissue block to increase the volume of hair.

Compared with the whole wig, the replacement block has another little limitation. Because the hair replacement block is worn directly on the top of the head, the hair of the hair replacement block must be fused with your own hair, so when your hair color is inconsistent with the hair color of the hair replacement block, or your own hair is hot In the case of over-rolled, there is no way to directly wear the hair replacement block, and the hair cannot be blended together, so the difference can be clearly seen. In this case, you can only dye or perm the hair replacement block into the same color or shape as your own hair before wearing it.


Those with bald heads and hair that are not as long as the ears can’t wear hair extensions, because the amount of hair around the hair extensions is not enough to completely cover the entire head, and bald heads wearing hair extensions will look empty, and the wind will not be blown away. The scalp covered by the replacement block is exposed. And those whose hair is no longer than the ear length basically belong to boys with short hair. So bald friends or boys with short hair still wear the whole wig honestly.

In general, those who have a need for wigs but feel that the whole wig is troublesome to wear and wear hot can choose to replace the hair block, except that they have to wear it with their own hair. There are no other disadvantages.


Put another video about the reissue block~

Comparison of two reissue blocks with different craftsmanship and hair volume

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