The Hairstyle Will Not Take Care Of Short Hair For Too Long And Want To Change It

The hairstyle will not take care of short hair for too long and want to change it

■Our reporter Du Yuqing’s photo report

If you are dissatisfied with your hairstyle but don’t know how to take care of it, or if you want to change to long hair with short hair for too long, maybe you need a wig . Nowadays, wearing wigs has become a very common thing. The demand group for wigs is no longer limited to the middle-aged and the elderly, and many young people have begun to wear wigs with different shapes. A wig is like a hat. It is no longer a tool for “covering up ugliness” in the traditional sense, but has gradually become a fashion accessory.

Variety of wig styles

Both essential and decorative


Not long ago, citizen Liu Ye cut off her original long hair and wanted to change to a short hairstyle, but she was not satisfied with the final result. Considering that her hair cannot grow long in a short period of time, she simply bought 4 long-hair wigs online. Changes in curly hair, straight hair, ponytails and other different styles every day have attracted the attention of many colleagues.

After experiencing various wig styles for a period of time, Liu Ye admitted that although he can change the style at will, wearing it for a long time makes his scalp uncomfortable. Now that it is autumn and winter, the weather is cool and the scalp is not too uncomfortable, but when the weather gets a little hot, the scalp will be stuffy. “A wig can change your image. It’s good to wear it occasionally, but it’s not very suitable to wear it for a long time.” Liu Ye said.

Luo Ling, who runs a wig shop on Jiangyang Middle Road, told reporters that many young people now have four or five wigs, which they use for different occasions. Most of these young people’s wigs are cleaned through online shopping , and the price is about 100 yuan. Such wigs are woven with chemical fiber machines to clean wigs . The price is cheap, but the experience is not very good. It is suitable for people who do not often wear wigs.

The reporter visited the market and found that since the beginning of this year, there have been many shops specializing in selling wigs in our city. The wigs they sell are hand-woven from real hair, and the price is more than 1,000 yuan. Luo Ling told reporters that the wigs hand-woven with real hair are realistic, light and breathable, which is not only conducive to scalp breathing, but also can be dyed and trimmed, and the wig shape can be changed on the original basis. Because of this, most of the buyers are people who need to wear wigs for a long time.


In a wig shop in Boxianglin, Longmatan District, the owner Xiao Wei is dyeing a wig. Xiaowei told reporters that the wigs in the store are dyed by himself. People pay more and more attention to health and worry about the impact of hair dye on the body, so they choose to buy wigs. In the future, if they want to change the hair color, they can directly operate the wig, which not only saves a lot of time for perming and dyeing hair, but also does not cause harm to the body. .

long-wearing wig

need careful care

Xiaowei, who opened the store for more than two years, has attracted many old customers. Today, nearly 100 customers come into the store to buy wigs almost every month. Most of these guests are middle-aged and elderly women, and there are almost no young people.


Xiaowei told reporters that many young people wear wigs for decoration and will not use them for a long time. The wigs in the store will be more expensive due to different materials and craftsmanship. If they are customized and designed according to the customer’s head shape and needs, the price will be higher. Buying high-priced wigs is not cost-effective for young people who often need to change their styles. .

On the contrary, many middle-aged and elderly people are troubled by hair loss and gray hair. To solve this problem, they can only wear wigs for a long time. This requires high requirements on the material and craftsmanship of wigs, and requires careful care when wearing them.

Although real hair hand-woven wigs have better air permeability, they are still affected by climatic factors. Xiaowei told reporters that if the weather is not cool, wearing it for a long time will cause the scalp to heat up, increase the amount of sweat, and secrete more oil. At this time, the wig will make the scalp difficult to sweat and breathe, which will block the hair follicles and cause Allergies or hair loss. The oil released by the hair follicles can make the hair greasy and cause increased dandruff.

Xiaowei advises customers to wash their hair frequently when wearing wigs, to remove oil and dirt from the scalp, and to keep the scalp and hair clean and hygienic. When necessary, bring the wig to the store for cleaning. In autumn and winter, wigs generally need to be cleaned once every two weeks. In summer, due to the hot weather and heavy sweating, it is more appropriate to clean them once a week.

For customers who need to wear wigs for a long time, if they have long hair, Xiaowei will advise them to cut their hair short so that while the wig fits the scalp, the scalp has enough space to breathe and avoid scalp discomfort.

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