The Enthusiasm Of The “silver-haired Family” For Wigs Is Not Inferior To That Of Young People

The enthusiasm of the “silver-haired family” for wigs is not inferior to that of young people

Everyone has a love for beauty, and more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to their appearance. With the rapid development of woven wigs in the “face value economy” , the market size of wig products continues to expand. Relevant data show that the wig market has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% for six consecutive years, and the market size is expected to reach 14.43 billion yuan in 2023. In the past, young consumers were the main buyers of wigs, but now the “silver-haired people” are not inferior to young people in their enthusiasm for wig products.


When silver hair falls in love with wigs

Wigs have attracted the attention of many middle-aged and elderly consumers because of their beauty, economy, and ease of care.

On January 15th, the members of the Huaerduoduo Dance Team of Laoguanli Village, Daxing District, Beijing are preparing for the annual Chinese New Year “Walking Party” program. Clothing and trendy wigs make these old people look younger and more fashionable. In the past, wigs were used as props for performances, and the team members wore them to look young and energetic, so that the performance of the show looked good. Now, it is also popular to wear wigs in their lives.

First, the elderly have less hair and poor hair quality, so fashionable hairstyles cannot be done at all, and chemical hair dyes are prone to allergies, which is not conducive to health care. Second, it is economical and easy to take care of. It costs dozens of dollars to dye a hair in a hair salon, and the hairstyle will change in a few days. Buy a wig with the money for a perm, and you can wear it every day. Third, you can easily change the look. Different styles of wigs can be matched with different clothes. Buy several wigs and wear them. A hairstyle is a mood. Moreover, wearing a wig in winter can also protect against wind and keep warm, and you don’t need to wear a hat when going out. There are so many advantages.

– Jia Shulan

E-commerce anchor Xia Hua has been carrying wigs for two years. Her live broadcast fans have changed from more than 80% of young consumers to more than 60% of middle-aged and elderly consumers.

Originally, the fans in the live broadcast room were called ‘pro’ and ‘baby’, but now they are changed to ‘sister’.

——Anchor Xia Hua


E-commerce platform helps global trade

Chinese wig products are not only “conquering the city” in the domestic market, but also foreign consumers are flocking to it. Data show that China’s exports of wigs account for 80% of the world’s total.

In the small town of Ligezhuang, Shandong, with an area of ​​only 75.8 square kilometers, there are more than 300 hair product companies and small processing points, including 187 registered hair product companies. In 2020, the annual output value of the local wig industry will reach 2.8 billion. Yuan, and solve the employment population of 12,000 people. The high-end human wigs produced here account for more than 40% of the global market.

There are also many e-commerce anchors here. Most of them used to be farmers, housewives and migrant workers, but now they are fluent in English for live broadcasts, and their products have also gone from live broadcast rooms to all over the world.

In the process, AliExpress cross-border e-commerce platform has greatly improved sales efficiency. In the past, wig products made locally needed to be sold to foreign trading companies, and then they were slowly sold to overseas consumers. Today, AliExpress supports localized payment methods in most major countries, and overseas consumers can Contacting the manufacturer directly makes it easier to buy wigs.


The wig industry helps rural revitalization

In many areas, the wig industry has become a pillar industry, which not only improves the local economy, but also solves the employment problem of many people.

In Yangxin County, Shandong, the local county government is actively creating a new format of the wig industry, creating a “hair art product industry base” and a “hair art town”, and gradually forming a brand and personalization. Its products are mainly exported, and are sold to many In many countries and regions, a large number of surplus rural laborers from surrounding rural areas are absorbed to find jobs and increase income at the doorstep of their homes. Many homeless women have the opportunity to return to work.

The wig products of Hebei Xinle are also mainly exported, and the local wig products are very popular in European countries. Xinle’s wig industry has an annual output value of nearly 80 million yuan, providing more than 500 jobs for surrounding farmers. At the same time, the wig company provides farmers with a cooperation model for out-of-product processing. Nearly 200 farmers can take their wigs home to process wigs . They can also weave wigs at home to “earn extra money” after doing farm work, and their incomes will rise.

Some regions have also begun to learn to use the wig industry to boost the economy. In November 2021, Burqin County, Xinjiang will open a wig weaving training course for farmers and herdsmen through docking, and use the industrial advantages and capital of enterprises to expand production and promote employment through multiple channels.

Not only that, Burqin County has also launched multiple wig weaving training courses in local technical schools to help local people master this skill faster. Today, more than 1,200 people have participated in the training, and many of them have already started wig production.


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