The Length Of The Bangs That Can’t Go Wrong, How Can You Forget Lisa?

The length of the bangs that can’t go wrong, how can you forget Lisa?

I don’t know if you have noticed, but recently many actresses have changed into Qi Liu Hai looks.

Ouyang Nana

Yang Mi


The bangs that are popular this year are thicker than the air bangs, but they will not be as tight and dull as the original bangs. Compared with the earlier air bangs, it is easier to look natural and easy to control.


Qi Liuhai has existed in different forms for so many years, and naturally it has its advantages, such as the ability to modify the face shape, reduce age easily, cover the hairline, etc., but these advantages need to be based on “correct cutting”. superior!

In recent years, the ultra-short bangs on the eyebrows are very popular, fashionable and individual, easily making you the most dazzling star in the crowd, but bluntly the editor, this kind of bangs on the eyebrows is really a test of appearance and face shape. And whether it is good or not depends on personal temperament, so this length is really not recommended for everyone to try easily.

Remember this bang length you can’t go wrong with!

When it comes to how Qi Liuhai can forget Lisa, it is simply a walking “Qi Liuhai styling textbook”. It is not difficult to find that no matter how the hair color changes, the length and curl are different, her bangs are always kept in a slightly overbrow. length.

The length that touches the upper eyelid can perfectly modify the face shape, and can adjust the facial proportions visually. Every time I see Lisa editor, I want to say: Girls, get up and get bangs!


If you want the bangs to be placed to the side or tied up at any time, then you don’t have to cut the bangs too short, Guan Xiaotong’s length is more suitable, at the level of the eye, just take it with a rolling stick to change it. The bangs can be adjusted to the sides at will to change the styling style.

Two ways to unlock the most In Qi bangs this summer!

First of all, if you are really “handicapped” or impatient, it is recommended to go to your teacher Tony to avoid the embarrassing situation in the picture above.

Method 1: Cut bangs by yourself

First divide a small triangular area on the top of the head, remember to control the volume and range of the bangs, and don’t choose too wide, which will visually increase the width of the face.

Then grab the bangs with your thumb, remember not to pull too tightly, let the hair have an arc, and don’t put your head too low , so that the back fingers can press the nose and control the length.


If you can’t ensure the length, you can squint one eye before cutting, and the thumb should be as flush with the eye as possible, this position is more suitable; or move the fingers down a little to leave room for trimming.

It can be cut along the arc of the thumb. It is recommended that you keep it longer. If it is not suitable, you can adjust it a little bit to avoid the embarrassment of being forced to become bangs on the eyebrows.

Finally, use a comb to smooth your hair and you’re done!

Method 2: Fake bangs are the safest!

Some girls may really be reluctant to cut bangs. After all, it is very troublesome to keep them, or their hair volume is not enough to make a bang, then they can choose how to wear a wig with air bangs , just like Yang Mi, as long as the color of the wig is consistent with the color of the wig. The color of the hair itself is always, and very natural.

Or choose this kind of outer wig with bangs, a thin layer can cover the entire head, there will be no obvious connection marks, and it can quietly increase the volume of hair.

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