The Bald Beauty An Ran Is Born Without Hair, What Should I Do? Wig

The bald beauty An Ran is born without hair, what should I do? wig

There are many people who wear wigs for a long time. For example, some people are born with no hair. Such people have to wear wigs for a long time. I don’t know if you remember the bald beauty An Ran. Anyway, I decided to buy it after seeing her. Tried a wig.

The bald beauty, An Ran, is born without hair. After being restricted by this factor, she has been wearing a wig all her life, but seeing that she is in good shape and beautiful, I thought I would try a wig as well. The effect, it looks pretty good.


In fact, wigs are often seen around us. Many people wear wigs for various reasons, and I also know that high-quality wigs have little effect on our scalp and are not harmful, otherwise they will not Maybe so many people will use it.

But there is still a little how to wear a bald wig . If you buy a wig that is not formal enough, there are no products, and there is no factory date and materials, it is very easy to affect the quality, and we will naturally bring different degrees of use. Trouble. Therefore, everyone who buys wigs has to look for various formal elements of commodity production.


Although the wig I purchased in Beijing Shu Ting is said to be a real and human hair wig that is personalized and tailored, there is still a difference in wearing it. It is not exactly the same as real or human hair. Such a wig is still several thousand yuan. The money bought it, it’s too embarrassing.

Also, the tightness of the headgear is not without benefits, but if it is too tight, it will not be breathable, and our hair will be invisible in a state of being shrouded by another layer of things, and our hair will easily breed bacteria. How to wear a bald wig to make our hair sick , I was so stuffed with a rash, it was still a large piece, it looked oozing, and it was very itchy.


I thought that I usually don’t put my wig in a dirty environment. Why is this happening? It’s quite depressing anyway. Later, I checked the information, so I found out that the headgear was too tight and airtight, and a rash developed. This is because the artificial crocheted headgear was not done carefully enough.

At that time, I also told you that I am more prone to heat, and the hair cover should not be made too tight, and it should be loosened a little under the right circumstances. But it is still made like this, the quality is not good, and it does not meet the needs.

Then, I have communicated no less than 5 times so far, and there is no response. If I don’t give a satisfactory answer, I will really complain to them. It’s too pitiful and kills people. I still have a bunch of rashes on my scalp.

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