The Actual Braided Hair And Real Hair, Do You Really Know?

The actual braided hair and real hair, do you really know?

Revealed: How much are real hair wigs now ? In fact, wigs are not popular in China, but more and more people have embraced custom braids and real hair. After all, everyone has a beautiful heart. Of course, with the improvement of people’s living standards, beauty is no longer the preserve of young people and showbiz stars, and the public is paying more and more attention to their personal images, especially those successful people who often participate in various events and occasions to become famous have become a trend. As the saying goes: Knitting hair is like filling teeth, and changing hair is like changing clothes. In an age where everyone is fighting for beauty and image, a good image is half the battle. After all, people feel like they’re either lacking energy and energy due to thinning hair, baldness, and graying hair, or they give the impression of a bad mental state, depression, sunsets, and other bad images. In short, if it is a man, others will feel bad. Once your hair is done, it will not only make you look younger, it will make you feel friendlier, younger, and more energetic, and make you feel like you can take on bigger, heavier tasks. As a result, real hair braiding is increasingly administered by senior political officials, star performers, business owners, doctors, teachers, academics, and white-collar workers. Wigs are usually washed every 1-2 months and can be worn according to the frequency of mm. Wash with cold or lukewarm water. You can use normal shampoo when washing. It can be used in conjunction with ordinary conditioner. Try not to dry the washed wig with high temperature air such as a hairdryer. Gently dry the excess moisture on the wig with a dry towel, then put it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight damage to the wig. Do not comb the wig immediately after washing. You should brush the wig after it dries. Curly hair basically does not need a comb. Curl areas can be cleaned up by hand with each shot.

If the hairline is physically replaced, wear a high-end wig. Advanced wigs are hand-woven products of real human hair, and the effect is realistic . When wearing, if the area is small, use glue; if the area is large, you can use clips. In any case, it will form a new hairline on the top of the hair friend’s forehead, which looks realistic and cannot be recognized by others…, Jason’s wig with long curly hair is a relatively old topic. It always comes with maturity. However, traditional curls are carefully designed so that the curls are no longer a simple curly shape, but a free-spirited softness. After adding some elegant, dynamic elements, long curly wigs have become a desire and luxury in girls’ lives, just like the desire for love. All styles of real hair are combined with real photos and model photos, allowing wig wholesale and retail customers to appreciate the essence of wigs from different angles. We will provide customers with electronic product manuals for communication between retailers and customers. What’s more, we will arrange one-on-one sales coaching and dressing coaching for customers, which will lay a solid foundation for your success. If you have long hair, tuck it in in the natural direction of the wig and twist it a few times from the end of the wig. Better yet, leave the entire wig in its original packaging and be extra careful when you get home. After returning home, wigs with short hair and no gel can be placed directly in the original packaging, but try not to press. No matter how good a wig is, if the pressure goes on for a long time, it will deform. Take out and comb wigs under 60cm, including 60cm wigs, and install. After using long hair of more than 60 cm, according to the situation, find a place where the wig can be fixed, hang the wig, and then comb the wig. No special care is required if grooming is smooth. Special attention is required if there are knots or hairy areas after grooming

Jason wigs If conditions permit, wigs are best hung on a spherical rack, or they can be placed one by one in a cabinet or in a bag. Before putting in the bag, straighten the wig and put it in the bag. If it’s a long bag, put the head part first, then put the wig back. When wearing, spray with anti-static wig softener to prevent roughness. Just shake and wear. If the wig is frequently worn, it can also be placed in a higher support pad in the headgear, and the hair can be combed into its original shape by hand or with a wide-toothed comb, starting from the tips of the hair, and then gradually combing upwards. Be careful not to pull too hard as it will pull the hair very small. If you don’t wear it often, put a thick paper ball in the headgear after counting your hair, then put the hairnet package [usually in the package when you buy it]. Be careful not to put it too tight so as not to press and deform the wig, then lay it flat in the box. Pay attention to the size of the box and avoid squeezing and deforming the wig.

First of all, it depends on which wig to choose. The wig with the fiber hair mechanism on the market is not effective. It is not real hair, and it is very fake. You can choose pure handmade, real hair replacement products, which can improve your image. From the naturalness, the fidelity technology is very good. Air permeability and firmness are also very important, and air permeability is related to my health and comfort when wearing it. Firmness is related to the price/performance ratio of the product. It is right to choose a high-end wig product. , There are many good wig specialty stores, but we can’t say which one is the best. You still need to go to the physical store to compare and decide. All we can tell you is to distinguish the quality of wigs, real hair or real hair. Synthetic fiber hair, machine crochet or hand crochet, these are the major factors that determine the effect of wigs. So it is recommended to go to the physical store to find out. , In the case of ordinary people combing wigs, the combs are generally all combed diagonally, in fact, it is wrong. In the case of finishing the wig, the comb should be at a 90-degree angle to the wig, which can greatly reduce the damage to the wig, and it is not easy to comb the wig. , Jason wigs wigs, whether pure human hair or artificial hair, will be contaminated and polluted after long-term use. Therefore, before using the wig, sew a hair net on the hair cover, which not only helps to fix the side effects of wigs made by real hair , but also facilitates cleaning. Wigs are usually washed every 3-7 days. Before cleaning, use a soft brush with coarse teeth or a wooden comb with fine teeth to gently comb from top to bottom to remove dirt and dust, then put the wig into warm water [water temperature 25-30°C] dissolved with detergent, soak for 10 minutes, Then rinse gently by hand.

When washing, use a comb to detangle knots on the wig. Be careful not to rub the wig in water. The wig will fall off and break the following year, then rinse the wig with clean water. Gently wipe the braided hair with a towel to absorb the moisture on the wig, apply a little hair lotion on the wig, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, and then fix it with a curling iron or blow molding. If infrequent use, it must be sealed and stored in a plastic bag. In addition, according to the user’s request, it can be trimmed, ironed and dyed like the hair to finish the desired hairstyle. When wearing it every day, it can be lightly combed with a rib brush and a large wooden comb with fine teeth according to the requirements of the hairstyle. Before going to bed, remove the wig head cover, organize it and put it in a ventilated place. In many patients with hair loss, hereditary hair loss accounts for a large proportion of hair loss, and hereditary hair loss is difficult to treat with drugs. Often, a family will have similar symptoms of hair loss, especially male patients in the family, wig manufacturers recommend that you use hair braiding products to solve the problem, because for patients with hereditary hair loss, there is no need for surgery and drugs. would be a good choice. In today’s society, hair loss is no longer a personal event. It seems that more and more hair loss is happening around us or ourselves, but many don’t know how to choose. In particular, hereditary alopecia patients suffer from familial hereditary alopecia. Wig manufacturers suggest that it may seem difficult for people with hereditary hair loss, medication or otherwise, but braiding hair can help you deal with hereditary hair loss. , There are many types, and the storefronts for sale are also diverse.

If you buy ordinary women’s real hair wigs and long hair, you can go to the ordinary small commodity market! The effect is relatively general. If you want to buy high-end simulation models, you should go to some large shopping malls or specialty stores in office buildings. Relatively speaking, the matching is more real and natural, and the effect is better! , You can search the physical store online, you can see the effect very intuitively, the feeling after wearing it, the store with a fixed hair stylist in the store is more powerful and stable, of course, you still need to find the old store, the update is too fast now, don’t pay The deposit store is gone, so it is more reliable to choose an old store with more than 10 years, because they will have regular and old customers, and they will not be closed easily, especially under the rare epidemic situation, they will also have service places.

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