Sisters With Less Hair + Half Length Not Short, How To Make Hairstyles To Be Feminine?

Sisters with less hair + half length not short, how to make hairstyles to be feminine?

Sisters, good afternoon!

The hairstyle tips posted a while ago were highly praised in the comment area, and everyone expressed that they were very satisfied with Xu Xu’s hair volume, as if they saw themselves.

Fine! Strike while the iron is hot, the second article will be published today – sisters with less hair + half length not short, how to make hairstyles to be feminine?

Fluffy Roll Cake

Hair is the first weapon to create a beautiful atmosphere. When the facial features are not so brilliant, you must think about the hairstyle

It’s not good to have your hair so close to the scalp. I will teach you a trick that can make your hair fluffy with a small amount of hair, which is to use this kind of hair clip that can clip out corn silks——

When I was a child, it was very popular. When I was in physical education class, I could see a row of ears of corn flying by the girls in the wind.

However, it is considered too popular to be popular, so you can’t clip the whole head like before. You only need to pull the top layer of hair to one side, clip the inner root, and the hair will be padded.

After the top of the head is high + fluffy, it is the most direct and effective drop to add a little volume to the end of the hair.

Use a curling iron to curl the end of the hair into an arc, pick up a strand of hair and clamp the root of the hair, and curl it from the inside out.

After rolling the whole head, it is this kind of fluffy cake roll, you can just fiddle with it, but this kind of half-length hair will look mature, which has advantages and disadvantages.

shark clip

As I wrote before, the popular shark clips of mothers are back.

But when used directly on half-length hair, it’s messy and easy to fall out. no~

In fact, just a little rubber band can solve it.

First, tie the hair low with a rubber band , insert your fingers into the hair and pull it loose, and then clamp it to the braid with a shark clip.

This effect is more suitable for people who do not have long hair——

It’s more natural to just tug and loose, and the time to go out in the morning is tight. This kind of hairstyle that can be done in one minute is perfect.

hair extension with silk scarf

If you want to hang with gentle temperament, the baby of silk scarf must be used.

Ishihara Satomi, an old silk scarf expert, I won’t say more.

Yang Caiyu’s braided hair skillfully uses silk scarves to extend the length of the hair, making it look better

Methods as below–

The bangs are set to the sides to become side part, and the hair is combed to one side and tied up.

Wrap the scarf around the little rubber band and tie it—

According to the braided method, put the scarf in the hair and divide it into three strands to braid, and fix it with a small rubber band at the end of the hair.

The remaining silk scarves that have not been woven can naturally hang on the chest.

You can also use silk scarves to make bow ties~

Choose a small transparent rubber band that is similar in color to the hair band, fold it in half at both ends, and tie it up.

Then put the hairband behind the ear, fix it with a small clip, a bow hairband is done, and the silk scarf hanging from the earlobe is like earrings~

Bubble Ponytail

In the past few years, many female stars cut their hair short, and in the process of growing them, many people relied on this kind of braids for styling, which is very suitable for girls with half-length hair and not short hair.

First, tie your hair into a highly suitable ponytail, and pay attention to grab some hair on both sides to modify your face.

Use a small rubber band to fix it a little bit below the rubber band, make a hole in the middle of the connection between the two rubber bands, and wrap the braid from the top to the hole and then take it out.

The hair below is also operated in turn, hollowing out the middle and going around, and finally pinching a small tug and tying it up.

This will make the ponytail stand up and not stick to the back of the head.

This hairstyle is super energetic, and it is a vitality girl when you comb it~

Love double ball head

One of the few advantages of hair is that it is super suitable for small tugs.

Divide the hair into two sides, grab the top strand of hair and twist it, then take the front hair and twist it together.

Twisting is the effect of this wave, tie it behind the ear with the rest of the hair.

This step is the same as the operation of the bubble braid. Use a small leather sleeve to tie the end of the hair, and make a hole in the middle of the two rubber bands. From the back to the top, it becomes a love-shaped little tug, and it is fixed with a small rubber band~

Then make a wool bangs set, you can use this small straight clip, and it is also rolled from the inside out at the root of the hair~

The bangs are fully rolled and super cute, but I forgot to apply the hairline powder, please ignore the exposed scalp~

Korean style high ball head

For people with short hair, if you comb your hair like washing your face, you will be the brightest brain in the audience, and only your mother likes this look.

When tying, you must pull out the broken hair on the forehead to cover the hairline, and then use a fake ball hair loop and put it on your real ball head and it’s OK.

If you have a very bald hairline, get a deep-colored grooming brush, otherwise a large dish like grooming can last a lifetime without breaking.

Cherish every bald head around you, it’s not easy to get your hair done.

retro low ball head

Relatively speaking, I recommend that those with less hair can try the low ball head. Yu Shuxin’s is super romantic and retro——

However, the hairstyle with a flat comb and a low tie is not very friendly. It doesn’t matter. We also have this kind of wig-type hair pad~

It has a buckle, pick up the top layer of hair, buckle the hair pad inside the hair, and the back of the head will be round!

Roll up your hair at will, and tie it up, and use a large bow hairpin to hold it in place.

Simple and beautiful, especially with the feeling of an elegant lady.

Wear a pearl necklace and a puff sleeve top with polka dot elements, full of French retro feeling~

Y2K double ball head

Does this group feel that Xu Xu’s hair volume is particularly large, yes, it is the technology of wigs~

First tie your hair into a double ponytail and tie a ball head, you can see that the ball is so small——

Take out our old friend, put the fake ball on it, the sparse contrast is tragic enough, right?

With so much hair, the bald hairline is a bit fake. It is better to use shadow powder to coat the hairline.

Done~ With thick hair, you look like a young girl, a high school student with hair volume online pk.

colorful braids

One day, I saw Xiao Peng beauty’s model’s hairstyle with four colorful braids, which made my stomach hurt!

Start by dividing your hair into two parts, part the hair on one side in front and back like this, and tie it up on the back for later use.

The colored wig is folded in half through the small rubber band, tied to the front hair and fixed, or divided into three strands by braiding, and the wig is braided into the hair.

After braiding your own hair, continue to braid the wig, fix it with a rubber band at the end, and braid four braids in the same way~

Just wear a white wool lamb beret.

Absolutely, the photo is really handsome, the wig I chose is a gradient of blue and green, everyone can play freely, and the show fans can also look good.

Short hair Hanfu girl hairstyle

Hanfu girls are there! The last time I took the look of the goddess girl, many girls in Hanfu were very excited, but the hairstyle at that time was really difficult, and most people couldn’t learn it.

This time I studied a simple Hanfu hairstyle, specially prepared for short hair~

Divide the hair into three sections like this on the sides and the back. Take one side of the hair and tie it with a rubber band.

Make a hole in the front of the braid and flip the hair over.

Once both sides are done, tie it with the hair at the back.

The point is, divide the braid into two sides, bend each side forward, make a full arc, and then use a small clip to fix the end of the hair at the back.

It is easy for short hair to be crooked because the length is not enough. Use this broken hair trimmer to apply it to the curled hair and smooth it out.

This kind of wig bag is clipped on the back of the head to fill the hair volume, which is a must for girls in Hanfu.

Finally, we add some Hanfu hair accessories . How to wear a wig and ponytail , Xu Xu is a flower-style hairpin, which can be inserted directly on both sides of the top of the head.

A simple short-haired Hanfu hairstyle is complete. It is absolutely enough for daily use. The gentle and lovely second lady is you.

short hair to long hair

Girls with short hair also have relatively less hair volume. If you want to be feminine, you still have to have long hair. It is still necessary to arrange wigs. Wearing short hair will immediately turn into thick and long hair~

Hahahaha, let’s show you how to do it~ Let’s divide the hair from the top of the ear to the back, divide it into two parts up and down, and fix the hair on the upper layer.

The lower layer of hair is tied up and fastened to the back of the head with small clips.

OK! Get a wig! It has a buckle, we clip the wig at the connection between the upper and lower layers of hair, and then put the upper layer of hair down.

Put on the beret, which is a must-have for delicate girls, and take a look. Thick hair is no longer a dream.

Sisters with straight hair remember to curl their hair, otherwise the hair will not match the curling iron. The big wave of scumbags really lives up to its reputation, and the femininity is really strong.

Double bow braid

Jisoo’s double-bow style has amazed many sweet girls in summer. In fact, this hairstyle is also very simple to operate.

The same is to grab the top strand of hair and twist it~

Take the front hair in turn and join together and twist –

Braid to the back of the ear with a small clip to fix the end of the braided hair, and then use Jisoo’s same bow hairpin to clip it upright.

Take a look at the effect~ The bow-tie hairpin is also available in Baopinduoduo, and then the other side is also finished.

You can’t have Jisoo’s face, but also have the same hairstyle, gentle and cute, whoever makes it looks good!

Alright, that’s it for today.

Like and remember to pay attention!

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