Soft Brown Smooth Bangs, Showing Fair Skin, Adding Fashion And Cuteness

Soft brown smooth bangs, showing fair skin, adding fashion and cuteness

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A soft brown, smooth bangs, long straight hair, showing fair skin, the braided hair on the shoulders can add a sense of fashion and cuteness, and the face-lifting effect is super good!

This hairstyle for women’s long hair features a unique highlight coloring. The oblique part modifies the face shape and makes the face look more perfect. The long hair is fashionable and the long straight hair wig goes down vertically. It adds a sense of hairstyle design and a woman’s charm.

The refreshing girl’s straight hair style, neatly cut bangs, is the most sweet, the hair tail is clipped inside, and the face is trimmed while reducing age, adding a trendy beauty.

Inner button + long straight hair, neat bangs to repair the face, the long straight hair is slightly curled inward to increase the sweetness of the hairstyle, usually it is more cute with different hair bands.

Oblique bangs + long straight hair, straight hair style is elegant and smart, with fresh hair color, make your summer full of vitality.

Qi Liuhai’s sweet and temperament long hair hairstyle, the favorite hairstyle of light mature women, the jet-black long hair adds a metallic texture under the sunlight, soft and fresh.

This hairstyle for straight hair, long oblique bangs is a good modification to the face shape, it has a face-lifting effect, and it is the best for age reduction!

The black long straight hair style, with neatly cut bangs in the front, easily brings out a sweet and trendy style, and the elegant and soft hair is scattered on the shoulders, showing a fashionable beauty.

Brown + long straight hair, brown dyed hair to match the complexion, the whole person looks more integrated, if you go to the beach to play, you can match it with a small wig to increase the sense of fashion.

Chocolate color + long straight hair, thin bangs make the forehead looming, full of cuteness, chocolate color hair makes the skin fair, and the hair tail is slightly buckled to increase the sense of fashion.

The brown hair color is the most white and tender. The Japanese style is small and fresh with shawl and long hair. It is very suitable for the age-reducing hairstyle of light mature women .

The length of the straight hair is as long as the chest, and the bangs are slightly inclined to cover the forehead, which solves the problem of long faces. The elegant long straight hair is quiet and beautiful, and the overall is refreshing but fashionable.

The effect of slanting bangs and shawl hair can be seen. Thin and light slanted bangs, long straight hair with a smooth texture, highlighting a little gold can highlight the temperament, delicate melon seed face with long straight hair, small and cute soft sister paper.

With a cute mid-part long hair, many girls think that the mid-part is too royal, but the truth is that if you look sweet enough, even if you have mid-part long hair, you can create a fresh and sweet little girlish temperament.

In order to avoid the similarity, you can add a little creativity, add perm elements to the long straight hair, and slightly fluffy little corn perm to make the hairstyle more delicate and lovely.

This is a very temperamental picture of medium and long straight hair with oblique bangs. They are all fashionable and good-looking hairstyles, with broken bangs, showing sweetness, smooth straight hair scattered on the shoulders, face repair and age reduction.

The burgundy mid-parted long straight hair shows a sense of fashion. The mid-parted bangs have a distinct sense of hierarchy. The long, smooth and flowing hair on the shoulders moves with the wind, adding a sense of fashion and fashion, super beautiful!

The brown hair is draped over the shoulders to the front of the chest, which looks very sweet. The design of the slanted bangs adds to the cuteness and cuteness of the little girl. The long and supple hair is fresh and slightly curved but not rigid.

The Japanese royal sister Fan Er has long hair, and the middle part can be very loli, and Qi Liuhai can also be very royal, depending on her personal temperament. Straight and elegant fluffy textured hair, curved bangs to modify the face, sweet and charming.

Qi bangs + long straight hair, and Qi bangs that reach the eyes shorten the length ratio of the face shape, which helps to create a small face, and the fresh long straight hair is casually scattered, which looks very cute.

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