The Cleaning Process Of Human Hair Wigs Must Be Paid Attention To! (picture)

The cleaning process of human hair wigs must be paid attention to! (picture)

Real hair wigs can be washed with ordinary shampoo. All real hair wigs are made of real hair and are very easy to maintain. They are treated the same as real hair. You only need to use shampoo that is not too alkaline or too heavy. It can be used, but after washing it, you need to apply hair conditioner or nutritional hair mask to nourish the wig piece . How are wigs cleaned? Care must be taken when cleaning!


How are wigs cleaned?

The cleaning process of real hair wigs, the real hair wigs are made of real hair and how to clean wig pieces , so in the case of cleaning and maintenance, you can choose the products that you usually use. The specific steps are as follows: first use warm water Wet the hair completely, put the shampoo and knead the hair without rubbing vigorously. After cleaning and tidy, apply the conditioner or hair mask evenly on the hair and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Let the hair digest and absorb nutrients, then clean and tidy, wrap the hair with a dry cotton towel to absorb the moisture, place it on the wig support frame, and let it dry or wear it on the top of the head. Use a blow dryer.

Care must be taken when cleaning!


1. Be gentle when cleaning.

2. If you have long hair, straighten the hair first and then wash it to prevent the hair from breaking after tying.

3. When cleaning, turn the wig over and wash it to avoid the hair from drilling to the back.


4. After each cleaning, you must use a conditioner or hair mask to maintain it, so as to maintain the softness and smoothness of the hair.

5. The real hair wig does not need to be cleaned too often. Under the condition of daily wear, it is recommended to clean it once every 7 to half a month in summer, and once every 15-30 days in winter.

The above is about “how to clean wigs? You must pay attention to cleaning!” I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you need it, you can add micro【】to find out.

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