Simple And Easy To Use Long Bangs Braided Style, Accompany You To Survive The Embarrassment

Simple and easy to use long bangs braided style, accompany you to survive the embarrassment

With the popular Korean style bangs with a sense of air a while ago, many people should have begun to face the awkward length of the beautiful bangs cut soon, and it is difficult to maintain the perfect length that slightly covers the eyebrows. Let’s share a few simple and easy-to-use long bangs braiding styles, and accompany you through the embarrassing long bangs transition period! The sweetness is divided into two strands of bangs

The embarrassing half-length and not-short bangs are most worried about wanting to tie them but not being able to tie them, but the shorter hair strands are not clean, and there are many unruly short bangs when the styling is completed. This twisted bangs hairstyle looks like It is only suitable for long bangs. How to tie fake bangs , but in fact, by twisting and adding hair into the braid, you can completely fix and clean the half-short bangs, and finally add a little styling product to strengthen it. Conquer the embarrassing half-length bangs!

2. Tie the two strands of braids to the back of the head and fix them with hair clips first, and then tie the two strands in the same way on the other side.

The two braids on both sides are concentrated and fixed at the back of the head. At this time, you can also use hair accessories to cover the fixed hair clip position. 3 Lightly press the two strands of braids with one hand, and gently loosen the braids with the other hand, while gently adjusting the hair on the top of the head. Fake sister head retro curled bangs

The bangs on the girl’s head that seems to be curled inward is actually an advanced version of the long bangs full of scheming. The super simple technique of tying the hair can be completed in less than ten minutes. This super retro and cute shape makes the long bangs more Wen Qing At the same time, the long bangs can reminisce the cuteness of the sister’s head shape. If you have long bangs, you must try this new tying method.

2. Roll the bun in the previous step to the middle of the bangs and twist it in. When rolling in, the bangs will show a natural fluffy arc, just adjust the bangs slightly.

3 Secure the curled bun with hair clips and you are done. Small sexy big side braided bangs

The long bangs with side braid should be the hairstyle that many girls will have, but this look seems simple, but there are some small eyebrow corners that need attention. The most important thing is the three-dimensionality of the three-strand braid. If the direction of the braid is wrong, it is easy to tie it out. The three-strand braid is close to the head shape , how to tie the fake bangs , and the short bangs are easily forked at the end when they are braided. In the decomposition step, I will share the handling skills of these small eyebrows!

2 If it is a short bang, just twist it slightly at the end and fix it with a hair clip, so that the short bang at the back end can be completely fixed in the three-strand braid.

3 Finally, just loosen the braided three-strand braid to create a natural fluffy feeling.

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