The Hairstyle Wet By The Waves Is Basically Black

The hairstyle wet by the waves is basically black

Some time ago, Brother Tiger went to the beach. It was a sea of ​​people, sun, beach, waves and bikinis. Adults took their children to play in the water, and young couples played with each other. But it’s still a little embarrassing to look at it carefully, cough, don’t think too much, Brother Tiger is talking about hairstyles, and the hairstyles wet by the waves are basically this shape▼

▲It’s not really that I’m a big power power, but I can’t find a suitable picture (power fans beg to let it go, I also love big power power), but I believe many girls have had similar experiences! Especially when it rains suddenly on the road, it doesn’t matter if you get wet, but you can’t stand wet hair! Especially for babies with less hair, this is definitely the most embarrassing picture▼

▲A few strands of hair are attached to the forehead without pain or itching, the picture is absolutely unbearable to look directly at, especially for the baby with a worrying hairline, I can’t wait to put on a mask immediately to resolve this embarrassing batch of pictures.

▲ So for babies with less hair, they are envious of those with more hair, there is no way! The amount of hair is amazing! Even without any shape, the breeze can make the sky beautiful ▼

▲ The key point is that some people’s hair is very soft, and the feeling of combing to the end, although it can be done with a small amount of hair, but this pitiful amount of hair can’t bear to comb it! For fear of accidentally combing off a few more hairs, how to wear a half wig for the short hair that is left , is this going to develop in the direction of baldness▼

▲ The answer is of course not, you can perm it! Strongly recommend big waves, it is very friendly to perm big waves with less hair! Although it is popular on the Internet that scumbags are hot with tin foil and scumbags have big waves, just listen to it. Personality has nothing to do with hairstyles, but beauty is closely related to hairstyles!

▲Although wavy hairstyles are easier to take care of, there is also a risk of hair loss. After all, if you do not take good care of them, your hair is easy to get entangled, and it is easy to break your hair when you comb your hair. To be honest, although wavy hairstyles don’t need to be taken care of, but There is still a big difference between undressed and carefully groomed hairstyles!

▲So many babies with less hair don’t want to perm, so many babies with less hair choose to have short hair, after all, short hair is easy to take care of! And it can also reduce the risk of hair loss, and can also create an intellectual and capable temperament, this feeling is good ▼

What kind of face shape is suitable for short hair

▲ But not all kinds of people are suitable for short hair! Short hair also picks face shape! Let’s take stars as an example, such as Du Juan and Guo Caijie▼

▲It can be seen that they all have short hair more beautiful than long hair. After changing to short hair, their temperament will appear more advanced. So how do you judge whether you are suitable for short hair? The easiest way: measure the distance from the earlobe to the chin▼

▲Hair stylist John first proposed the 5.7 cm (2.25 inch) rule, which is actually very easy to understand, that is, as long as the distance from the earlobe to the chin is shorter than 5.7 cm, it means that you are very suitable for short hair, otherwise it is not suitable, which is why Most long faces are not suitable for short hair.

▲ Another example is Xin Zhilei, her short hair style is popular all over the Internet, of course, this is also supported by her beauty, ordinary people may not be able to control it, Xin Zhilei’s hairstyle is the best to take care of, even if it is not for a few days The mess that comes from washing your hair is also very beautiful!

But ordinary people don’t have the beauty of Xin Zhilei. Since they are not Xin Zhilei, they have to learn how to take care of them. For babies with less hair, if they don’t know how to take care of their hairstyles, it’s really no different from traveling without makeup!

▲The hair volume is small and you will not take care of it. Basically, it is the effect on the left side of the picture above. The flat hair will not only make you look sloppy and uninspired, but the most important thing will make you look very big. I believe this alone , most little fairies can’t accept it.

Therefore, hair elastin is a must-have product for babies with small hair volume. The method is used correctly. From now on, it is easy to say goodbye to flat hair and become a goddess of temperament!

1. Formosa Biomedicine stands at attention and elastin ▼

▲A good elastin can completely change your hairstyle. Brother Tiger learned about this fluffy hair spray with elastin after watching “Women I am the Biggest”. When I saw the hair stylist use it to style the guests, the effect Really amazing.

▲ No matter what kind of flat and soft hairstyle you have, it can give you a fluffy feeling in an instant. For babies with small and flat hair, there is nothing more exciting than making their hair fluffy.

▲It is very suitable for both long hair and short hair. Not only can it control oil and remove oil, but also the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing is commendable. It can be said to be the savior of flat hair.

▲Of course, good things are worth recommending. There are still many babies on the Internet who have used them for netizens Amway!

2. Sassoon Ying Volume Repair Elastin ▼

▲ After all, Sassoon is an old brand, and the effect is still very good. The method of use is also simple. Press an appropriate amount in your hand, slowly rub it out, then apply it on your hair, grab the desired shape with your hand, and finally set it with a hair dryer.

3. TIGI baby egg elastin ▼

▲It is said that it is the same style as Reba! The quality should also be the same. The main product is moisturizing and styling. It is an essence. For babies with less hair, it is also an artifact that can make hairstyles more fluffy. Babies can use it as appropriate! It doesn’t matter if the hair volume is small, as long as you can take care of it, say goodbye to the short hair , and have a beautiful fluffy hairstyle!

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