The Girl’s Black Straight Wig “Canglan Jue” Released A Reuters Photo, And Netizens Complained

The girl’s black straight wig “Canglan Jue” released a Reuters photo, and netizens complained

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I don’t know if you have paid attention to the latest news of “Canglan Jue”? There are indeed many netizens on the Internet who have been looking forward to the broadcast of this drama, and some netizens have released the latest Reuters photos of Yu Shuxin on the Internet.

How about a Reuters photo? Let’s take a look.

In the photo, Yu Shuxin wears gentle and noble updos, dressed in a Tang suit, with beautiful makeup and a sweet smile. Let many netizens call the fairy down to earth. Indeed, this look really suits Yu Shuxin. There are also many netizens who are eagerly asking when “The Canglan Jue” will be broadcast.

Yu Shuxin Reuters


However, many netizens also noticed one thing, that is Yu Shuxin’s hair. Yu Shuxin’s own hair was not pure black, but brown. That is to say, she didn’t dye her hair pure black for the purpose of filming a costume drama.

Although Yu Shuxin’s brown hair was braided and she also wore a wig bag at the back, the color difference between the black wig bag and her brown hair was huge, which made everyone quite a drama. Everyone also complained about why actresses don’t dye their hair black when they are acting, especially when they are acting in costume dramas! This makes the audience look really entertained!

Yu Shuxin

In fact, when Zhao Lusi starred in the TV series “A Female Disciple Comes to the Imperial College”, everyone complained about the same point. In a bath scene, Zhao Lusi did not wear a wig, her hair was disheveled, her hair was dyed brown, full of star flavor, and her makeup was a modern makeup girl with a black straight wig . Everyone thought it was a wig when they saw it. a modern drama.

Zhao Lusi


Although “A Female Disciple Has Come to the Imperial College” is a low-cost costume drama for girls with black straight wigs , this is a costume drama after all. Isn’t it too hasty to appear with dyed brown hair?

And I believe that Zhao Lusi has also seen related complaints, so in “Let’s Try the World”, whether it is the shape of a chivalrous girl in the arena, the Queen of Qingzhou, or the shape of the battlefield, her hair is pure black. .

Although the usual black hair may be too rigid, or not out of the film, so actresses often dye their hair, but when they are serious in costume dramas, it is better to dye their hair pure black.

Let’s try the drama of Zhao Lusi in the world

Although netizens complained that actresses did not have pure black hair in costume dramas, there are still many actresses wearing dyed hair when filming, especially actresses who have turned female idols. For example, Yang Chaoyue is filming “Auspicious Seven O’Clock”, and Wu Xuanyi is filming “Lang Jun Disappointment”, their hair is quite obvious brown.


Wu Xuanyi’s stills

Of course, after all, everyone has not seen the feature film, so many netizens believe that it is not the actress who dyed her hair, but the effect of sunlight reflection. Other actresses have pure black hair. It is true that a single photo may not be able to determine whether the actress’ hair is pure black, but a group photo can be very sure. The group photo of Yu Shuxin and Guo Xiaoting, and the group photo of Wu Xuanyi and Chen Zheyuan, you can see the difference in hair color. Yu Shuxin and Wu Xuanyi’s hair is really like idols.

Yang Chaoyue

There are also some netizens who don’t care about this very much, mainly because the styles of ancient costume dramas are really varied, and some fairy tales still want the protagonists to dye their hair. For example, in “Meeting You at the beginning of time”, the merman’s long-meaning hair is aqua-blue curly hair, and Chen Zheyuan also has gray and white highlights in “Unsatisfactory Langjun”. It is generally believed that as long as the final effect looks good, it doesn’t matter whether the actresses have pure black hair. As long as it looks good, everyone doesn’t care that much.

I don’t know what everyone thinks of this matter, please leave a message in the comment area.

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