Star Short Hair Style Big PK, Who Is The Most Beautiful Baby, Fan Bingbing, Tang Yan And Tang Yan?

Star short hair style big PK, who is the most beautiful baby, Fan Bingbing, Tang Yan and Tang Yan?

Yang Mi

Da Mi Mi posted a photo of himself killing Matt on Weibo, with the words “I am me, different fireworks, you are you, a bundle of twists for 1 yuan”, netizens shouted Mi Mi Yi Three years of pregnancy. It’s funny but it’s funny, but let’s get to the bottom of it. The big power power’s killing Matt Bob’s short hair style is quite fashionable and atmospheric.

Fan Bingbing

Fan Ye’s style when recording “Running Man 2”, Fan Bingbing cos the goddess Athena in the show, Fan Ye, who was originally noble and atmospheric, is simply God restored Goddess Athena after wearing a wig , the editor can only say: yes Yan, willful!

Yang Ying

It is also the goddess of cos Athena. Compared with the noble atmosphere of Fan Ye, the baby gives people a cute feeling. The two different types of Athena goddesses get together in “Running Man 2”, which is really worth looking forward to.

Jolin Tsai


Recently, Jolin Tsai made a sexy and enchanting appearance at the annual meeting of Warner Company Cos Cleopatra. Thick eyebrows and heavy eyeliner are self-contained, with short bangs and egg-rolled black long hair wigs, highlighting the noble image of the queen, the overall feeling is strong and gorgeous.

Michelle Chen

Xiaolongbao Chen Yanxi turned into a “generation of sexy goddess” Marilyn Monroe in seconds, wearing a curly golden wig, an “artificial black mole” on her lips, and a little dress with all the back exposed, the goddess’s appearance really amazed the audience.

Liu Yifei

At the premiere of “Four Famous Catchers”, Liu Yifei changed the image of a lady and challenged the cute bob hairstyle for the first time. After changing the bangs and short hair, Liu Yifei always had a strange sense of disobedience. The editor would like to say : “Return my fairy sister”.

Liu Shishi

This is the look of Liu Shishi’s endorsement for the fantasy Zhuxian online game. The editor has to complain about this messy dark green wig. It has no sense of shape at all, but fortunately, Shiye’s temperament is fresh and refined, and the overall sense of shape is quite amazing. .

Tang Yan


Tang Yan has an awl face with a versatile hairstyle, and is also the endorsement of the fantasy Zhuxian online game. Tangtang’s style is more attractive than Liu Shishi’s. The purple wig hairstyle makes Tang Yan look very goddess. The wig has straight hair and curly hair. , very charming and charming.

Charlene Choi

The silver-white short straight hair adds a non-mainstream color to the sweet Asa. The round-faced Asa modifies her face with the help of the bob head wig. The western-style silver-white wig shines, bringing out a good complexion for girls and showing alternative fashion.

Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying is no longer just appearing in a sweet and lovely style. Instead, she has an alternative and charming wavy wig hairstyle with a little personality. Zhao Liying wearing a fluffy BOB wig, with smoky eye makeup and charming red lips, shows a different kind of sweet rock. Spiritual temperament.

Zhou Dongyu

In “Heart Flower Road Fang”, Zhou Dongyu’s killing of Matt’s hairstyle made the audience burst into laughter, with dry yellow dyed hair, thick false eyelashes, and an unremarkable dress. .

Zhou Xun


Sassoon invited Zhou Xun to shoot a blockbuster. Sassoon’s hairstyle has always been shocking, but he can’t destroy the fairy queen like that. From goddess to female wig, straight hair and curly hair are just a thunderous “killing Matt” hairstyle.

Xu Ruoxuan

Xu Ruoxuan’s appearance with a rare bob head wig is really surprising, and her short fluorescent pink hair is very high-profile, which is a big reversal compared with her previous hairstyle design.


“Sun Goddess” Xie Na often shows people with neat short haircuts. Short hair can show her straightforward personality, and Xie Na’s white hair style is also very good-looking. It looks cute and quiet, yet refreshing.

Huang Shengyi

Huang Shengyi’s wig hairstyle has also caused controversy among many netizens. The irregular eyebrows and bangs, and the docile and fluffy variant of the wig have been jokingly called by netizens: “Isn’t this the scarab in the windmill”?

Mo-Chou Wu

Wu Mochou’s explosive head made of intertwined small curly hair creates an exaggerated feeling with frizz and a strong fluffy feeling. The fluffy production is very stylish, and the wine red hair dyeing design is full of queen style.

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