The Beginning Of Spring Has To Start From The “head”? Yang Mi’s Light Purple Hair Is Braided

The beginning of spring has to start from the “head”? Yang Mi’s light purple hair is braided

Dress up in spring, how can you start from the “head”? The reporter noticed that since Pantone released the 2022 spring and summer fashion colors, the “post-95″ young consumer groups have started the bold mode of All in with various color samples in terms of hair color. JK, senior director of the Guangzhou hair industry, told reporters that from the whole head dyeing, to partial highlighting, and then to the application of colored ” wigs “, the market is increasingly accepting new things. “Some consumers even have three forms. Mix and match, according to the place you attend, you can mix and match as you like, which is quite individual.” In addition, some industry insiders pointed out that this is also one of the manifestations of “Generation Z” following the concept of environmental protection. After all, the recyclability of “wigs” is very high.

Yang Mi also tied the light purple hair in a braid


What is a “wig piece”?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of headgear that can be used. It is understood that conventional “wig pieces” are produced through the fiber silk process, and have sheet-shaped headgear of different colors, lengths and curvatures, which can be worn in the hair, and have a visually fake effect.

At present, there are many types and colors of “wigs” on the market.


Hair director JK said that wigs actually have two functions: one is the well-known hair color used for decorative embellishments, which can complete the “dye feeling” without “moving” the real hair; the second is to increase the volume of hair , Extend the hair tail, the purpose is to make the head look fuller and play a decorative role. Guangzhou Daren Xiaoyu told reporters that although a headgear wig is more convenient when performing role-playing, the overall simulation effect is not as good as a wig of the color of the partially embedded wig . Wigs, now there are wigs, I can choose and wear clothes according to my mood, which is very enjoyable.”

In addition, the reporter also learned that the currently more popular styles of “wig pieces” include ear-dyed wig pieces, bangs wig pieces, and ponytail wig pieces. Among them, bangs wig pieces are the most popular, and it is reported that they are very suitable for high hairline. The girl was euphemistically called “the savior of bald girls”.

Ear-dyed “wigs” are also very popular


“Wigs” wearing skills

How to achieve “natural effect” when using wigs? Hair director JK suggested that the mini curling iron at home can be used. Taking the thickening of hair volume as an example, JK’s example can be divided into three steps: first, use a curling iron to lightly perm the roots of the hair to make it fluffy; The first half of the wig is tied up first, and the first layer of wig is clamped at the root of the lower half; third, the upper half of the tie is divided into two, and the second layer of wig is clamped at the root of the lower part, and so on. JK pointed out that color wigs , generally girls with less hair volume, it is enough to add two layers of wig pieces. If you want to create a more fluffy effect, you can also clip them on the side temples on both sides, and finally use a curling iron to curl the roots. A little bit looser, and the overall effect will be more natural.

Text and photos/Guangzhou Daily Xinhuacheng reporter: Tan Weiting

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