Small Trousers 100cm Long Trousers For Tall People

Small trousers 100cm long trousers for tall people


Pants length 100cm

Pants length of 100cm will be long for most small girls.

Wearing it is like a mop and mopping pants. It is not recommended for small people to step on the ground.


Pants length 92cm

The trousers length is 92cm , which just covers the upper, and will not mop the floor . This is the preferred length for mopping pants.

Moreover, the proportion of small people can be optimized, and the whole person is three or seven points, which is a length that most small people can accept.



Pants length 88cm

The trousers are 88cm long and wear to the ankle, which is the normal length for small people to choose the trousers length.


Pants length 82cm

The trousers are 82cm long and the ankles can be exposed. I wear nine-point trousers, which are suitable for most small people.

Wearing trousers of this length in autumn and winter is a good match for short boots, which can reveal the boots for fashion and warmth.


Pants length 47cm


The length of the trousers is 47cm, which is a little bit above the knee, and the length of the trousers is five minutes. If the calf is very thick, it is not recommended to enter the trousers of this length.

And it is easy to turn the proportion of people into five or five points. I personally don’t like this length and do not recommend it.


Pants length 32cm

The 32cm trousers are located in the middle of the thigh, which can cover the thickest part of the thigh. It is the best length for small people to choose shorts.

To sum up:

①, trousers longer than 90cm, small girls should pay attention, 100cm trousers can be easily controlled by tall people, but small people wear them, and it is not practical to wear them every day when they go out.

②, the length that can close the eyes starts from 88cm and ends at 80cm, and the pants in this range can basically be controlled by small men.

③, shorts with a length of about 32cm, there is basically no pressure for small people to wear them, but shorter than this length is easy to run out, and it will be a little inconvenient to go up and down stairs.

Huahua finally said


A few days ago, a friend gave me a wig, so I started to try out a new look, and I felt that I had met a brand new me, which was a great feeling.

Duo Xiaopang will have summer vacation after this week. In the next two months, I will go to work while taking pictures of his girls’ short wigs .

Thinking about this time, it should be very tiring, because Duo Chuan is a super energetic child, and he is still a talker.

But in a sense, this little brat is really the angel who saved me.

When the starlight gradually dims and the trivial life makes people tired, there is a little life that grows lively, always full of vitality, and innocent.

I have to follow the child’s gaze, talk to the bench, discuss with the rice bowl, the little flowers and grass have their mothers, the dumplings and the dumplings compete with each other, and the whole world suddenly becomes fresh and vivid.

Wishing every child a happy holiday!

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– The End –

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